Writer Wednesday

So last week I dived into Quests Book 3 and skipped the publishing stuff during the weekend. Add a cold starting Monday morning and I’m almost done with a first draft. I still need to put some meat on it and it might still be shorter than the previous two, but it doesn’t matter.

I’ve been thinking that these Quests show where I’m at as a writer and a human being. If until now I dealt with outsiders and outcasts trying to fit in (or not), all these quests have characters who are sick of the place they’re living in and get away from them, trying to find their true calling or true self.

It’s probably because I’m sick of my hometown and my day job and long to get away, so I’m doing it through the quests! 😉 The premise might change in the next two, though, since the Path of Earth is more of a physical quest for the magic thingamagik (that won’t save the world, but it’s a physical object) and the Path of Ether is a quest for another place to live when the one you’re born in has become toxic.

Like what-we’re-doing-with-our-planet toxic. No fault of the inhabitants, though. They would have stayed, but they have to go if they want to survive. I will probably start the third at the end of October, though. I’m not even sure I’ll start on Book 2 before my two weeks break! 😉

Next weekend I’ll put on the publisher’s hat once more and then I don’t want to think about it until November, haha! Luckily I have pre-order buttons set up for the next two titles! 😉 And there are new paperbacks out as well. More to come next week.

Some writerly links! If you have problems finishing what you write, here’s how – beware of the f-bomb and other colorful terms, though. I have more problems starting, than finishing, but whatever! 😉

And yes, writing can be a job (same warning as above). Not for me, not yet, but I’m getting there. It’s part of my cabinet of professions. I can’t do it full time yet, but I will. Don’t want to live of a non-existent pension (the way things are going in my country, I might work those 30+ years for naught…)!

Now here’s 11 ways to overcome marketing dread. For #1 I better check Kris Rusch’s Discoverability series or read David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Visible that has been sitting on my Kindle for well over a year.

And there are good things in publishing these days. Including the difference between indie and self-published. And the nifty services of Draft2Digital that I haven’t started using yet. It’s that uncomfortable publisher’s hat. Maybe I should hire someone to do that stuff for me! 😉

That’s all for today! Have a great week! 😀

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  1. Great that you’ve made good progress with writing Quests 3… Looking forward to reading it! For the record, I hate when I have to wear the publisher hat too. The only good thing is that wearing the publisher hat myself means I get to be in charge of what happens when for the most part. My marketing hat is my least favourite though.

    Sorry you’re feeling the way you are about both your work and your hometown. Hope the time away helps… Even if just a little.


    • had to delete 2-3000 words because I had taken the wrong direction with the story, but now I’m on track again! 🙂



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