Random Friday

I’ll do another Art Friday – sort of – with the Fairy Tales Revisited! So, it’s three stories:

Colors (Snow White retold as m/m romance)

Cinder Boy (Cinderella, as above)

Beautiful (Sleeping Beauty, idem)

I did the single covers and then I asked two talented artists to draw them for the collections.

So, you have Nerian (male Snow White), Rohan (Cinder Boy) and Rithvik by Barb.

And then you have Nerian and Riander by the awesome Sir Wendigo.

male_lovers_vol2And Rithvik awakened by Kerrien by the wonderful Rossana Beretta.

fariy-tales-dtfI might tackle a few more fairy tales – Little Red Riding Hood? Beauty and the Beast? There’s a lot to take from! – but not right now. All these stories are ACE friendly, so if you’re looking for wild sex, forget it! 😉

Have a great weekend!

Writer Wednesday

Body Switches is only 4.99$, only on Kobo, and only for today! Go get it now, if you haven’t already! This is my bestselling title on Amazon and I’m excited it will be brought to the attention of Kobo readers! 🙂 Stay tuned for more Kobo promotions…

Also, I have adjusted the prices on Kobo. Australian and Canadian users should find lower prices. UK and NZ readers will find them only on the higher priced books. I have 99 books under the main pen name (and 99 sales, let’s see which gets to 100 first!), it will take me some time to adjust all the prices to the local currencies! I will do it with Amazon too – but some currencies I really have no idea of how much I should ask…

About Amazon, here’s some advice for KDP authors. Since my readers don’t like to leave reviews (my above mentioned bestseller has 0 reviews…) and I’ve tried Select/KU with one title and it didn’t work for me, I don’t feel particularly threatened. But then, you never know! 😉

Now I’ve put out two new titles for the whole month at the same time, since I’ll be traveling for a week. And since they’re related, I thought I might as well publish them together. So there you have Tales of the Northern Kingdoms volume 1 and volume 2 – print version in September.

Covers are by Silvano Beltramo and volume 1 has the Quests Book 1 protagonists, except he drew them when I hadn’t actually written the story and had done only b&w sketches of the characters, so there… not perfect, but still quite good! 😉 And volume 2 features Prince Splendor and Billinda.

As for how I divided the stories… well, volume 1 has the new ones, the ones I wrote between the end of last year and this year, while volume 2 has the older stories rewritten… see if you spot any difference in my writing between the two! 🙂

Bundles bundles bundles! Non-fiction writing bundle: Gonzo Writing Book Bundle! Eight books. Normally $20.00, but with coupon code DRAGONPUNCHER, you’ll knock that cost down 25%, to $15.00. Sale runs until Monday, 8/15.

Or you can take the Speed and/or Productivity workshop to become like me (I certainly don’t need at least those two, LOL!). Fiction bundle: the Sci-Fi May Day bundle is still there for a little longer. 10 sci-fi novels for under 10$ – go grab them!

Next week a guest will take over… Talk to you again on the 24th! Have a great two weeks! 🙂

Writer Wednesday

Today People is now available in print. A new ebook is out, Amazons, that I (re)wrote in 2014 and left in a drawer for two years. I’m not rewriting the other story I wanted to put with this, so I’m just publishing as is. Cheer, I’m learning to leave the old stories alone! 😉

Still working on the new Silvery Earth story, it’s a novella for now (14K) and might become a short novel eventually. Since I still don’t like the title, I’ll just call it the current WiP until I’m done. Then I shuffled the writing projects around for May and the summer for various reasons.

I finished the Author Voice workshop and immediately signed up for another one – Teams in Fiction. I won’t be writing that novel in eight days, because it’s the story of a team, or better, the protagonist has teams with her (rebels in part 1, crewmembers in part 2, traveling companions in part 3), so I’ll just do this other workshop before tackling the novel.

So in May I will finish that current WiP, then write a story for an anthology celebrating the battle of Hastings of 1066, so you’ll see some of my vampires roaming the battlefield sometime around the end of the year. As for those 8 days off DayJob, I will use them to finish working on the publisher page and maybe write an extra story or two to submit. I haven’t been submitting lately, and it kinda sucks.

For the publishing side, this month you’ll have another collection of Amazon stories, although none is new. The new short story will be going out to traditional markets throughout the summer, then we’ll see. The Tales of the Northern Kingdoms will start coming out next month.

A link to a serious discussion: how do you support an author? By buying her books! But there are still people who want free books. Seriously? Yes, seriously. Sigh. I always thought that those who got only free books were not readers but downloaders (who wouldn’t read the books anyway)…

And then I get a google alert of a pirate site where everybody seems to love my book. But again, they’re not willing to pay for it. Sigh. I hope some day my true fans will find me and support me.

And don’t forget it’s the last days for the sci-fi bundle! It will soon be gone! Go get it now! Up to 52$ of books real cheap! Don’t miss this!

Have a great week!

Writer Wednesday

So, wordcount was back up in April so I have 171K words in the first quarter, which multiplied by 3 means I’ll reach my yearly goal of writing 500K – if I keep this pacing, that is! 😉 I have sort of organized the writing for the next three months, so I’m all set for another productive quarter.

charioteer-of-buddha_resizeThe newsletter went out, so I hope you all got it. And of course Charioteer of Buddha is now live everywhere. I will soon make it available on Bundle Rabbit in case any curator wants to add it to his or her bundle.

Are you an indie author? Have you already joined? If not, why not? So, you’re a voracious reader? Then why haven’t you joined yet? Here’s the three bundles currently available!

The already announced Science Fiction May Day with yours truly that you can see also in the sidebar of this blog (until it’s live, that is).

The Chills, Thrills and Spills Bundle, up to 61$ worth of paranormal, horror and unsettling fiction.

And last but not least the Zombies and Monsters and Gods Bundle, up to 44$ worth of urban fantasy books! 🙂

If you’re interested in any of those, grab them now, the offers will expire in a couple of weeks (so if you’re reading this from the archives, the links might be dead).

A couple of links: Blaming the Reader – don’t. Just don’t. I might not sell much for the bad blurbs, but I don’t have the time or patience to go change the blurbs of 100+ books. I know I should, it’s like tending the garden, but I’m still not finished with the publisher’s page, so I will think about it when that one is complete.

I’m happy with creating nice new blurbs, like the one for the latest WiP, originally known with a very long title, mentioned on this blog as Kingmakers and now called Wanderers. But it’s a little early to tell you about it! 😉 If you need help in writing blurbs, check How to Write Fiction Sales Copy!

Now I better go back to writing and send off the assignment for the online workshop. By the way, there’s one – FREE – going on at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, just look for the videos of Originality Workshop! Happy writing!

Sunday Surprise

And it’s a bundle! Science Fiction May Day is on for two weeks only, so get it now! 10 novels, including one from yours truly! Buyers get the chance to get up to $52 worth of great science fiction for only $9! Go get it now!

bannerIt’s the first bundle I’m part of and I’m awed at the company… I have read Blaze Ward’s Siren from the previous bundle and it’s awesome if you like military sci-fi! Haven’t read the others yet, but will… eventually… So, even if you already have Technological Angel, grab Da Bundle and try the other authors as well!

Now I really feel like the May Queen, LOL! 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

Writer Wednesday

I would like to thank the guys at Draft2Digital (especially Aubrey) who helped me deal with Apple for two titles in the past week. They’re an awesome distributor and without them I’d definitely stop sending my books to Apple. I’m sick of their rejections. And don’t even think of buying me i-Things because I’ll resell them, I don’t want any Mac-stuff in the house! 😦

choicesetc_resizeI have published a new title, but some distributors are still lagging behind. It went smoothly on Amazon, took a little longer on Apple (with the above mentioned help) and Kobo is still stuck in nowhere land. So I contacted Kobo support. In the meantime here are the available retailers on the publisher’s page.

I should have uploaded it as new title. Meh. Anyhow, if you want to read that story that was a sore project block from September to January, go grab it now. It’s the only new title in that collection, but I think it’s nice – if you like contemporary stories, that is. If you’re only for SFF, skip this title! 🙂

This week I hope to upload the preorder for Charioteer of Buddha, since I now have the wonderful cover by Shafali Anand. I will put a placeholder manuscript, since the editor still has it, but will get back to me before the end of the month.

And by the way, the mighty cover artist is also a writer, can you believe it? She won a Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future like me (in a different quarter)! Read her story at My Story Doctor! And then join me in screaming “We want to read those stories, publish them! Poor babies are sick to be stuck in that drawer!”

By the end of April I hope to publish The Archers on the other sites after its KDP Select term ends (April 20), then the collection of contemporary stories, that will also have a POD version. I’m currently doing the Author Voice workshop, and so far no writing to be done, so I’m good! 🙂

Speaking of Author Voice – the first assignment says I have a solid author voice. Which reminded me of a conversation with a friend in the 1990s when she told me “Can you write a story where you’re not in it?” Since I used to put myself as a character in my stories back then, I objected that I wasn’t in the m/m stories I was writing at the time (since there were no female characters in them), but she insisted I was in them.

I guess I didn’t understand what she was telling me then, but obviously I already had an author voice. It changed through the years, but that’s another blog post. A couple of links, one to make you smile and the other is actually a series. Kris Rusch is talking contracts again – don’t miss any of those posts, even if you’re indie published. Because as you can see from the funny post, writing is a business, therefore it has contracts.

Go read all of them. The first is really short. Now I better go back to Kaylyn and finish it by the weekend! 😉

Writer Wednesday

Getting the first and last cold of the season in this crazy March weather means that I’m not really writing. Cough is disruptive to concentration and besides I had a meeting with the offline writers group (that I hoped to turn into something more of a critique group, but so far only one person agreed on most of what was said of critique groups) and then Aunty Duty and then I’m off to Iceland for five days, so… I guess I’ll just resume writing when I come back.

I already know how I want to start on Kaylyn’s novel, but while I’m traveling I hope to re-read my historical shelved novel to see if I can get back into the 12th century Europe atmosphere before continuing! 😉 I was also reading a steampunk novel until Monday night, so that didn’t really fit the mood of what I was supposed to write.

Yes, I flirted with Mr Procrastination this week, but I’m not in a hurry, I know next week I’ll get back on track! 😉

Writerly links: Copyedit from Heck and other copyediting problems… And yes, there’s always too much to do, either trad or indie published! 🙂

For those of us who worked in traditional publishing, we know the amount of work is massive, even though it seems it shouldn’t be. And I often hear beginning writers talk about how they want to go to traditional publishing because it will be less work.
I actually have to keep from laughing and snorting at that. But there is no way to tell the poor deluded souls the truth because even if I tried, it wouldn’t make sense, so best to just let them go and lose a few books and a few years to the experience.

So, my dear friends, take it from a pro. Dean knows what he says! 🙂

Mighty Zon’s latest – how they aim at scammers but hit authors. I have downloaded the sample of Walter Jon Williams book, but I still have so many books to read on my TBR Kindle virtual list! 😦 I have only one title in KU/KPD Select, but that’s another lesson for authors – don’t put all your eggs in one basket! 🙂

As for Amazon’s reply to the topic – methink that long ToC at the beginning of the book taking away half of my sample is a very bad reader’s experience, but that’s just me. Often I haven’t bought a book for which I downloaded a sample, because half of the sample had unnecessary stuff (usually in trad pubbed books) and it didn’t give me enough insight of what I was buying.

So there, that’s my reader’s experience.

And continuing on this topic, since I’m a proud Kindle Keyboard owner, I thought I’d let others know about Amazon’s software update on old and old old Kindles. Mine is updated since I charge it on the laptop and I guess it “sees” the wi-fi when charging. In fact, in the past couple of months I’ve seen it doing weird things and feared it was about to die.

Hope “K.K.” survives a little longer, I hate my smartphone touch screen enough, I wouldn’t want to deal with that on my e-reader! 😉 Have a great week!

Random Friday

Since Booklinker is sending me “This is just an email to remind you that you set up a universal link for at least one Amazon book last week – and do not appear to be putting it to use. You could be missing out on sales as a result!” (I am, I obviously don’t have the traffic Joe Konrath gets, LOL!), I’ll just paste them all here.

Please click away, it’s not a “buy” button, and you can tell me if indeed it takes you to your country’s Amazon store! 😉

My Author Central Booklink: http://author.to/BarbaraGTarn

(which for me leads to a generic search page since there’s no Author Central on Amazon Italia, haha)

The books:

Beautiful http://mybook.to/BeautifulSleeper

Colors http://mybook.to/Colors

Prince Splendor http://mybook.to/Splendor

How to Publish… http://mybook.to/HowTo

Rajveer the Vampire http://mybook.to/Rajveer

The Archers http://mybook.to/Archers (still KDP Select for another month)

Two Tales… http://mybook.to/Twins

That’s what I have so far. Will do the rest the Easter weekend, like I said in the previous post.

And since it’s a totally random Friday…


Back to writing! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Writer Wednesday

I am happy to report I have written 97K in two months, which is great since this month between a short vacation and some editing/rewriting I won’t have time to write that much. I’ll be very happy if I reach the 100K by March 31, though.

Archers_resizeToday start the five days of Free Book promotion on The Archers. TheFree Book Promotion for my one and only title enrolled in KDP Select until April will go from March 2, 2016 to March 6, 2016. If you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, get it now, you have until Sunday. Happy reading!

The Moren Empire is no more and the northern lands are a scatter of fiefs, small kingdoms and city-states.
Eleonor leaves her father’s castle to go to her cousin’s who will probably propose her.
Meeting a batch of handsome outlaws in the forest will change Eleonor’s destiny forever.
A Silvery Earth novella of bad lords and good bowmen, love and sorcery.

I’m preparing the first newsletter which will have a free PDF download… Join the mailing list and receive the bi-monthly newsletter with Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire in #1 coming soon. The PDF will have the comic, two pages intro and 11 strips dealing with the writing of both the comic and the novel Rajveer the Vampire.

The related novella is currently with betas and will come out May 2nd, while Kaylyn will come out Nov.2nd. I will set up the assetless preorders soon – well, when I have the covers, since I hate coverless pre-orders. I had no chances with pre-orders so far, but I might give them another try with this vampires through centuries series.

This week I plan on wrapping the contemporary stories and use the rest of the month to write more Silvery Earth stuff to complete at least the shorter works set in the Northern Kingdoms, so I can do a collection or two in May when The Archers comes out of KDP Select.

April, like I mentioned before, will be Kaylyn’s month and May I’ll be back to Silvery Earth again for two longer works in the northern kingdoms. June I might try to write the Star Minds Interregnum volume 2 stories while I experiment with POD for my comics, which unfortunately don’t seem to fit well on any of the Createspace templates. Sigh.

That’s all for now! Have a great week!

Writer Wednesday

So last week I finished expanding the former graphic novel that is also a fairy tale revised (without the m/m factor). Currently adding words to Colors (Snow White slashed), a.k.a. the new ending (two more chapters, much like I did with Beautiful that went from short story to novel, LOL!). It will probably still be a novella or a very short novel, but whatever… I always end up rewriting the ends these days! 😉

Which is totally fine, by the way. Then I need to write the prose version of another old graphic novel before the end of the month, so in February I can move to something else – namely my vampires historicals and contemporary stories.

And I will format and upload a new title this weekend, so stay tuned for more Tales of the Northern Kingdoms. The editor wanted to surcharge me for breaking her heart with this one, so I hope other people will enjoy this old story revised! 🙂

This weekend I’ll also be working on more POD, but it will be the Italian editions that I plan on moving from Lulu to Createspace. Not that I sell many, but at least with Createspace they’re available on Amazon and I can do the Match Book thing.

Next month I will do the Createspace edition of whatever is left on Lulu in English (namely, the Books of the Immortals and the Tales of the Southern Kingdoms, starting with the Books of the Immortals, since I want new covers on the southern kingdoms books).

As for writing, I have a slightly clearer idea and priority list, but it’s still quite shady in the second half of the year. I jotted down all the stories I’d like to write/redraft and will also have to plan my vacations by the end of February, so maybe next month the picture will be complete.

I still have to color Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire. I’m thinking of putting the no-text pages on DeviantART, but still have to figure out how to publish the 18pages comics. And I’m getting new ideas as well… but that’s for next post! 🙂

Have a great week!

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