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I’m a world creator and storyteller, and the one and only creative goddess of Silvery Earth, a magic world of sword&sorcery and adventure fantasy where anything can happen: winged beings, water people, shape-shifting dragons and elf-like people have to deal with Humans all too eager to destroy them out of fear, ignoring they’d lose the magic of their world as well.


14 comments on “Contact me

  • Hello Barbara
    Im a graphic designer and designing a book cover for a non profit book.
    would it be possible to use the picture of the sword on you web page for my graphics?


  • Hi Barb, I just landed on your blog kind of at random, except that your name was near the top of the answer I got when I posed a question to Google: which is better – blogspot or wordpress. I liked your answer, bounced over here to check out your personal site, and I just signed up for your emails. I must admit the snowflakes descending the screen as I type are slightly annoying. . .don’t know if other visitors feel the same. Otherwise, I love it and will be checking back here frequently as I set up my own blog — probablyl via wordpress, like you!

    Happy New Year!


    • Hi Marjorie
      don’t worry, the snow is a WP feature that can be turned off and runs only in December (until the beginning of January) – it will vanish in a few days and I’ll go back to my “usual” theme. I changed to this one only for the Holidays and because of the snow, LOL!
      Happy WordPressing! And Happy New Year!


  • As Promised, I have checked out your stories and your wide domain in both the written and artistic worlds. Impressive. I have put you on my favorites list and will periodically touch base.
    Best wishes in the coming year.


  • Suggestions for a new blogger: what is the best website to start a blog in? I just started looking online and am trying to figure out how to create one … went to and trying to figure out how to “create a blog”. I am going to be spending lots of time at Barnes & Noble sitting with a lot of blog books trying to figure out this… Not too sure about the HTML stuff either. Ideas I have, it’s the getting started part I’m having trouble with. Help?!!


    • as multi-pseudonym writer, I don’t really have time to participeta to other people’s blogs… sorry! 😦 I’d rather be off writing fiction (that’s why I have only this blog, and the other pseudonyms suffer, LOL)… 😉


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