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I’m a world creator and storyteller, and the one and only creative goddess of Silvery Earth, a magic world of sword&sorcery and adventure fantasy where anything can happen: winged beings, water people, shape-shifting dragons and elf-like people have to deal with Humans all too eager to destroy them out of fear, ignoring they’d lose the magic of their world as well.

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  1. Hi Barb. Thanks for the backlink to the Writer’s Craft. Looks like you have a lot going on in your writing life.

  2. Yolanda Ttuder

     /  28/09/2011

    Hello Barbara
    Im a graphic designer and designing a book cover for a non profit book.
    would it be possible to use the picture of the sword on you web page for my graphics?

    • which one do you mean? Why didn’t you comment under the picture or drop me an email?

  3. I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award, please visit here to see what to do next; thank-you/ Thank you for sharing your blog with me and or following my journey as well it is truly a privilege.
    -Miss Kitty Roads.

  4. Barb, so inspirational to meet you! You are a true write. Am humbled by your creativity and propensity to write! Keep it up. Laxmi

  5. Marjorie Pagel

     /  29/12/2012

    Hi Barb, I just landed on your blog kind of at random, except that your name was near the top of the answer I got when I posed a question to Google: which is better – blogspot or wordpress. I liked your answer, bounced over here to check out your personal site, and I just signed up for your emails. I must admit the snowflakes descending the screen as I type are slightly annoying. . .don’t know if other visitors feel the same. Otherwise, I love it and will be checking back here frequently as I set up my own blog — probablyl via wordpress, like you!

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Marjorie
      don’t worry, the snow is a WP feature that can be turned off and runs only in December (until the beginning of January) – it will vanish in a few days and I’ll go back to my “usual” theme. I changed to this one only for the Holidays and because of the snow, LOL!
      Happy WordPressing! And Happy New Year!

  6. Ron Mueller

     /  01/01/2013

    As Promised, I have checked out your stories and your wide domain in both the written and artistic worlds. Impressive. I have put you on my favorites list and will periodically touch base.
    Best wishes in the coming year.

    • and I’m finally reading one of yours!😉
      Hope to meet you again somewhere out there sometime this year!😀

  7. Sydney

     /  26/03/2013

    Suggestions for a new blogger: what is the best website to start a blog in? I just started looking online and am trying to figure out how to create one … went to and trying to figure out how to “create a blog”. I am going to be spending lots of time at Barnes & Noble sitting with a lot of blog books trying to figure out this… Not too sure about the HTML stuff either. Ideas I have, it’s the getting started part I’m having trouble with. Help?!!

  8. allmixcl

     /  24/04/2013

    Hi, barb i visited your blog. It is very intresting blog. I m also blog lover like you. You can see my blog information technology
    I m going to create new blog do u want to be my partner in that blog?
    You can answer it to my email
    or reply to this comment.

    • as multi-pseudonym writer, I don’t really have time to participeta to other people’s blogs… sorry!😦 I’d rather be off writing fiction (that’s why I have only this blog, and the other pseudonyms suffer, LOL)…😉


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