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Besides the books available at Unicorn Productions and the Curated Anthologies, my stories have been published in a number of other publications.

Pulphouse #5

The Phantom Games

Breathe (paperback and eBook)

Crunchy with Chocolate publisher’s site + ebook universal link (paperback available on publisher’s site and Amazon)

Halloween Harvest

Pulphouse #15


Rocketpack Adventures

Yearning to Breathe Free

Space Opera Digest 2022 – Have Ship, Will Travel

Witches – Cutter’s Final Cut – Issue 4

The following series of anthologies has its own web page!

An Interpretation of Moles (Blaze Ward Presents 001)

Moles. Seriously? Yes. Mostly seriously. Chemists, Zoologists, Dermatologists, Government Agencies, and Mexican Food. Over a dozen modern authors offer their take on an Interpretation of Moles. Every kind, every definition. From silly to sublime, this anthology takes you on a wild ride, where the only rule was that it had to include moles. And to be entertaining. Come revel with us.

paperback and eBook universal link

I Like My Science…MAD (Blaze Ward Presents Book 2)

I like my science…mad.

How mad, you ask? Come with us on a twisted journey of science gone wrong and gods rising to threaten us all. Of private detectives on the moon and dieselpunk ladies saving the day. Academics making dark pacts and taking vengeance into their own hands.

The second Blaze Ward Presents anthology asks writers and readers to envision mad science and entertain us all.

They succeeded. Come see.

paperback and eBook universal link

Nuns With Guns (Blaze Ward Presents Book 3)

Nuns With Guns.

Nuns. With Guns.

I challenged folks to give me a story with that as their theme. Here are nearly twenty authors who answered that crazy call, ranging from fantasy to science fiction. Modern. Historic. Urban fantasy and gritty realism.

Come with me on an amazing journey into other lands and other minds, as we explore what it means to first become a nun, and then to take up the sword.

Or the gun.


Part of the Blaze Ward Presents anthology series, be sure to pick up “An Interpretation of Moles” and “I Like My Science…MAD!” wherever you get your books.

eBook universal link and paperback

Cloak and Dagger (Blaze Ward Presents Issue 4)

Cloak And Dagger.

These words were the inspiration, the dare I put to the writers out there. Create for me art on that theme. They responded with music, words, and excitement.

Science fiction, urban fantasy, or sword and sorcery fantasy. Come explore the many places that twenty-odd visionaries went when they heard those words and enjoy all the bright and dark places you might go.

Part of the Blaze Ward Presents anthology series, be sure to get them all wherever you get your books: An Interpretation of Moles, I Like My Science…MAD!, and Nuns With Guns.

ebook universal link and paperback

Crime and… (Blaze Ward Presents: Issue 5)

Crime And…

I challenged folks to give me a crime story with a one word title that could complete that phrase above.
Many answered, and nearly twenty made the final cut, from coziest fun to darkest noir, always with Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment in the back of their minds.
Historic tales sent in mid-Twentieth Century Los Angeles or Budapest. Modern mysteries from small towns to Appalachia to the big city.
Crime takes many forms. Where will it take you?

ebook and paperback

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