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Random Friday

Published 20/02/2015 by Barb

I wanted to post a preview of the new strip, but it’s really not done yet, so maybe some other time. It was related to last Saturday, which for most of the so-called civilized world was Valentine’s Day or lovers’ day or whatever you want to call it. It never had any meaning for me, so I never bothered celebrating it.

But this year I sort of celebrated it, since I finally managed to get to the post office and retrieve the commission I requested to lovely Mrs Waffle! 🙂

IMG_9333Ain’t it neat? Now it’s on my wall, next to Colleen Doran, Sir Wendigo and a couple more (and there’s room for more… will have to stalk some other artist for an original sketch, LOL)…

IMG_9334See? And I know I don’t really look like that, but it’s close enough! 😉

My Facebook friends must have the default newsfeed of Top Stories, since I got plenty of comments and likes on the latest Happiness is… as if I never post anything else… And that picture is 1) two years old and 2) I had just come out of the hairdresser, which mean 48hours later it was all gone. You can see some of it in the above picture, and it obviously doesn’t look like in that Happiness is…! 😉

I’ll take it to my hairdresser tomorrow, with an idea I got about my next visit… in a couple of weeks. If it works out, I’ll post a picture. Maybe. I’m not very good at selfies, not even with a real camera and not a cell phone (did I mention I only have a stupid-phone?). Ah, well, we’ll see.

One last bit of randomness – 15 things that introverts would never tell you. I hotly subscribe to all of them, but mostly #7 and #8, and not because I’m a writer! But then, that’s probably why I don’t have that many offline friends… Which is fine, really. See #2! 😉 Have a great weekend!



Random Friday

Published 28/11/2014 by Barb

I was hoping to talk about a movie, but my DVD player got stuck soon after the intermission – I have 2 but one wouldn’t even read the DVD and the other… anyway, I’ll try to finish watching it on my mom’s DVD this afternoon, if that one works. Meh. It’s not even a pirate copy.

So, I’ll randomly ramble about… oh, look, it’s December already! Where did this year fly to? Since Serial Central has been dead for two or three years, I will be deleting it at the end of the year. I have written the other authors – except a couple who were not on the Yahoo mailing list, but then, I don’t know who is still receiving emails on that mailing list anyway – and I doubt any of them has objections. I’m tired of receiving WordPress fireworks for a blog I have long forgotten.

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving (if you’re American, that is!) and are ready for the December rush. This year it seems less daunting and depressing than usual, somehow – maybe because I haven’t realized it’s here yet. Or maybe because I’m busy with projects, inventory and whatnot.

Oh, boy, this is so hard, I’m just giving up. I have nothing to say. There. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Random Friday

Published 22/11/2013 by Barb

Crazy days at DayJob and outside, since it’s raining so traffic is worse than ever and I’m oh-so-happy I go by bus, or I’d be stuck in that mess of flooded streets. No, it’s not as bad as in Sardinia, but people seem to forget how to drive when it rains + everybody takes the car so hundreds more in the streets = traffic jams a go-go. And the buses get caught in that mess, so the other day it took me 1hour and 10 minutes when it usually takes 40 minutes. Sigh.

My 18-year-old car needed some repairs this year, and I’m still using it sparsely. It has less than 65000km, but it’s falling apart anyway, LOL! Except I don’t use it enough to decide to buy a new car, so I’ll stick with it. So I paid those 650euros hoping it will go on for another ten years when I’ll either be able to move somewhere else, have a driver or buy an electric car.

I’m so busy translating, that I’m not even reading (okay, I read the magazines I bought in London, but this is no gossip blog, so mum’s the word). Tomorrow I will have to check the Italian version of Technological Angel before I give it to a beta on Sunday. I hope to read at least an e-book by a friend before the end of the month! 😉 The Italian POD will definitely be through Lulu, since ordering from Lulu is cheaper from Italy and since I really don’t get the guys at CreateSpace.

I’ll do a final edit to the files of Star Minds and Star Minds Snippets for CS and then I give up the whole matchbook thingy. I’d love to have a couple of books at Loncon next year, but if it’s only 2 or 3 titles (out of almost 20 PODs), I don’t care – I’ll have to carry them over there, so I don’t want too much weight anyway. I travel light with an empty trolley (so I can fill it with DVDs, LOL)! 😉

By the way, London will be filled by Italian fans. I’m in a group about the Italian Expedition Base Camp for Loncon, and there are already almost 40 people! 😉 I guess it won’t be less than 10 like at the Chicon, LOL! We’ll see who ends up actually coming and if we can set up a couple of panels, but I don’t know most of those people and what their English is like… I’m not an interpreter! 😉

The surprise Sunday is… no post. I already struggled to find something to say today, and I don’t have any guests stopping by until December. So no post this time. I’m blogging until I find it funny, and if it becomes a hassle, I’ll just dilute the posts even more – so I’m not crying for an empty Sunday morning. Unless something exceptional happens to blog about, but I doubt it! 🙂

Things are very quiet here, so that’s all for today – and this week… Have a wonderful weekend!

Random Friday

Published 18/10/2013 by Barb

One of the reasons to go to London is to watch Krrish 3 coming out on Diwali (nov.4th) – but Hrithik has just been to London to promote it (or is it the videogame? What was he doing at an Apple Store anyway? *wonders the i-Nothing Gal*) already – way ahead of the release. Sigh. I’m always lucky with the movies stars I like – when Keanu was shooting 47 Ronin at the Shepperton Studios I didn’t manage to meet him (not to mention when I went to LA and he was in NY or I went to NY and he was in Europe – he has a knack for avoiding me!).

Anyhow, I’ve decided to continue a comic I did in 1998 and then a second (much shorter) part in 2000, which eventually will become a booklet about Superdeformed Barb which will include also Teen Barb and other vignettes I did – but not the Happiness Is… See the definition of Super deformed – although mine is a very personalized way of deforming people. It’s more Schulz than manga! 😉 But then, my drawing influences come from all over the world… I’ve never drawn True Manga style! 😀

I’m currently writing/sketching the beginning – and if you wonder why I’m saying this now, it’s not total randomness, it is related to the previous paragraph! 😉

SDfront_resizeSince I didn’t know what to talk about today, here’s the ramble. The 1998 comic was called “Superdeformed threesome”, starring me, Brad and Leo (my muses back then – do I need to specify their family names? ;)). I’m going to do “SD Threesome Millennium”, starring me and my two muses of today, Keanu and Hrithik (see how that ties to the first paragraph?)! 😀

A little bit of self-irony doesn’t hurt, even if I’m almost 50. I don’t care, life is beautiful with my imaginary friends! 😉 Anyhow, won’t be anything I’ll start working on until next year, since I want to finish SKYBAND first, and then I need to publish a B.G.Hope title which is referred to in one of the pages. But the London episode above might end up in it, like other real episodes ended up in the previous “SD” stories! 🙂

Speaking of Muses (since they both are) – I got a thumbnail of the cover of Star Minds Snippets (that’s Second Muse in case you were wondering. Is there still someone out there who doesn’t know what Ker-ris looks like?). Unfortunately the Cosmopolitan cover widget no longer works, so you’ll have to wait another couple of weeks… maybe I’ll do my first cover reveal, LOL! No, wait, that’s treating a book like traditional publishers… so no “cover reveal”, just straight to publication! 🙂

And that’s all for today… have a great weekend! 😀

Daily prompt?

Published 30/03/2011 by Barb

Lately I’ve been scheduling posts very late, like at 9 or 10pm (Italy time) which means full daylight for you guys on the other side of the ocean: the WordPress servers were jammed, and I usually had to finish my drafts in the morning, before the alarm clock set off. So I don’t have posts in draft form anywhere, except when WordPress lets me down (but I love you anyway, guys! :-D). That’s why I’m writing this in the afternoon, so I won’t have to get up early tomorrow morning to finish scheduling this rambling post.

That’s also why I’m sort of improvising, jumping from one topic to the other. My brain is a little fried for the overworking of the past week. I still haven’t figured out a few things on GoodReads (why can’t they see my Lulu shop? Only because I don’t have ISBNs on the graphic novels? Tarun hasn’t an ISBN either, but it’s there…), and are still waiting for the final print cover (similar to the e-book one, but more square to fit the paperback) and printed copy.

I’m very excited, but also very exhausted – mentally, as I didn’t move around much. I tried to go for a walk every morning anyway, it’s good for my back, and Monday morning I really didn’t want to go back to DayJob. It felt like a waste of time after trying The Writing Life for only a week! 🙂

So, trying to follow the daily prompts from last week:

How do you find your muse?

Good question. I think he/they are always with me. Then I have to sit down and write their stories, of course. I don’t really have a ritual for that. When I was younger, I just started writing, and that was it – one-draft stories, some pretty awful, others not so bad. Then around the new millennium I started to ponder a little more before putting anything to paper. Even the graphic novels have a sort of script (BTW I found myself editing the last chapter of SKYBAND while I was drawing chapter 6 last weekend, because I had come up with a scene that was much better than what I had originally planned), although they’re sort of one-draft stories.

So, how do I find them. Well, I have my virtual cast (hence I don’t describe too much, and don’t forget the eye/hair color of a character, once I have decided who s/he is), and they usually act in my head… Sometimes my vision becomes fuzzy, so I just close my eyes and tell the story to myself (usually before falling asleep – that’s what I did with that SKYBAND scene), and then write it down. Am I making any sense here?

If I don’t, it’s because WE switched to Daylight Saving Time (or whatever it’s called) THIS weekend… so I missed one hour of sleep on Sunday and apparently I haven’t recovered yet! 😀 Sorry about that! 🙂

writers & editors

Published 02/09/2010 by Barb

Because I still have limited internet access, I’m “recycling” old posts of the first month of this blog – I’m guessing it will be something new for all of us. The first comments were on November 28, 2009 (thanks to the Australian ladies Cassandra & Prue + Sevvy – where are you?) and these are all from October… if you already read them, forgive me. I’ll be back to full posting next week!

I like to think (and used to say) that I’m the World’s Humblest Author. I’m not, I guess. I mean, I don’t mind rewriting, adjusting plots and adding a few things here and there – helps me to think more about a story anyway, so it’s not wasted time – but some comments still drive me mad.

I had a reader/friend (who can’t read me anymore because she doesn’t speak English) who was very tough with her comments and after a number of years I already knew what she would say at some points, but wrote it down anyway… going “tee-hee, I knew it!” when I read the expected comment! ;-)

Now another friend (who is supposed to be a writer, but prefers to be an editor) criticized my choice of a title. I know “The Gathering” isn’t the most original title in the world, but it had its purpose (the same as another work of mine very similar, who took this title in 1998 from Magic-The gathering cards – ok, unoriginal of me back then, but now it makes sense). Is he trying to sell his editing abilities? Of course not, he’s a friend, not a pro-editor, but still… why doesn’t he do his writing instead of bothering with mine? :-)

That’s what friends are for, I guess. Why am I looking for an editor who would only check the grammar and style and that stuff? I probably wouldn’t listen to anyone if I were trying to publish the Italian version…  But English is my second language – well, third if you want to go in chronological learning order. I’ve been writing for over thirty years (in Italian only for the first 25)  and I’m quite confident with my style and everything, but I’m writing in a foreign language, so I need some native speaker to check me. But no comments? Mmm… the megalomania again… :-D

originally posted October 15, 2009


Published 22/07/2010 by Barb

I’ve been thinking (too much!) lately, maybe it’s the summer heat that fries my brain, but well, here it is: I’m always half-something.

Barb the warrior woman ("The prince and the adventurer" graphic novel)

Half-lady (or half-princess) – I’m too old to be an adventurer and warrior woman, I want my comforts. But I’m not a full lady either, don’t care about my looks, don’t get most of other women’s behaviors, I like men but also being on my own. OK, I’m a Highly Sensitive Person of the socially inhibited kind (thanks, J, for the diagnosis!).

Half-artist – not good enough for mainstream comic books and illustration, not grungy enough for underground comics. Still not so good at anatomy, still going at it. Because, even if sometimes I wish I could be as good as some of my friends or artist heroes, I love it. But the artist in me clashes with the very logic of Virgo, sigh.

Half-genius – most geniuses are left-handed (most of the best artists too…), unfortunately I’m not. So I’m always halfway there. Yes, I’ve got talents, but something prevents me to reach the full potential ad perfection. Probably my own insecurity and humility (I call myself “World’s humblest author”, but I also have a big ego when it comes to writing and creating, how’s that for half-this/half-that?).

I’m also half-here/half-there, meaning half the time in reality, on this planet, observing people and doing things, the rest somewhere else far far away (spirit-land or with my characters, whatever you prefer). My spiritual teacher thinks I nurture the spirit too much, so sometimes I have to remind myself I have a body too, at least in this life! 😉

Eventually, with all those halves, I’ll make a complete human being… wait, I already am a human being! Guess we’re all half-something somehow, aren’t we?

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