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Some writerly wisdom about books needing time to cook. Even mine are not always as immediate as they used to be. Yes, I’m still mostly a pantser, but since Technological Angel sometimes it takes me months before I start the actual writing. That’s why I decided beforehand which novels to write for the summer challenge – because they were already on my ToWrite list and ready to be jotted down.

I discarded one idea because I had a novella that was already almost a novel itself, so I postponed that one to after the summer. I knew I had to write the vampire novel during the summer anyway, I simply had to write it all in a month instead of two. Which is perfectly fine.

If I keep going like this, I might even be able to start it this month. Knowing I’d miss a week of writing in June, I chose a novella to expand as first novel, so it’s going quite well. I’m almost halfway through and if I can read it all in one sitting over the weekend to make the necessary adjustments (I’m aiming at the 17th, not this Saturday), then I can send it off with a few days to spare for the next one…

Busy writing summer, but since the heat is starting to show up, I’m very happy to just go home and write. And make covers. I like hiring other artists, but sometimes I like doing my own covers as well, so… Experimenting with transparent PNGs and art nouveau frames and stuff like that. It’s a Silvery Earth novel, of course! 😉

Patreon update! I decided to start uploading the rewards even if there are no patrons. So on the 5th of every month I’ll post the “5 things I learned” posts (one is already live) and on the 10th I’ll post the monthly free short story. At least people reaching the page now can see there’s stuff behind the  paid wall! 🙂 I know “curiosity killed the cat” but since you’re not cats (are you?), you’ll be fine… just poke around and see if you find anything you like! 😉

And if you like sci-fi, here’s another bundle of books… while you wait for the next one with yours truly, of course! 😉 Should be out July 4th, the mighty Bundle Rabbit is working on it (and changing stuff around so when I get to the dashboard I go “AUGH!” like Lucy Van Pelt. I’ll get used to it! ;)), just stay tuned. If you like giving to charities, go to Story Bundle (or other curators on BR, I honestly don’t pick a charity since I’m in Italy and I wouldn’t know which one to pick).

And where are we going with e-books? Check Amazon’s latest… I don’t mind a moving cover – I had considered it myself and thought it would be cool on e-books – but everything else… nyeh. They say I can switch that off… well, I have an old Kindle Keyboard, so I doubt it would work anyway. And I certainly won’t use the laptop version (or the smartphone… that small screen makes me want to scream most of the time!)…

But well, maybe younger readers will enjoy that. Although… can this still be considered a book? The EU had decided for lower VAT on e-books, but if they’re like that, can they still be considered books? Mini-movies? What? Who knows. On DeviantART they were already doing motion comics, but this is something else.

And Mighty Zon is still in trouble – it might be customer-friendly but it’s really pissing off authors and publishers. And soon even customers will feel cheated by the fake books that climb the Amazon charts. Don’t put all your eggs in their baskets is still sound advice. I’m still toying with their AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) but it’s probably my last attempt in that department too.

Writer Wednesday

Okay, where do I start from? Apple lateness? Kobo slowness? DriveThru bundles? Okay, I got the email from D2D that the Snippets finally went live on Apple (US i-bookstore), so yay! 🙂 But I don’t have much hope for the titles uploaded during the weekend…

Let’s start with the new and last release in English for this year: Saif’s Legacy. It’s now available on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N and Kobo. Apple probably next year – like I said, they’re backlogged, so I didn’t even try to send the Italian title (Technological Angel) there.

Saif’s Legacy is a Silvery Earth novella that I wrote in a week while in London and immediately after. Blurb: The southern kingdoms are no more, but the Assassins’ Guild is still there – honorable men who would never hurt women or children. Saif has been living as a woodcutter for fifteen years, but on his deathbed he calls for his former apprentice, Kilig. Saif’s legacy – his son Hakeem – will avenge him, and possibly mend Kilig’s broken heart.

If you’d like to wait, next year I’ll publish an anthology (with a much better cover) with all the male lovers of Silvery Earth stories. The cover is in the making, and hopefully in January it will come out. It will include The Death of Queen Amazonia, The Lords of War (included in TSK2 at this time), Saif’s Legacy, Allan de Sayek and a new story, The Young King. But this is the only one with a HEA, so grab it now if that’s your thing! 😉

Now, since the holidays are fast approaching and DriveThru allows me to do book bundles, I’ve done two. Books of the Immortals – all five e-books at a discounted price or Chronicles of the Varian Empire – all three books at a discounted price. Both bundles have a PDF, an e-pub and a mobi file you can choose from. You might need to be logged in to see the offer, since some books have adult content.

No names, no jackets closed down, so I took out the links to the free excerpts from the page above. Sniff. We’ll miss them. I might try to submit a few (not all) books to Bukfaze now. Maybe during the weekend, or maybe next year. I’ll keep you posted.

Writerly links: David Gaughran on Write. Publish. Repeat. The special price is gone, but it’s probably worth reading anyway. I downloaded the sample on my Kindle, it’s very entertaining, I’ll probably buy it next year, since we seem to be very likeminded. I wish my TBR pile went down a little (actually, since it’s ebooks, it’s a list. Neverending, if I add the wishlist from Smashwords and Goodreads. GAH!).

Dean Wesley Smith think like a publisher 2014. I’m still stuck with the 2011 edition because I can’t figure out the Italian laws. My publisher friend told me how I should do it, and I can’t do it until I have a DayJob. But since things are going down the hill on that front, I might end up quitting and starting da business of publishing instead. At least I’ll have a reason to ask a fee to whoever asks me for advice.

AssistanceAnd that’s all for today! Have a great week!

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