Barbara is my real first name, but I want to be known as Barb when artist (graphic novels & illustrations) and Barbara G.Tarn when writer (novels and screenplays).
I’m a writer and an artist and I’m married to Mr Writing – we have hundreds of babies, but only a few are going out in the world with the indie revolution!😉

I’m a self-taught, compulsive, prolific professional writer – professional because if you count the words I have written, I’m definitely a pro, even if most of them are unpublishable or still handwritten, but they made an excellent school.

Find everything about me at Unicorn Productions.


Comments are welcome on any of the posts. I may edit comments, and I reserve the right to delete rude, insulting or otherwise inappropriate comments. I ask that comments be appropriate, constructive and civil. Links to blatantly commercial sites, advertisements, spam and illegitimate TrackBacks will be removed.

30 comments on “About

  • Barb,

    Don’t forget to respond to the Masked Ball invite and enter the point-scoring competition mentioned on the Invite page on my blog so that you may be eligible for the prize. And invent a back-story, it may come in handy!



    • I’m coming! I already have tonz of back stories… even if the “ladies” are only the latest of my characters (I favored the warrior women for most of the 90s)!😀


  • Hi! Lovely to meet you and looking forward to reading your blog!🙂 I’m afraid most of the stuff I put on my blog isn’t directly screenwriting related, but more about the motivations behind the kind of stories I want to tell. I have a pretty strong spiritual core. Hope to get to know you more. Cheers!


    • well, as I’m back to prose and graphic novels, I don’t have much on screenwriting either… but I thought we could get to know each other anyway (most of the other writers never wrote a screenplay, so they don’t know what we’re talking about! ;-))…
      Check the CSopen online if you want to give it a shot!


  • Hmm. With a name like Barbara, it comes as somewhat of a surprise to learn that English is not your native language. What, by chance, is? I guess it’s a latinate name, but it just sounds so quintessentially English.


    • Barbara is the Latin word for “foreign woman”… I’m Italian, direct descendant of those ancient Romans – except I feel more Celtic than Roman (love King Arthur, hated Gladiator and all Roman-related movies). I was born in Rome, but feel international…😉


  • Hi Barb – have been following your comments on Lua’s blog and finally made it here. I like your style. Just got myself subscribed to your blog and hope I continue to find inspiration, thoughts and laughs for my own writing. Good luck with everything, Eva


    • Hi, Eva, nice to meet you. Probably saw you on Lua’s blog too… but didn’t have time to check your blog, Lua has so many comments!🙂 Will hop there now!
      Thanks for the visit!


    • Hello, Ari, I should get back my French as well, so we might practice together!😉 I haven’t written in French in thirty years… but would love to do it again, LOL! Can I have more hours to my days and more strength in my hand and back so I can write longer?😀


  • Hi! Oh…how I wish I spoke Italian. My grandparents were from the region of Basilicata, county of Potenza….city of Rionero in Vultre. From pictures I’ve seen, it is a beautiful region.
    Knowing I have family members there definitely makes me want to visit!


  • its really really nice to know you🙂 if you’re interested in writing a novel then I’ve some ideas. We can collaborate too but not now. Soon am gonna apply for UK student visa as I my US visa application rejected. Maybe we meet in UK🙂


    • I don’t have time for collaborations at this time, but if I find a free spot, I’ll let you know!😉
      I try to go either to the US or the UK once a year, so yeah, we’ll meet somewhere out there (still have to get my butt to India, but that’s another story, LOL)!😀


  • Glad to connect Barbara, look forward to reading your blog. I also kind of split myself between art and writing (i’d really love to do a graphic novel sometime, although I’m rusty with my drawing skills, so used to doing abstract weirdness haha)…my real focus has been writing the past few years. Look forward to your blog and to checking out your stuff when I get a chance🙂


    • Whoot! Glad I’m not the only one half/half!😀 I don’t know what will happen when I get back to drawing my graphic novel (#13 is long overdue, I’m terrified at the thought of getting back to it and my only reader might kill me, LOL!)…
      Great meeting you!🙂


    • love your theme!😉 Keep posting regularly – set up a schedule of some kind – and readers and followers will find you. Be yourself and you’ll be just fine!🙂


  • Hi, Barb.

    Been thinking about that interview. You could meet my three heroines. I think meeting at The Rose (in La Pierre, MI) would be best as so much of the book happens there. You mind meeting them in 2005? I’ll send you a special ticket.


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