Spotlight – Visions of the Future Bundle 2021 #Scifi

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Library of Erana

Title: Visions of the Future Story Bundle 2021

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Authors: Barbara G Tarn, Marcelle Dube, Kriz Katzen, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith, Maggie Lynch, Annie Reed, Kari Kilgore, Kris Austen Radcliffe

Genre: Sci-fi

Synopsis: The 2021 Visions of the Future Bundle, curated by Dean Wesley Smith:

Back almost two years ago, in February 2020, just before the pandemic started, I did a StoryBundle with the title Visions of the Future. Thankfully, nothing about the last two years was in that bundle of great novels and stories. I don’t think many people, including the best science fiction writers, saw any of this coming in the way it did.

So now I get a chance to find writers to look into the future again, only on the downward side of the pandemic. And there is all kinds of science fiction in these books, from…

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Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote a little over 5K, mostly revisions of the books I took with me for editing. I also wrote a short story, but I don’t like it and my beta-reader found many faults in it, so I doubt I’ll ever get back to it. I also started another, but meh. So I decided to go back to the manuscript I had left before my short trip to Massa Carrara to celebrate my birthday and leave it at that.

Having to follow the rules for a “marketable” story is taking the fun out of writing. Also, I’m as much in transition as the world is, so I don’t know what I want to write next. Probably next year will be a sabbatic year from publishing, and I’ll try to read more and possibly explore other genres. But there’s still four months to go, and I might change my mind four times until then, LOL!

It’s been a long hot summer and it’s not over yet, so I better not make important decision while my brain is fried. So I’ll keep saying “I’m OK, I’m OK” (in an Orlando Jones voice, I absolutely love The Replacements!) or “I’m fine” even if I’m not, since I won’t be able to explain what’s wrong or what’s going on anyway. I change my mind way took quickly between excitement and exhaustion, so there. Time out. Gimme a break! 😉

I am aware I need to find my focus, but right now I don’t have the strength. I will, though, and I’m lucky to be a one-person household with a steady job, although I’m still hoping to quit and move elsewhere, but right now I can’t go anywhere and I probably wouldn’t be able to focus. I will have to learn to pivot, I guess! 🙂

The Curated Anthologies are selling, including the paperbacks, so definitely when I get a couple of weeks off DayJob, I’ll get back to doing paperbacks. By then even the new books of Future Earth Chronicles will be almost all out, so I can format the paperback so it comes out along with the ebook for the last two! 😉

But first I must finish the prequel, which I hope to do in a couple of weeks. Then I will try again to write short stories to submit. Or I will have to figure out what to write for the rest of the year. After reading about this guy who used AI and Photoshop to bring ancient Roman emperors back to life, I’m thinking it’s time I tell my Roman vampire’s story – now I even know what his emperor and his successors look like, LOL!

I’m going to end with this quote… seemingly quite fitting. By the way, I think Stephen Fry is really the reincarnation of Oscar Wilde, like Keanu Reeves is the reincarnation of Paul Mounet, LOL! And by the way, Happy Birthday, Keanu! 😀 Have a great week!

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says '"Oscar Wilde said that ifyou know what you want to be, then you inevitably become it that is your punishment, but ifyou never know, then you can be anything. There is a truth to that. We are not nouns, we are verbs. am not a thing- an actor, writer- am a person who does things Iwrite, Lact- act and I never know what I am going to do next. think you can be imprisoned ifyou think of yourself as a noun." -Stephen Fry'

Happiness is…

Random Friday

And we also have the very last random Friday! 🙂 Some innovation links first: image recognition with deep learning for e-commerce explains very well how the whole thing works. I found it fascinating. And some tech is good, like the authonomous drone delivering diabetes medication to a remote Irish island.

And of course learning to read boosts the visual brain, but we have some studies to prove it! 😉 And speaking of brain, we now have wearable cyborgs that use bran waves to power up your muscles and Synchron achieved the first successful human implantation of brain computer interface. The Future Earth Chronicles are coming closer, LOL! Maybe they’re already building the Rainbow Towns! 😀

I was asked this week if I have children and if I missed not having them. No, I don’t miss not having children (hey, I have Dear Nephew! 😉 Although at 14 he’s kind of hard to get through, LOL!), and when I think about all those people who keep breeding in this doomed world, I’m even more vehement about voluntary human extinction and wish everybody did like me. Your children won’t have a world to grow up in, especially if you don’t do anything to stop those people from killing us all.

Last Saturday I watched Replicas. Not as bad as they painted it, but then, I’m no sci-fi expert. Kind of reminded me of Johnny Mnemonic with better computer graphics, since there’s 20 years between the two. And again, we have a father who wants to save his family with his science – but I might wonder what for? 😉

Near Future Sci-fi is the harder to pull off. I’m currently updating the technology in a novel that I wrote back in 2000 – a human society that had starships, but limited tech in its artificial town. I didn’t make The City like Rainbow Town in Future Earth Chronicles, but I had to change a few things here and there! 😀

Stay tuned for the blogoversary… and have a great weekend! 🙂

Swift Six Character Interview – Teneyros – Chronicles of the Mages’ Guild/Here Be Magic Bundle #Magic #Characters #fantasy

official announcement from yours truly coming soon… 🙂

Library of Erana

Name Teneyros

Which book/world do you live in? Chronicles of the Mages’ Guild

Tell us about yourself: (Name, race/species, etc.) My name is Teneyros and I am a human wizard in the world and the Wilds.

I’m an adventurer – why should I recruit you to accompany me? I have text tattooed onto my body so I can ready-cast spells more easily. Rather than needing to scramble for a book to grab words to apply my Will to.

Tell us about your companions?  How do they see you? It depends on who you ask. Other wizards think I’m too chatty and probably not serious enough. Possibly lacking in focus. But, my best friend Mac, she’s the Guild Master for the Mages’ Guild still keeps my company. Even though she thinks that I enjoy causing trouble. It’s not so much that I enjoy causing it, it’s more that I tend to…

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Sunday Surprise

And from the Eclectica Bundle, another awesome author ansering my writerly questions! Her story of socks and aliens is really funny! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Thea Hutcheson!

Where do you live and write from?

In my lovely lavender lair located in a small Denver Suburb, high atop the shoulder of a great hill.

Why do you write?

I love story telling, I always have. I used to creep out of my bed at night when I was little and slip into my little sister’s bed and tell her stories when she couldn’t sleep, all sorts of outlandish tales of tiny cowboys and fluttering ghosts and baby doll’s that told secrets to special little adventure girls.

When did you start writing?

When I was nine I started to write them down. When I was thirteen I started my first novel, but the next door neighbor lady got hold of it and I nearly died of shame from the way my adventure came out of her mouth.

What genre(s) do you write?

I love to write SF, fantasy, urban fairtales, time travel, and a thriller, just to prove that I could do it.

What is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?

I would love to become a full-time writer as it has been my life-long dream. Unfortunately, the achievement comes in dribs and drabs as I juggle two jobs and caring for my mother. But now I am concentrating on developing enough product to have something to market.

What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever been given?

Oh, Heinlein’s rules, of course.

  1. You must write.
  2. You must finish what you write.
  3. You must refrain from rewriting, except where you agree with editorial suggestions.
  4. You must send what you finish out into the world to look for a home.
  5. You must continually refuse to let it back in the door so it must stay out in the world until it finds a home.
  6. Rinse and Repeat.

Outliner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?

I have improvised, but I have been trying out various outlining methods to avoid some of the rabbit holes I have chased myself into.

I am fast. I can crank out a thousand words an hour. Not all will be good. But some will be awesome and I can get lost in the tale I am telling myself.

Tell us more about your book in the bundle

I wrote a story a long time ago as an answer to a fellow writer’s claim that no one could make a story about laundry interesting. I flipped the idea and flapped silly thing about, and it became “Fishing”, a story postulating one idea about what happens to the socks in the laundry. It was also my very first professional SF sale. Jim Baen’s Universe published it and then included it in the first Best of Jim Baen’s Universe.

So, I thought it was time to flip that story again and look at it from the other side and came up with “Sock and Pins and Aliens”.

When Megan moves into her new house, things begin to disappear. Weird things like socks, and decorative pins, and a cheap class ring. Things she just saw recently and don’t have a lot of value, but she misses them all the same. She can’t decide whether to blame it on her cheating ex or a klepto ghost. When her best friend sends a geeky ghost hunter her way, Megan finds a new chance for romance and something she never expected in her wildest dreams.

I will have you know, I never lose socks in the laundry anymore as I use these super fancy clips to keep them together. Except that there was this one pair I really like, lacy and slinky, that I never did find after I put them in the washing machine.

Tell us about your latest book (add link if published)

Weird Wild West

…some of the weirdest and wildest western tales that you could shake a rattlesnake at.

Edited by Steve Vernon

Featuring “Over the Wire”

Brice Sebastian is a half-breed riding his Iron Horse across the White Man’s West stringing telegraph wire.

He knows these things: copper wire shouldn’t hum or tingle before it’s live.

It shouldn’t open a door to a new land full of fantastic beasts, either.

But it does, and that opens up a dangerous new door onto his life.


Any other projects in the pipeline?

I am working on the third in a time travel series.

The first is about a young woman from the near future who takes on a job delivering a message for a goddess. The goddess never mentions traveling four thousand years into the past to save the people an entire culture, the eruption of Mount Thera that will destroy the Minoan civilization, or that she’ll fall in love with a handsome animal magician she can’t have.

The second book is set in the same time period, but the main character is a young forensic anthropologist from the 1980s. He takes on a quest to protect a young shamaness when the world blows up, but finds himself sold as an oar slave almost as soon as he arrives in the Bronze Age Middle East. He hates the goddess, he hates the ocean, and he hates sailing, but he falls in love with woman he is sent to protect and must keep safe when Mount Thera erupts.

This third book sets both of them and their newly found lovers from the ancient Middle Eastern culture in a new quest to rescue animals in the path of a flood for this goddess. They learn they are part of the goddess’ secret organization whose job is to travel into the past to save those parts of the Earth’s inhabitants that the goddess cannot bear to see lost forever when disaster strikes. But Chaos has other ideas about the tide of time and fate.

I love research and ancient cultures, so for those who love the past and lots of magic, these stories are crisp and well-fleshed out.

Thea Hutcheson web site

Happiness is…

Random Friday

I could ramble some more about GDPR or the very interesting What? comments (20 of them deleted before starting to write this), but since Kris Rusch has opened a can of worms, I shall talk about that instead. Well, she didn’t really open the can herself, but she’s the one I follow, so I read the report from her.

If you’re a young writer and you’re still looking for an agent, STOP RIGHT NOW! No matter where you are in the world, but especially if you are NOT in the US, DO NOT QUERY A US AGENT! Clear? Now, the why.

An Agent Nightmare Revealed by Kris Rusch. And for her Patreon patrons she added a couple of links I will share with you. My commentary will probably NOT be as informed as hers, but well… I’m not her, LOL! 😉

The Guardian about Chuck Palahniuk being close to broke because he was with That Agency. I mean, Chuck “Fight Club, now a major motion picture with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton” Palahniuk! It’s one of my 3 favorite movies of 1999 (and yes, I read the book, I have the paperback, and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the movie – no Brad’s abs in the book, LOL!)

Here’s were he apologize for blaming publishers and piracy when it was his agent accountant stealing from him.

 I’ve worked with the same team of people since 1994.  To suspect anyone was stealing, I had to be crazy.

And then I wasn’t.  You may have read about this over the weekend in the New York Post.  All the royalties and advance monies and film option payments that had accumulated in my author’s account in New York, or had been delayed somewhere in the banking pipeline, it was gone.  Poof.  I can’t even guess how much income.  Someone confessed on video he’d been stealing.  I wasn’t crazy.

If you’ve written to me chances are that your letter passed through the hands of the accused.  He’d collect the mail and forward it to me.  He seemed like a good guy.  Like a prince of a guy.  Like man-crush material.  And then he wasn’t.


So on the minus side, I apologize for cursing my publishers.  And I apologize for any rants about piracy.  My publishers had paid the royalties.  Piracy, when it existed, was small scale.

I do hereby humbly apologize.

Headshaking. So take it from him. Forget agents. They are unregulated and even the big agencies can embezzle your money.

Now I’m not saying you’ll get rich quick by Indie Publishing – you won’t. I haven’t been able to quit my day job and I’ve been doing this since 2011. But I don’t write in the popular genres. And even if you do, don’t take it as a get-rich-quick scheme, cuz it doesn’t work that way.

If you want to go with a traditional publisher, submit to them directly. Cut the middle man. Let those darn agents die the death that awaits any obsolete profession. They are no longer needed. Not for your writing.

You don’t need their approval. Go write and submit or publish. Heinlein’s Rules, remember? 😉 Have a great weekend! 😀

Sunday Surprise

Two more days and the anthology Nightly Bites will go live… have you pre-ordered it yet?

If you’re on Facebook, the anthology page is publishing the authors’ bios every few days… We already had David Miller and Russ Crossley, and more are coming in the next few weeks, so you can start knowing these wonderful authors who trusted me with their stories! 🙂

And it’s not all! The Vampires of the World bundle will go on sale on the same date! Check your calendars, DECEMBER 19, for these great deals… and more! Stay tuned… Have a great Sunday! 😀


A Vampire’s Journey Through Centuries… Check out this #paranormal #historicalfantasy series!

if you haven’t heard much about my vampires series (historical fantasy), check the excerpts here!

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