Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote 6K during the weekend only since I’m still reading madly during the week. Saturday morning was spent researching and brainstorming, but I couldn’t find the story, so I decided to write what I know and leave that story for some other time, when I can ponder it longer. Not sure I’ll send it to the anthology it’s meant for, but the deadline is March 31, so plenty of time to think about it.

Here you have an interesting article on science fiction and fantasy magazines. Although I do submit to them, I also look for specific anthologies or other venues, that usually have a Kickstarter or a Patreon to support them. I lost count of the rejections from Clarkesworld and I did try Asimov and Analog! 😉

During the weekend I wrote a couple more stories of my new series. Not sure yet if it’s going to be a novel that can be serialized or a batch of short stories that can become a novel. I’m still worldbuilding and adding stuff, so I have no idea. And if single shorts sell to trad mags, even less hurry in finishing it! 😉 I have submitted one and it was already rejected, still waiting on another two.

Now I’m back to reading, since I have two more anthos or more than 80 stories to read before I leave for the workshop. Hopefully I’ll finish in advance and I’ll have time to write some words and catch up on my wordcount… otherwise, I’ll have to do it in March! 😉

I’m also getting ideas for more collaboration anthologies, so hopefully in March I’ll prepare a couple… meanwhile, the Celebrating Male Lovers is having its final run at a discounted price. Grab it now before it’s gone. It’s the bundle that was out there for longer, since I usually took them down after six to eight months. This has been going for two years! 🙂

I don’t think I’ll do any more bundles, but more collaboration anthologies, definitely. And I might be picked up for more bundles on BundleRabbit, but I have only one pending request at the moment and I don’t know when the curator will work on it. And one day maybe I’ll get on StoryBundle, but we’ll see! 🙂

In case you’re on Facebook and you’re a reader, I’m trying to revive my author’s group. I had started it by adding a couple of friends (including Tori), but nobody actually gave a damn. Then two new people joined, and I thought, Why not? Someone mentioned she’s very active on Facebook with her readers, so I’m going to give it a try. Join the conversation, if interested. Unlike Patreon, it’s free! 😀

I also posted the Sunday strip on Saturday… damn Instagram that doesn’t allow scheduling! 😦 And since I’m kind of stuck with the second strip, I’m already considering the next… although maybe not. We’ll see. Not willing to redraw Me and Da Muses, LOL!

Still changing my mind every five minutes. I might have developed a hummingbird brain, haha! Those ideas are bouncing kitten screaming “Pick me! Pick me! Oh pick me!” like Donkey in Shrek. And it’s hard to make a priority list when nobody cares what I put out next, haha!

Glad I have my editor and proofreader booked and I need something to send her on the requested dates… I don’t mind toying with covers and formatting, it’s the launch and marketing that just flat depresses me. I’ll need to talk with my webmaster as well at some point, since there are way too many spambots on the publisher’s site, leaving unreadable comments.

Travel plans for when I come back from the workshop, though. Publishing plans as well. As well as starting to seriously decluttering the house (something I’ve pretended to do in the past months) and re-educate myself to do another job, because the DayJob is going to give me another nervous breakdown, like in 2012.

So I need to get rid of it, but can’t count on royalties to pay the bills, it would take the fun out of writing. Hence my studying other options as well as other places where I’d like to live. Another summer like the last one and I might not survive in the Roman heat! 😦

Sometimes I’m so sick of adulting that I consider convents and nunneries. Even less responsibilities than co-housing, haha! But my vocation died out years ago, so it’s probably not an option. Oh, well…

And it’s Infinite Bard time again! Hop there for the 24th free story! 😉 Leaving you with the weekly writer’s quote… have a great week!

It’s very bad advice because there exists this occasional movement toward severe austerity cuts inside fiction, as if every bit of prose should be cut down to the bone, and then the bone whittled to a spear that can be thrust cleanly through the reader’s heart. There’s nothing wrong with austerity in prose, if it’s what you seek and if it’s what the story demands. There’s also nothing wrong with adding fat to the prose in the form of descriptive language. One’s voice as an author and in terms of the book you’re writing is useful, even vital, to preserve; I often note that originality in fiction is utter bullshit, except in the area where it really matters, which is to say, YOU. You, the author, are the one original component that can be brought to a story. Your ideas. Your fears. Your preferred arrangement of elements. And, obviously, your voice.

Chuck Wendig

Wednesday Weekly Roundup


Last week I wrote over 14K and a couple of new shorts I will probably send out soon (at least one of them). So to wrap it all up – in 2019 I wrote 530K words, and published 29 titles (not all in English, mind you, but still…).

I start the new year with 170 titles out after the cleaning of the past 4 months, 45 of which are in Italian with a couple enrolled in KU, which seems to work for that language. Doesn’t work for me in English, but well… I might experiment some more this year.

And in the above I’m not counting the curated anthologies or other anthologies I’m in, or even the bundles, just what came out under the Unicorn Productions banner. And I still have to prepare a few paperbacks of the titles that came out in 2019. I know, I fell behind, sorry… with catch up! 🙂

If you’re just starting in the world of Indie Publishing, challenge yourself and publish a book a month for a year. I have done it (25 titles per year since 2011), and sending the paperback to the US is an expense I’d rather not have. But I’ll definitely publish at least 12 titles in 2020. Possibly nothing in the first two months (my editor is busy and I won’t have anything proofread until the end of February) but then I’ll catch up after the Anthology Workshop. Promise.

And here we have a neat podcast (with transcript, which is what I prefer): 2009-2019: Reflections on a decade of self-publishing. I started in 2011, lived through the KU disruption remaining wide and still don’t want to pay for advertising, so that’s probably why my books sink into blackholes of forgetfulness.

I did two new things last year, though. Audio books and going to Overdrive – via D2D, which is just as well, since Kobo is selling Overdrive to someone else, so if I had gone through the KWL dashboard, I would have to do it again. As for Audio books, listen to Joanna Penn!

So a big tip everyone, first of all, go and request your favorite indie books into your library, local libraries, but also tell your readers to request their favorite books in libraries. So I think the more we can get the word out, the more that’s going to help.

And if you’re in one of the countries supported by Findaway Codes (US, CA, AU) – I still have some to giveaway for Otherside. The other audio books you can ask your libraries are the following Silvery Earth novellas: Firebird and The Hooded Man. The latter received a Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future back in 2014… Go check them, they’re also on Audible and everywhere else they sell audio! 🙂

I might explore other audio options this year – checked but haven’t tried it yet – and might try some translations, although literary translations aren’t the easiest to do. I know, I tried them and spent two weeks on a short story. My favorite Italian writer, Brunella Gasperini, translated Stephen King’s Carrie, but she was also a writer and a journalist, so I’m pretty sure she did an excellent job! 😉

If you’re up for a little poll, go vote here. Novels, short stories, authors, artists, publishers, anything. You have a few more days to vote. The end of the year also saw the implosion of the RWA… glad I don’t write romance, but then, I’m not American either, LOL!

And now onward to the next decade… have a great week! 🙂

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote 15K, two stories for the Anthology Workshop and wrapped up the current project. Which means I reached my yearly goal of half-Pulp-speed, or 500K with three more weeks to go! 🙂 I might have slowed the publishing, but the writing is obviously still going strong, yay! 😀

And since this is almost the last post of the year, I’m going to give my recommended reading list for 2019. In the order I read them, here are the books worth checking out of the fifty or so I read. 11 I did not finish, but the rest I did read to the end. I’m not putting the non-fiction, only the fiction here (the grand total includes both + a plethora of short stories):

Fright Court by Mindy Klasky

A Reluctance of Blood by Rebecca M. Senese

Andy: a Sexy Robot Story by Dirk Walvoord (and I know there are sequels, but I haven’t gotten them yet – it’s a novella, BTW)

The Cache and Other Stories by Sherry D. Ramsey

Ice Dragon: The Complete Novel by Karen L. Abrahamson

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

A Sword’s Poem by Leah Cutter

Major BS Comes to the end of his rope by John Martin

Witches of London – Lars by Aleksandr Voinov

The Peshawar Lancers by S. M. Stirling

Voyage of the Crimson Sail by Victoria Zigler

Facing the Mirror (Guardians of the Pattern, Book 0) by Jaye McKenna (warning: adults only)

Comrades in Arms by Kevin J. Anderson

Soldier, Storyteller by Linda Maye Adams (short memoir of the Iraq war)

With a Broken Sword by Stefon Mears

The Night Killers by Rebecca M. Senese

I Like My Science Mad (Blaze Ward Presents #2) because unlike with the Moles (BWP1), I didn’t skip one story! You gotta love those mad scientists of all kinds! 🙂

I hope you checked the Backstage Pass on Sunday, the Diversity post is finally out! A few links to close the year, all on the new tech such as facial recognition and AI.

Artificial Intelligence is watching us and judging us. Kinda creepy, right? And China brings in mandatory facial recognition for mobile phone users, while US may require all travelers to be photographed at airports. More walls, less privacy. Sigh. Where are we headed? 21 Lessons for the 21st Century almost feels already outdated two years later…

Anyhow, we have a few more guests coming up, surely with less depressing topics! Writing fiction kind of helps going though all these changes, but I am not really into dystopias at this time. I already feel I live in one! 😉 So next year I might start a new series, but I’ll stick to the two current alternate futures – the Star Minds Universe where Earth joined the Star Nations in 2012 and the Future Earth Chronicles where our current civilization collapsed by the end of this century and we go back to some kind of steampunk technology, except for the Rainbow Towns that are stuck in the here and now.

Maybe I’ll write short stories about alternate, dystopian futures, or maybe I’ll write more historical fantasy. I still have a few books of Silvery Earth to write, but I’m not in a hurry, because I feel I’m at another turning point in my writing (still Stage 3, but a floor up. Haven’t reached Stage 4 yet, it’s much higher up).

So, not sure what I’ll publish next year, and it’s a little early to make New Year’s plans, isn’t it? Therefore I shall go back to writing and I wish you a wonderful week! 🙂

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I basically wrote only the short story for the anthology workshop and nothing else, so around 3500words. I finished later than the previous week, and even though I went through the current project, I ended up not adding much to it, nor continuing it, knowing that I’d have to stop after the weekend.

So I’ll finish that when I’m done with the Anthology Workshop assignments (this is the last before the Holidays, so I have two more weeks to write those 10K to complete my yearly goal). I spent the weekend finishing the clean-up of the inventory, and redid a clean Excel sheet of what I have out there. In spite of taking down many, I still have 170 titles between ebooks, paperback only, collaboration anthologies and comics single issues (less than 50 are in Italian, so about 120 in English! 🙂

Now I can start with a clean slate next year. I mean, I can keep going, probably with new things and old series and whatever I feel like writing, since I have no pressure to write the next big hit. I have ideas for almost all my series, and writing prompts for anthologies, and other exciting things I’d rather not elaborate too much right now.

And since we’re almost at the end of the year, let’s close with a bang! My short story One Line of Bad Code was published on Sirius Sci-Fi! I think I mentioned a sale a few weeks back… and you can read it for free! 😉 Go check it!

Meanwhile another publisher folded, when I went to submit, the email bounced, the wordpress site was set to private and the post on Facebook where I had seen the open call had vanished… sigh.

And since we have the paperback too, gift your friends with a wonderful book by many awesome authors including yours truly and her next strip!

I Like My Science…MAD (Blaze Ward Presents Book 2)

I like my science…mad.

How mad, you ask? Come with us on a twisted journey of science gone wrong and gods rising to threaten us all. Of private detectives on the moon and dieselpunk ladies saving the day. Academics making dark pacts and taking vengeance into their own hands.

The second Blaze Ward Presents anthology asks writers and readers to envision mad science and entertain us all.

They succeeded. Come see.

And here are the buy links for the paperback and the eBook universal link. Give some madness for Christmas! 🙂

And since I’m tooting other people’s horns…

Readers of Urban Fantasy – we have a little something for you. How about a curated collection of 20 books? With three tiers of buy-in and a broad range of books in the Academy (like Hogwarts, but different) sub-genre, you will find something you like.

There are secrets to be learned. Evils to battle. And worlds to explore. You’ll love this collection, because it comes from some of the finest minds in storytelling. Get it now.

Unfortunately, no one from the European Union can buy the set because of VAT.

Glad I’m not really a fan of that genre. Because I’m a grumpy old woman and don’t care about magic academies, haha! I wonder if there will be readers for an urban fantasy series with a middle-aged protagonist? 😉

And if you’re on Twitter to follow artists, please take note of this: Twitter bots will make pirated t-shirts with your requests. Check how artists on Twitter tricked spammy t-shirt stores into admitting their automated art theft. And grab that image for your next requests! 😉

And last but not least… it’s Infinite Bard day again! Happy reading and have a great week! 🙂

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote a little over 9K which brings the yearly total to 488K. Another 12K and I’ll have reached my wordcount goal. I might reach it this week, or next week at the latest, wrapping up a project after I’m done with the Anthology Workshop assignment.

I guess Magical Friends was my last pre-order for the time being. Just when Smashwords introduces some pre-order goodies, or so they say, LOL! But this kind of thing doesn’t work for me (my one and only fan does get things in advance every now and then).

It was the 15th pre-order and like the previous 14 it hasn’t gathered any sales. So I’ll spare myself the hassle of pre-orders and getting Amazon reminders and all that jazz. I guess I’m not famous enough to have rabid fans eagerly waiting for my releases, therefore it’s one thing I can tick off the publishing list. Phew! 🙂

Anyhow, it’s live now, so go grab it. The awesome mockup above was done with a Covervault template. I hope you enjoyed the characters’ interview and, in case you missed it, the backstage pass was all about those two – well, those stories, from childhood to adulthood. And the maps included on the book page will be in the paperback next year.

If you missed Cockygate and the Dragon Slayer trademark controversy, fear not! You have a summary here because yes! Some writer did it again! Trying to trademark a word! When will this madness end? Like someone says in the comments, here’s to hoping the judge fines the stupid author… and not in an alternate reality! 😉

I’ve been reading some fiction, catching up on my TBR pile – made mostly of bundles – but I shall make my recommended reading post closer to the end of the year. Some of those bundles have short stories as well as novellas and novels, so I’m writing down the ones I like for future curated anthologies (next year at the earliest, not going to bother fellow writers during the Holidays!).

And since it’s the Holidays, I’ll have a bunch of guests over on Sundays, so stay tuned for the upcoming writers interviews! 🙂

And if you wondered about the difference between WMG Business Masterclass and 20BooksTo50K, Kris Rusch explains the difference in the latest business post, along with how to raise the bar in your own way – which is on my to-do list of New Year’s Resolutions, by the way. Try new genres, try other things, still a little hazy, but hopefully it will soon be clear.

Finishing with another inspirational video: Kris Rusch on Perfection at 20Books! 🙂 Have a great week!

Sunday Surprise

Hi guys,

I’m Samantha and I come from another world – the original, old Silvery Earth, where people are immortal and never grow up. When I’m not switching bodies at will, I travel to other universes, especially books or movies. That’s how I met Rajveer the Vampire, for example!

So, I’m taking over the interviews on this blog! And here I am, meeting people from other books/universes/whatever! Today we have someone from the new Silvery Earth. And since I’m such an awesome witch, I shall ask them questions at two stages of their lives! Or at least at two stages for the human, since the other barely changed in twelve years…

Let’s get on with this. Meet Torik, woodcutter’s son at Bargsea Fortress, a small kingdom on the northern great bay of Varia – I wonder if it has a name, but I guess that lazy author forgot to give it any denomination… Tell me a little about yourself, Torik.

CHILD TORIK: Er… I’m Torik. I’m Human. I have no magic. I’m short-lived. I’m a barbarian to the Magical Races. I’m ignorant. I know nothing of gods and goddesses. I’m scared of dragons. I’m ten, but I already help my dad chopping wood.

ADULT TORIK: I’m twenty-two and moved to the castle a few years back. Wood-cutting duties fell to my younger brother Baldric and I became the prince’s companion. Lambert is king now, we’re the same age.

Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

CHILD TORIK: dirty-blond mop of hair and poop-colored eyes.

ADULT TORIK: Long dark-blond hair and brown eyes.

Do you have an enemy or nemesis? If so, who are they and how did they become an enemy?

CHILD TORIK: Hannibal! He’s a bully! Him and Klaus are the reason I left the village and found my magical friends!

ADULT TORIK: Myself, mostly. I feel like a failure and don’t understand why people would want to follow me.

Where do you live?

CHILD TORIK: in the village outside the castle of Bargsea Fortress.

ADULT TORIK: in the castle of Bargsea Fortress.

Are you involved in a relationship? If so, with who and what is it about them that you find appealing?

CHILD TORIK: Are you kidding? I’m just a child! Although I like gifting flowers to girls. Florina is quite nice among the Humans. And I like Kareena too, but she came and went too quickly, sigh.

ADULT TORIK: I’m a widower. I hope one day I’ll find Kareena and if she’s still free… Although I’ll probably never find her.

What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

CHILD TORIK: Growing up?

ADULT TORIK: Finding a place to call home.

Do you have a family? Tell me about them.

CHILD TORIK: Yes! There’s seven of us – should have been twelve, but they died when they were really small. I have dirty-blond hair like mom, as does Mathilda, who is eight, Greta, who is two, and Baby Alric. Alexa, thirteen, Baldric, seven, and Elsa, five, have Dad’s brown hair. And then there’s Mom and Dad, of course.

ADULT TORIK: Greta, Alric and Mom passed away when I was still a child, which made me grow up faster. Alexa, Mathilda, Elsa and Baldric are all married and have children of their own now. Well, Elsa is expecting her first. My father is also gone, as is my wife and the children she gave me.

Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

CHILD TORIK: I have four awesome magical friends!

ADULT TORIK: I still have awesome magical friends, they all grew up like me, except Copperscales…

Which leads us to our other guest! You might see her as a girl with brown braids coiled around her ears or a teen with the same looks, but she’s not really like that. Hello, Copperscales. Tell me a little about yourself!

I’m a Fajrulo cub, barely over a century old. When Torik is adult, I can be considered a dragonette, since I’ve grown in size – from donkey to elephant – but I’m still a cub. I will live about nine centuries, so my life is still in its infancy, sigh.

Describe your appearance in ten words or less.

Dragon cub with copper-colored scales and bat-like wings.

What is your role in the story?

Torik’s bogey man, then Torik’s teammate, then, twelve years later, Torik’s travel companion…

What is your relationship with the protagonist?

Torik is sooo cute! I want to mate with him when I grow up! Except I’ve been bluntly reminded that when I’m old enough to lay eggs, he’ll be long dead of old age, sigh!

Where do you live?

My lair is in a cave up the mountain towering over Bargsea Fortress and its forest, and it can be reached only in flight.

Please give me an interesting and unusual fact about yourself.

I’m a member of the Magical Races along with Goldenberry (Genn), Erwan (Waiora) and Winged Ylenia (Sila). Fajrulo don’t like their peers – in fact, after my mother left me when I turned a hundred, I’m the only one in the area – but they love humans. I’m particularly fond of Torik, in case you didn’t notice…

Book(s) in which the characters appear:

Silvery Earth Kids (strip)

Silvery Earth Kids and Related Short Stories

Magical Friends

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

So, I’ve been kindly reminded (meaning it was a general reminder, not to me personally) that professionals never talk about what they are writing or wrote until it is published. Therefore I’ll keep updating you on my yearly wordcount, but not what I’m working on.

Last week I wrote a little less than 9K, but Friday before lunchtime I got back the manuscript from the proofreader, so I spent from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning catching typo faeries on those short stories I wrote in the past month. And mailed four of them on Sunday morning (the rest are not open yet, so I jotted down the date on the calendar, lest I forget to submit them).

And I published the prose version of Silvery Earth Kids with a couple of related short stories. You might want to check that while you wait for the release of Magical Friends, it’s a very nice introduction with not too many spoilers for the novel, but filling in the background! 😉

Or you can get the paperback of the strip… December is definitely going to be Torik and Copperscales’s month, as you can see from my Facebook page! Stay tuned on more on these two! Should I interview them like I did in the past? Would you like a character interview?

And you can tell me which version you prefer, I won’t be offended it you think Ravven’s depiction (slightly modified in its colors) is better than my doodles! 😉 I haven’t even downloaded DAZ Studio yet, can’t imagine doing art with it anytime soon! So I’ll keep my ancient way of doing things – pencil and marker on paper, then scan and digital colors.

What can I say, this Gen X gal who grew up in the age of the typewriter and used to handwrite her first drafts up to 2015 in spite of being a typist likes her old “tech” too much. New things and continuous upgrades actually get on my nerves (can you hear me, Facebook?).

But! There’s only ONWARD, therefore I shall stop looking back. Keep writing and doodling and publishing and all that stuff. Even if some of those stories will never get off my hard-drive (or my old notebooks… got still plenty of those from the 80s and 90s)… well, it’s called practice, isn’t it? 😉

And excellent article by Kristen Lamb for writers old and new. In a glutted market, how can authors stand apart? Go read it. Now. Don’t be like me! 😉 I’m sure eventually I’ll find my readers, it’s just taking longer than expected. At least I’m learning patience, LOL!

Also, if you want a preview of what Star Minds Kids and Teens strip will be like, go check I Like My Science…MAD (Blaze Ward Presents Book 2)!

How mad, you ask? Come with us on a twisted journey of science gone wrong and gods rising to threaten us all. Of private detectives on the moon and dieselpunk ladies saving the day. Academics making dark pacts and taking vengeance into their own hands.

The second Blaze Ward Presents anthology asks writers and readers to envision mad science and entertain us all.

They succeeded. Come see.

I would like to thank Blaze Ward for kicking me into gear with that strip. I had been postponing it for too long! Go check the adventures of Child Kol-ian and read the other mad science stories in this awesome collection! 🙂

Here’s an open call for you cat-lovers out there! It should be well-known by now that yours truly has no pets and no affection for furry friends… but if you do, check this out:

It’s time to turn the “man and his dog wandering through a dystopian world” trope on its head, and tell the stories about cats and their women – their badass women – in appropriately dystopian settings. It’s time for CAT LADIES OF THE APOCALYPSE!
We’re looking for short stories feature a strong woman with at least one cat, in tales that bring hope in the darkest of times.
Length: 4000 – 8000 words
Deadline: January 15, 2020
Pay: Royalty-Share, via PayPal
More information: 🐈

And. last but not least, it’s Infinite Bard day again! Hop off to the site for a new free short story! 🙂 Have a great week!

Extra post for special announcement…

To celebrate that the Italian version of Silvery Earth Kids is finally live, I set up a calendar on Zazzle. If you’d like to add a 2020 calendar to your English paperback, you can find it here (simple version)! I ordered my copy, but haven’t received it yet, so no previews except the one I did with my printer in the picture below.

You should probably hurry, since there’s currently a sale on Zazzle and I don’t know when it ends, so check it right now (colorful version)! 😀 20% off with code FRIENDGIVING…

Also, the paperback links are all here. And the prose sequel will be out on Sunday, pre-order it now and help it climb the charts… thank you! 😀

EDITED TO ADD: I got my Zazzle calendar, it’s small and cute and look at it, ain’t it cool? Also, the “colorful” one can only be small (that’s the one pictured above), while the simple one can be small, medium or large! Have a great weekend! 🙂

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote almost 10K (9965 to be exact) so I’m definitely back on track. Kaori’s story is a 15K novella, and then I wrote another 5K story to help me start on the Assassin story that I hope to wrap up this week, since on Sunday I’ll have to start writing for the Anthology Workshop, yay!

I will probably manage to write all those Star Minds Lone Wolves stories before the end of the year since there’s the Holiday break, but you won’t see them until probably the end of February. I still have to book the editor for the new year. I also made a list of what’s left to write (4 more Quests on Silvery Earth, a Vampire Through the Centuries or three, a couple more books of the Future Earth Chronicles) so that I’ll know what to do in the first half of 2020.

And last week I also sent live Silvery Earth Kids! So, if you’d like to gift this paperback for Christmas, you have plenty of time to order it. The Italian version (in case you wanted to learn Italian through a strip) is unfortunately stuck in review with Amazon, but hopefully eventually they’ll approve it. I also anticipated the release of Magical Friends, it will now go live December 1st.

I started drawing the Star Minds Kids and Teens strip, but that’s another project that will come out next year. And this weekend I’ll be busy catching typo faeries, formatting and sending out the stories I wrote for the anthologies in the past couple of months. Most deadlines are Dec.31, a couple open in January, but I’m ready.

Oh, and I sold a short story, I shall publish the link when it goes live. It’s in the Star Minds Universe, like the story in Pulphouse #5, and it’s even kinda sorta the same thing – a battery-operated boyfriend in one, a sex robot in the other. The Star Minds Universe is becoming famous for the wrong reasons! 😀 Also, kind of clashes with the Star Minds Kids and Teens strip, LOL!

About innovation/tech news, I ran into this article on how blockchain tech can be used for the good of the music industry. If this blockchain thingy actually works, let’s hope they apply it to books as well.

From the time Naspter begun offering free music content in the 1990s, music piracy has been a chronic problem with most people taking it as the normal way of getting their music.

Unfortunately this applies to eBooks too, for different reasons. A lot of people are not willing to pay for the hard work of many writers or other creative people. So until the mindset changes, I don’t think anything will change.

And speaking of mindsets, I shall close with Dean’s video on the attitudes of fiction writers, a speech he gave for 20BooksVegas but I heard him say it often enough in person to confirm everything! 😉 Have a great week! 😀

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And last week I got back to my 10K or so, both writing that last story for submission (that will head for the editor’s desk with the rest next week) and starting a new project that should be quickly done so I can start writing for the Anthology Workshop at the end of the month.

After brainstorming with myself I decided to go back to the Star Minds Lone Wolves and next year will see three more longer stories and at least another ten Lone Wolves Team missions with new members. I’ve started with Kaori, who has shown up quite a lot in all the published books, and wrote her story. No spoilers for whoever hasn’t checked them out yet, though.

She’s on the cover of Star Minds Third Generation Snippets, though, as Galaxy Police rookie. The Lone Wolves are set ten years later, so her book is abviously titled “Cop”. Then I’ll have “Assassin” and “Smuggler” and more Team missions.

But going back to Silvery Earth, did you know November is Fairy Tales Retold Month? Yeah, I made that up, but look at the coincidence: I published More Fairy Tales Revisited and Fairy Tales Revisited came out in a brand new bundle curated by A.L. Butcher! 😉

The Backstage Pass is also about those fairy tales and how they came into being. I wrote them all months ago, but hoped to make it a book as long as the first one – except I didn’t actually found another Rithvik and Kerrien to play with! 😉 So there you have it, a shorter book waiting for more to become Volume 2! 😉

All in all I’m quite happy that last week I managed to finish the lettering on the Silvery Earth Kids strip (both English and Italian) as well as writing new stuff. Now I’m back to DayJob, so I’ll have to go around it – although I might actually be able to start working on the Star Minds Kids strip in the mornings.

On Sunday I watched How to Train Your Dragon 3 with Dear Nephew, and we had a lot of fun. I think it’s a nice ending for the trilogy, and I liked the extras (although some I watched alone, since he had to go back to Mom’s to do some homework).

By Christmas he’ll probably be taller than be, but he’s still pretty much into those 3D stories. He even sort of summarized for me a story he has in mind, but I don’t know if I’ll ever manage to make him write it, LOL! He says he has all the character names down, though – all in English, can you believe it! 😀

Oh, and Sunday night I updated the trailer for Silvery Earth! 🙂 Not a masterpiece, but at least I took out all the ugly covers and the books that are no longer available!

And it’s Infinite Bard time again! Go check the latest story! Happy reading and have a great week!

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