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Random Friday

Published 27/11/2015 by Barb

Change of theme to prepare for the snow falling on WordPress blogs from Dec.1st. This will give me slightly more than a month to prepare a new banner. I think it’s time I look like a professional author, instead of a creative barbwire! ;)

Totally random Friday: I started using that list of blog interviews, and one is already out. Norm has been the perfect gentleman! Another blogger wasn’t so responsive… So many thanks, Norm, for having be on Book Pleasures!

I will try to space the others out in the coming weeks… splitting between Rajveer the Vampire and Beautiful! ;) Last weekend while Cristina gave the final touches to Kilig&Hakeem‘s cover, I started working on Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire – drawing chibis is thankfully easier than expected! :D

About drawing and covers, Phoenixlu (who did the covers of Star Minds the Trilogy and Star Minds Snippets) has posted this beautiful painting on her page… and it makes me wonder if one day we’ll have e-book covers like this, with water, fire or wind effects! Wouldn’t that be cool? ;)

And ending on movies: I saw Knock Knock. Now I want to see it again with a male friend, since I watched it with Cristina and we had more or less the same reactions. What can I say… Sadist Author does much much worse to her male characters, whether they deserve it or not! ;) But I guess for men it’s quite unsettling…

Have a great weekend!

Writer Wednesday

Published 25/11/2015 by Barb

Sales… nobody took advantage of it (except Tori, thank you for the review), but it’s been on my author of the month thread all this time. You can have Rajveer the Vampire 50% off at Smashwords – Coupon Code: JH97Z – Expires: December 2, 2015. Not many days left, so get it now.

Also, to celebrate the new cover by Cristina Fabris, I’m putting Kilig & Hakeem at 50% off until the same day. Coupon Code: KQ83V – Expires: December 2, 2015. In December I will do a Smashwords-only sale with 50% off selected titles… stay tuned for the list! :) It will be mostly m/m titles, so if that’s what you come here for, come back next week.

By the way, I did the catalog for Unicorn Productions, you can download a free PDF on the homepage. I will soon go to the shop to have it printed on thicker paper to take to the English bookshop(s) here in Rome, and if I manage to get them books, I’ll try to send the printed catalog to the US bookstores, starting with the ones I know on the Oregon coast. Since I plan on doing more PODs in January, this might take some time and a few updates before I actually go with it! ;)

A couple of posts on writing for the market – not! Just don’t. Hear it from two people who have been in the market since before you were born. Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Write what you love, what you want to read. Like Fairytales Revisited as m/m romance, if that’s your fancy right now! *stares into the mirror with a big grin*

When I’m done with those 3 I have in mind (well, Beautiful is out, currently writing the Snow White one, then I’ll have the Cinderella Man), I’ll move on to something else. Try to write that contemporary story that is meant to be written, finish the other longer contemporary story I have put in a drawer back in September, maybe write that Star Minds story with aliens on Earth, or maybe who knows. I haven’t decided what I’ll write next year yet (besides the two vampire historicals and finish the fairytales revisited, I mean)! :)

And if you’re looking for places to promote yourself or your books, here’s a list. I’m currently going through it, looking for places where I or my characters could show up. And as you can see in the comments, you can also contact me – I welcome guest authors from all backgrounds and all fiction genres! :)

That’s all for today! Have a great week! :D

Sunday Surprise

Published 22/11/2015 by Barb

Hi guys,

I’m Samantha and I come from another world – the original, old Silvery Earth, where people are immortal and never grow up. When I’m not switching bodies at will, I travel to other universes, especially books or movies. That’s how I met Rajveer the vampire, for example!

So, I’m taking over the interviews on this blog! And here I am, meeting people from other books/universes/whatever!

SAMANTHA: Hey, hello you two! My, aren’t we handsome… Beautiful even! *chuckle* Yes, I’m playing with the title of your book.

*Kerrien and Rithvik stare blankly at her*

Mm, okay, let’s get started. You, the tall, dark-haired guy… tell me a little about yourself.

KERRIEN: I’m Kerrien, adventurer, mercenary, bounty hunter. I’m around thirty – not that I keep track…

RITHVIK: He’s awesome! He’s a hero! He…

SAMANTHA: Please, wait for your turn?

*Rithvik pouts, Kerrien scoffs*

Thank you. Where were we? Oh, yes, besides “tall and dark-haired”, describe your appearance in ten words or less.

KERRIEN: *shrugs* Why, there’s more?

RITHVIK: Yes! He’s gorgeous, courageous and has lovely brown eyes!

KERRIEN: Shut up, Rithvik!

SAMANTHA: *LOL* Do you have an enemy or a nemesis? If so, who are they and how did they become an enemy?

KERRIEN: No, I don’t. I don’t put myself in trouble – unlike someone else *glares at Rithvik who smiles innocently* Well, except I awoke a prince who consorted with demons, so I guess eventually I’ll have to fight them…

RITHVIK: And you’ll defeat them!

KERRIEN: Spare me, Rithvik!

SAMANTHA: You two look like cat and dog! So cute! So, Kerrien, where do you live?

KERRIEN: I wander in the northern lands – city states, small kingdoms, whatever is left after the collapse of the Moren Empire. That’s how I found a cursed castle and its doomed prince.

RITHVIK: *beams* And he woke me up with the sweetest kiss!

SAMANTHA: *chuckles* Really? This so reminds me of Sleeping Beauty… So are you two involved in a relationship?



KERRIEN: No, Rithvik, just because you’re my responsibility doesn’t mean we’re together!

RITHVIK: Why did you wake me up, then?

KERRIEN: I didn’t think a kiss would wake you! I’m not a sorcerer!

RITHVIK: No, you are my savior and the most awesome…

KERRIEN: Shut up, Rithvik!

SAMANTHA: Will you two calm down? I see you don’t agree on anything! So, Kerrien, what is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

KERRIEN: Getting rid of Rithvik.

RITHVIK: You can’t get rid of me.

KERRIEN: I noticed. You spellbound me.

RITHVIK: No, I didn’t. I’m not a wizard either.

KERRIEN: Why can’t I leave you, then?

RITHVIK: Because you like me?

SAMANTHA: I think Kerrien is in denial… *grin* Let’s hear Rithvik, then! Who are you?

RITHVIK: I’m the prince of Ker Eziel, but I didn’t want to be king, so I summoned a demon and asked for his help. He made me sleep and wake up when my father’s kingdom was no more and Kerrien was by my side…

KERRIEN: And then he says he’s not a wizard. Who can summon a demon?

SAMANTHA: Mm, yeah, well, it’s his turn to speak now. So, Rithvik, describe your appearance in ten words or less.

RITHVIK: Dashing twenty-two-year-old with green eyes and a dazzling smile.

KERRIEN: *mutters* And a puppy disposition.

RITHVIK: *beams* That too. Thank you, Kerrien. It’s the first compliment I get from you.

KERRIEN: *scoffs* If being compared to a little dog feels like a compliment to you…

RITHVIK: It does, Mr. Stray Cat!

SAMANTHA: What is your role in the story, my beautiful prince?

RITHVIK: Being saved by Kerrien!

SAMANTHA: What is your relationship with him then?

RITHVIK: He’s my savior, my mentor, my caretaker, and he’s teaching me lots of very useful things – like shaving, sewing…

SAMANTHA: *LOL* I bet a prince never learned to do that!

RITHVIK: Right. And I’m teaching him about horses and tournaments.

KERRIEN: No, you’re not!

SAMANTHA: Poor Rithvik, this guy seems quite grumpy, but you’re smitten… what is it about him that you find appealing?

RITHVIK: He’s strong and independent and awesome and… I really need to find out who Braedick is.

SAMANTHA: What is the biggest challenge you face in the story?

RITHVIK: Convince Kerrien that we’re meant to be together…

KERRIEN: We’re not!

RITHVIK: We are! You kissed me awake!

KERRIEN: It was a mistake!

SAMANTHA: *turns to you* Well, I guess they are meant to be… *winks* Theirs is a fairy tale revisited, so HEA guaranteed…


BeautifulDTFKerrien prided himself on never getting lost, not even in the deepest, darkest forest. That skill came in handy when tracking someone. It gave him an edge over whomever he was looking for. But he sometimes was taken by surprise by what he found.
Kissing a prince awake might not be the smartest thing Kerrien ever did in his life. Especially since he’s now stuck with the beautiful sleeper with a puppy disposition, and has no idea of who sent him to sleep and why.
Feeling a stray cat himself, can Kerrien put up with the young prince demands? Cats and dogs are not supposed to get along, do they?
A fairy tale retelling, a sweet m/m romance, a Silvery Earth novel.


ebook out on Amazon US, Apple US, Barnes&Noble, Kobo US, DriveThruFiction and Smashwords. Amazon, Apple and Kobo may have stores in your country.

Random Friday

Published 20/11/2015 by Barb

Movie and Art Friday! I’ve watched Tale of Tales (which is shot in English with an international cast, but it’s an Italian movie, believe it or not!) and I enjoyed it, even though I’m not familiar with the original fairy tales (but I do know at least one similar to the flea story – except it wasn’t a flea but a louse, and I know it in French).  And I loved watching the extras on how they created the sea-dragon and other special effects. Yes, there’s green screen, but not everything is CG! ;) So, some fantasy-fairy-tale-ish story in tune with my latest writing, LOL!

I’m also reading Fairy Tales Slashed (unbelievably it’s a group read this month, and I’m reading at the same time as the group – I had downloaded the sample before going to Japan, but since it was selected and I’m in fairy tale mood, I thought I might as well read it now) and I’m enjoying it so far, in spite of the typos and bad formatting and lack of sex! ;) Just kisses, but that’s fine – more or less what you get in Beautiful, LOL!

And I’m trying to start on Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire… I can tell I won’t be drawing for much longer if I go on like this! Here’s another cover attempt (I will mix the drawings to compose the cover and color them):

newcover_resizeThose remi-realistic portraits? I had a real hard time at drawing the details of the eyes – maybe because I wasn’t at my usual low table on the bed but at work and I couldn’t move the sheet like I wanted… I’m still good with chibi-style, though, since it’s less detailed! ;)

I’ve considered drawing on the computer directly, but staring at the screen hurts my eyes even more. So yesterday I barely colored two new Happiness Is… and a Muse vignette and had to give up and do something else… Leaving you with the Muse vignette and the latest Happiness Is… Have a great weekend!

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Writer Wednesday

Published 18/11/2015 by Barb

Soooo, new title out! And it sold two copies before I even announced it! Wonders never cease…

Kerrien prided himself on never getting lost, not even in the deepest, darkest forest. That skill came in handy when tracking someone. It gave him an edge over whomever he was looking for. But he sometimes was taken by surprise by what he found.
Kissing a prince awake might not be the smartest thing Kerrien ever did in his life. Especially since he’s now stuck with the beautiful sleeper with a puppy disposition, and has no idea of who sent him to sleep and why.
Feeling a stray cat himself, can Kerrien put up with the young prince demands? Cats and dogs are not supposed to get along, do they?
A fairy tale retelling, a sweet m/m romance, a Silvery Earth novel.

BeautifulDTFNew kind of blurb starting with the first paragraph of the story… how am I doing? Does it sound cool? Although the cover by itself gave me a new Facebook fan who asked if it was a standalone… yes, it’s a standalone. And Sadist Author didn’t beat these two lovely male lovers (*ducks to avoid the glares of Ker-ris and Kol-ian who speak for all the other less lucky male lovers of her stories*)! :)

Anyhow, it’s now live on most retailers. And I’m working on another. If this is a male Sleeping Beauty, I’m having a male Snow White. But last night I decided I will make him up instead of having a virtual cast (I mean, Da Muses are still there as the sorcerer and the king, but the prince with white skin, black hair and red lips doesn’t have a corresponding real face).

It might be just a novella, not a full novel like Beautiful, but I won’t know until I reach the end. I put aside the contemporary stories for now, since they’d be sloppy first drafts that would need redrafting if and when I feel like talking about our planet again. I also postponed completing the story of Chandaka and Daya to next year, when I’ll plunge back into the vampire historicals with Kaylyn’s story and write more historical fantasy.

I had to re-order a proof of Rajveer the Vampire (my fault, I changed the margins and forgot to reformat to the end…), but Star Minds Interregnum is now live on Createspace and will soon reach the other retailers – and of course I enrolled it in the matchbook program. Check the publisher’s page for further announcements, thank you! :)

No writerly links this week… except the usual suspects! Just follow Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and you’ll know what I’m talking about! :) Have a great week!

Author of the Week: Barbara G Tarn

Published 16/11/2015 by Barb


Check my interview at Authors to Watch! :)

Originally posted on Authors to Watch:

The Author of the Week is Barbara G Tarn. Welcome, Barb. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Rome half a century ago and wrote in Italian until the 21st century, when I decided I’d rather explore the English-speaking market. I started with the attempted conquest of Hollywood, feeling it was easier to write screenplays than prose, then by 2010 I went back to my first love, prose, and the following year I started indie publishing, mostly in English.

When did you begin writing?

I spent 8 years abroad in the 1970s – Paris and Geneva, so I grew up bilingual Italian/French, studying English at school – and when I came back I was 13. Not the best time to be uprooted. I hated everything and everyone and started writing stories. I was very prolific and loved to make up stuff (mostly unbelievable and…

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