Random Friday

I don’t know how I missed that I had won (ex equo) one of the categories of the fan fiction fling! Thanks for the badge, Jo! I shall ask you to beta-read again whenever I write something set in the US, since my proofreader is British… 😉

On total randomness… I watched another movie, and it made me cry – much like Hardball. This one is French, though, and I had seen the posters, but I don’t go to theaters anymore because in this country everything is dubbed, so I waited for the DVD, haha. Demain tout commence (sorry, don’t know the English title, only the stupid Italian one) it’s about a man dealing with sudden paternity – just one, not three like in the more famous counterpart (the French original, never saw the American version, sorry).

It’s a dramedy, and I still think Omar Sy is gorgeous! 😉 It’s also set in London, so you got some English inbetween the French. Again, I don’t think I’d have liked it dubbed (unfortunately all the extras were dubbed, but whatever)… but it was great in its original version. If you want to cry, that is! 😉

And speaking of King Arthur again, I’m finally reading a book that was in a bundle that I bought almost two years ago from Storybundle, and it’s another version of the legend. Again characters are changed in unrecognizable ways, and we even have the evil albino trope. I would have happily lived without that one.

I know there’s a whole subgenre of Arthurian fantasy that revises those old legends, but it’s not for me. I enjoyed Jennifer Robertson’s version of Robin Hood, but I usually stay clear from those medieval legends revisited, because I’m quite familiar with the originals and often don’t like what authors have done to them. That’s just Reader me, of course! 😉

You albino readers, avoid the Camelot Papers and wait for my own post-apocalyptic book that has an albino woman who is NOT the villain, quite the opposite, yay! And there will probably be more in the series, but I haven’t started thinking about the rest since I still need to touch up this one, LOL!

Have a great weekend! 🙂


Random Friday

From Dave Farland’s newsletter – Science fiction fans, please take this survey! I did, even though I admit I had trouble finding books in those categories… but I’m not a strong sci-fi reader. Not yet! Now I even downloaded the Hugo nominees, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to read them. And I’m supposed to vote. Sigh.

I had my fangirl moment when I received Colleen Doran’s envelope… I donated that money 2 years ago, I think! I knew she was sending out stuff now, but still it was a wonderful surprise! 😉

And to finish on total randomness… I watched another DVD inbetween stories. La graine et le mulet (a.k.a Couscous) was an interesting take on immigrants – north-Africans in France to be clear. A very realistic movie, kinda slow (actually, very slow, 2h30 of close-ups…) with a not so clear ending that left me a little disappointed.

It made me realize how too many close-ups are jarring, and I’ll try to remember it when I write, since I also tend to focus on the character(s) and forget the setting. Might have been because none of the characters had an interesting (for me) face I could just watch even if it were a still picture or maybe it’s totally true that it’s better to back off some time to give the reader a better view.

And the belly dance at the end… a twenty-year-old with such a belly bump made me wonder if she was pregnant, and if that was part of the movie! Too many unanswered questions in this “slice of life” story for my tastes… And I was falling asleep on the extras, so I just gave up on the whole thing, haha!

Have a great weekend! 😀

Random Friday

I shall make this French Movies Fridays! Sounds neat, no? Ahem! I started on that DVD pile and managed to watch all the French movies I hadn’t seen before (there’s still one that I saw dubbed at the end of the 20th century). So, here goes.

Bande de Filles – I saw the trailer on the DVD of a Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and was intrigued enough to get it on Amazon.FR. Interesting little movie with black characters in the outskirts of Paris. I’m not sure I get the whole story, but the protagonist is very pretty and with very pink lips. So, if you want to see how Africans fare in France, watch this movie. I’m glad you don’t get to see the stupid Italian title! 😉

Lucky Luke – the movie! For fans of the bande dessinnée by Goscigny and Morris, but also of Un Gars, Une Fille that I used to watch when France 2 still transmitted in Rome! 😉 Jean Dujardin might have won an Oscar for The Artist, but I prefer him in funny roles like this one – and I even got his beloved Alex guest starring! 🙂

Watching the extras, the director said he proposed to Alexandra Lamy on this set – even though they have divorced since. And there were two other known (to me) French actors playing Billy the Kid and Calamity Jane. And they made a sort of origin story.

So it was a fun ride, a humorous western and I did enjoy it even though I don’t have all the issues of Lucky Luke – the comic! 😉 Unfortunately the Daltons were not in the movie, so I can’t show it to my nephew (he’d need a translation anyway, since he doesn’t speak French) – but could show him the trailer so he’d know why his English-speaking aunt mispronounces Lucky Luke! 😉

Samba – because I enjoyed Untouchables and think Omar Sy is quite handsome, I got this movie. Also, I still remember Charlotte Gaisbourg as a teen in one of her first movies – I have the VHS, but my VCR is broken, and I don’t like it enough to buy the DVD unless I find it like for 1euro somewhere, haha!

Anyhow, again you can see how “sans papiers” are treated in France, whether they come from Africa or other places. It’s bittersweet and I admit it took some thinking at the end, but then, I’m not always the brightest one in the audience! 😉 It does have a happy ending, but that’s all I’m saying.

blogoversary2016WordPress already celebrated, I officially celebrate tomorrow… opened the account in 2009, so here’s to another seven years of blogging… Happy blogoversary to me! 😉 Have a great weekend! 😀

Random Friday

So, watched a couple of movies from the pile…

I heard about Fan in Da Muse Google alert (much like it happened for A Girl Walks Home etc, haha), and when I saw it in London, I bought it even if it wasn’t on the list (and then I got gifted another SRK movie that wasn’t on the list either, but well… when I watch it, I’ll tell! ;)). The review and the trailer that I obviously can’t find anymore  made me want to see it, and so… I watched it.

Not bad, with some reminescence of Darr and, like they said in that review, Cape Fear (not sure why it was in my Google alerts, probably comparing A-listers doing action movies – although this isn’t really an action movie, so I don’t know. Anyway, kudos for the double part to SRK and the makeup team! 😉 I have often wondered what happens when the stalker gets stalked… I guess that’s one way! 😀

Then I rewatched the original French movie (never seen the American remake on which I suppose Heyy Babyy is based) before watching the sequel, 18 years later. Which is actually a bilingual movie, since the mother of the little girl now has an American partner with two sons. So they come over to France for a vacation and unsettle the three men and Marie who is no longer a child.

I still think it’s a fun movie, even though not as good as the first (and I’d have been happier if there wasn’t a Barbara who is even a bigoted woman, LOL!). The original Marie (two of them) weren’t available, so the director’s daughter took on the part. She’s lovely, by the way. And it was cool seeing the three men and the woman, and even the lady of the pharmacy again after 18 years! 😉

That’s all for now. Weekend I’ll be busy preparing the POD for Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness so it can come out with the ebook in November (won’t have time to prepare it when I get back) and uploading the final documents for the two pre-orderable titles.

Have a great weekend!


Random Friday


And this is for Da Muse, who is probably at the Venice Film Festival for his latest movie, The Bad Batch! 😉 I really should update the damn card, but I’m lazy like that! 😀

Anyhow, about Da Muse K and everything he’s been doing… I read this article that I think makes good points. And it goes well with what I’m learning from Writing With Color. So, I’m trying to be less white-centric in my stories, but then, I did have PoC characters before – I just wasn’t very good at describing them, haha!

Now, that happiness is…? It applied again this week. And I thought it happened only in winter, sigh. Still wondering why I hate AC? I wouldn’t have been mute for two days if it weren’t for that darn thing! 😦

In the next few months I’ll probably do some movie Fridays… since after shopping in Southall I shopped on Amazon FR. But I was looking on the internet to see if they showed the Venice movies in Rome (they sometimes do that) and saw a French movie that interest me because I like both protagonists (they are both very funny in comedies) and made me look up my French wishlist again.

DVDfranceSo I headed for Amazon FR and finished filling that cart that I started back in July and sent the order. That movie isn’t out yet, but I got six others. Now I have more than a dozen movies to watch… but I have three months until the end of the year (I don’t count  October when I’ll be away for at least half month – and will probably come back with another DVD)! 🙂

because this pile is not high enough!

Last night I didn’t feel too good, certainly had no brains for writing, so I started with a comedy, picking the almost shortest movie of the pile (the shortest is actually a sequel and I’ll watch it along with the original during the weekend). It was a good laugh – mixing races and religions in France! 🙂

I was used to see Christian Clavier in Les Visiteurs… and now I see there’s a third Visiteurs movie coming out! That wishlist will never go down…

That’s enough rambling for today! Have a great weekend! I’ll be working on another POD and an ebook and… work work work – publishing is work, but writing is FUN! 😉



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