Random Friday

I shall make this French Movies Fridays! Sounds neat, no? Ahem! I started on that DVD pile and managed to watch all the French movies I hadn’t seen before (there’s still one that I saw dubbed at the end of the 20th century). So, here goes.

Bande de Filles – I saw the trailer on the DVD of a Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and was intrigued enough to get it on Amazon.FR. Interesting little movie with black characters in the outskirts of Paris. I’m not sure I get the whole story, but the protagonist is very pretty and with very pink lips. So, if you want to see how Africans fare in France, watch this movie. I’m glad you don’t get to see the stupid Italian title! 😉

Lucky Luke – the movie! For fans of the bande dessinnée by Goscigny and Morris, but also of Un Gars, Une Fille that I used to watch when France 2 still transmitted in Rome! 😉 Jean Dujardin might have won an Oscar for The Artist, but I prefer him in funny roles like this one – and I even got his beloved Alex guest starring! 🙂

Watching the extras, the director said he proposed to Alexandra Lamy on this set – even though they have divorced since. And there were two other known (to me) French actors playing Billy the Kid and Calamity Jane. And they made a sort of origin story.

So it was a fun ride, a humorous western and I did enjoy it even though I don’t have all the issues of Lucky Luke – the comic! 😉 Unfortunately the Daltons were not in the movie, so I can’t show it to my nephew (he’d need a translation anyway, since he doesn’t speak French) – but could show him the trailer so he’d know why his English-speaking aunt mispronounces Lucky Luke! 😉

Samba – because I enjoyed Untouchables and think Omar Sy is quite handsome, I got this movie. Also, I still remember Charlotte Gaisbourg as a teen in one of her first movies – I have the VHS, but my VCR is broken, and I don’t like it enough to buy the DVD unless I find it like for 1euro somewhere, haha!

Anyhow, again you can see how “sans papiers” are treated in France, whether they come from Africa or other places. It’s bittersweet and I admit it took some thinking at the end, but then, I’m not always the brightest one in the audience! 😉 It does have a happy ending, but that’s all I’m saying.

blogoversary2016WordPress already celebrated, I officially celebrate tomorrow… opened the account in 2009, so here’s to another seven years of blogging… Happy blogoversary to me! 😉 Have a great weekend! 😀

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