Random Friday

So, watched a couple of movies from the pile…

I heard about Fan in Da Muse Google alert (much like it happened for A Girl Walks Home etc, haha), and when I saw it in London, I bought it even if it wasn’t on the list (and then I got gifted another SRK movie that wasn’t on the list either, but well… when I watch it, I’ll tell! ;)). The review and the trailer that I obviously can’t find anymore  made me want to see it, and so… I watched it.

Not bad, with some reminescence of Darr and, like they said in that review, Cape Fear (not sure why it was in my Google alerts, probably comparing A-listers doing action movies – although this isn’t really an action movie, so I don’t know. Anyway, kudos for the double part to SRK and the makeup team! 😉 I have often wondered what happens when the stalker gets stalked… I guess that’s one way! 😀

Then I rewatched the original French movie (never seen the American remake on which I suppose Heyy Babyy is based) before watching the sequel, 18 years later. Which is actually a bilingual movie, since the mother of the little girl now has an American partner with two sons. So they come over to France for a vacation and unsettle the three men and Marie who is no longer a child.

I still think it’s a fun movie, even though not as good as the first (and I’d have been happier if there wasn’t a Barbara who is even a bigoted woman, LOL!). The original Marie (two of them) weren’t available, so the director’s daughter took on the part. She’s lovely, by the way. And it was cool seeing the three men and the woman, and even the lady of the pharmacy again after 18 years! 😉

That’s all for now. Weekend I’ll be busy preparing the POD for Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness so it can come out with the ebook in November (won’t have time to prepare it when I get back) and uploading the final documents for the two pre-orderable titles.

Have a great weekend!


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