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First a warning for you social network users… careful when you share your location. Or you might find yourself in the same situation as this agent. I guess that author doesn’t read the same blogs that I read, LOL! Anyway, stalkers are everywhere, do not give away these things on Facebook or whatever…

There was some form of “statement” pasted on my Italian friends’ profiles last week that said if you copy/pasted it, nobody would breach your privacy. A statement in Italian. On an international (US-based) site. My comment was: there is no privacy online, do not post what you don’t want to be public – no matter how you set your privacy options!

I’m appalled at the kind of things people post on social networks thinking it’s safe. Sigh. Not to mention Facebook “rules” that apply only to some. See what happened to the Elfquest Official page and the New Yorker because of those vague rules… Glad I “censored” the SKYBAND gals when I posted their new tattoos on Facebook! Still, it’s kinda creepy…

Now, Mighty Jo has given me another blog award, yay! So, here are the rules:

I tell you 5 Fabulous moments, 5 things I love , 5 things I hate, and then I nominate 5 friends.

Now the hard part.

5 fabulous moments

I’ll let pics talk… I made a slideshow of five pics because they didn’t look good all lined up! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5 things I love (in no particular order):

1) Bollywood movies (can you tell?) and all kind of movies that have a story and don’t try to impress me with special effects or (worse, yikes!) 3D – Asian, American, European, I don’t care! Love movies! 🙂

2) reading blogs, mags, books, ebooks…

3) writing journals, blog posts, fiction, non-fiction, whatever…

4) drawing comics, cartoons, illustrations, graphic novels…

5) music – movie soundtracks, ethnic, celtic, classical, pop, rock, whatever, as long as there’s a melody and I can dance and shake my booty – well, my feet  more likely, LOL! 🙂

5 things I hate (same as above):

1) cockroaches. Call the Men in Black and get rid of them.

2) People who try to force their beliefs or ideals on someone else and/or who ridicule others for their beliefs. Just because you don’t agree, you don’t need to make fun of them.

3) OK, the first two were copied from Jo, so I’ll try to be original now. Traffic – and those drivers who drive only on Sunday or when it’s pouring rain and don’t know how to do it (can you tell last week and part of this one I had to drive to work?). Grrr.

4) screaming white monkeys… I mean high school kids on public buses (can you tell I’m back to using public transport and the schools have started?). Again, if their parents had been VHEMT, the world would be a much better place! 😉

5) I’m trying very hard to be positive, so I can’t think of a fifth thing to hate at the moment…

and now the 5 friends… I don’t have 5 bloggers who accept awards I can think of, so if you – who are reading this – have a blog and want this neat award, just grab it and pass it on! I did all this only because 5 is my favorite number, LOL!

Now, to end more with randomness: I watched Karam, but I have two problems with that movie. 1) the subtitles are not synchronized, so often you have no idea of who is saying what. Guess I need to start learning Hindi after all. 2) too artsy for my tastes, reminding me of Rumble Fish (I loved Matt Dillon, but I hated F.F.Coppola for shooting in b&w). There’s even the colored fish on b&w background. It was meant to be shot all sepia, apparently, and there are part that are cartooned, and there are no songs or dance numbers, so I guess it’s for regular movie watchers who want the story of an assassin falling in love with all its tragic consequences.

Must have been Priyanka Chopra’s week, as she was also in Love Story 2050. Now, that’s pure Bollywood sci-fi, with time travel (from Australia 2008 to Mumbai 2050) and dance numbers. It reminded me of Fifth Element, Back to the Future part 2 and some Krrish as well (the fake butterflies and Priyanka add to that, LOL). And I loved the soundtrack as well, lyrics by the uncle of the Akhtar Twins (who, by the way, wrote the lyrics of my two favorite Bride&Prejudice songs, “A marriage has come to town” and “No life without wife”). So, lovely Priyanka and introducing Harman Baweja who unfortunately is no Hritik. I mean, yes, he can dance, see?

But the original is something else! (And yes, DO watch also “Dil Laga Na Dil” from the same movie, Dhoom 2, as advertised on the video!)

So I joined the 2.3M (when I joined, yesterday they were 2.5M) fans on Facebook and voted Aryan as my favorite character – no Arsène Lupin (or Lupin III of anime memory) or Danny Ocean can compare to Mr.A a.k.a. Aryan, LOL! OK, I’ll stop drooling now.

Back to work! I better do some reading and writing and, dear Jo, the pencils of SKYBAND 12 are done, tomorrow I’ll have my cover artist check my anatomy… more naked people, sigh! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. Barb, congrats on your award!

    And I totally agree with you on blogs and privacy. It’s the internet. Even if you have privacy settings, things can still be breached. We should never post intimate private details because crazy people are everywhere.



    • Now, we don’t want to sound paranoid, but it’s absolutely true! 🙂
      Cyberbullying and cyberstalking are 21st century sicknesses… don’t feed them with important data!


  2. >>>>>2) People who try to force their beliefs or ideals on someone else and/or who ridicule others for their beliefs. Just because you don’t agree, you don’t need to make fun of them>>>>
    The Caricaturist thrives on making fun of others and herself. Your post makes her want to go into hiding. Shame on the caricaturist and others of her kind. Sob!

    anyway, congratulations on your award 🙂


    • the Caricaturist makes fun of others and herself in a very endearing way. I believe that’s for mean people who like to make fun in a cruel way. Satire has always been present, and that’s what Caricaturists do. Therefore this doesn’t apply to the Caricaturists! 🙂


      • Thanks Barb. That takes a load off my mind. Can’t stop ridiculing people, can I?


        • Methink The Caricaturist should grab that ribbon and put the award on her blog! 😉


  3. Great answers – I saw the 5-5-5 and thought of you right away 😉

    off to read the link about FB – i used to run into oodles of trouble on MySpace and have avoided it on FB by not posting very much, LOL!


    • I think it’s the Facebook newbies that don’t realize the “danger”… or maybe everybody is so busy appearing, that they forget some people will use it against them!
      I never was on MySpace, but always used Facebook sparsely – especially my private profile, LOL! I even took out my pic and my status after men wrote to me because FB told them we were a match (and I signed up for Networking, not finding a match! I use FB to keep in contact with my friends all over the world, not to find a husband!)…


  4. Anna Singh

     /  22/09/2012

    I love both Harman and Hrithik. Though I happen to have sort of an obsessive crush on Harman at the moment, it’s kind of embarrassing 🙂 I have been watching Hrithik for the past decade or so, and well he never really stole my heart in that way…though he is a terrific actor and dancer, and looks sinfully hot in that Dhoom Again video. But with Harman, I don’t know what it is, I find myself daydreaming about him. Actually the book that I wrote, “you’re the boss!” I pictured Harman as the hero the whole time i was writing it. he is like my muse. lol. anyway….sorry for babbling on your blog.take care


    • My first Bollywood interest was SRK… but he’s my age, and Hritik is younger, LOL! 😀 Having been hit on the head with Dhoom2, I got sort of obsessed… see my DeviantArt album (although next in line is Arjun Rampal – I’ll post the drawing if I’m happy with it. The first one is not good, so I’m not showing it) in the Portraits section (or scroll down this blog, LOL)…
      Anyway, check also the Bollywood Addict on my sidebar and great meeting you! 😀



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