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First, the links. I you have ONE book to market, you might want to try AskDavid – personally, I wouldn’t know which title to send him, LOL!

Now, in case you’ve been living under a rock (but in that case you’d have no internet access, therefore wouldn’t be able to read this blog, hehe!), this is the best time to be a writer. But it’s actually also the best time to be a filmmaker! And the answer to both is – DIY! Now anyone has the means to bring his/her work of art to the world, be it a book or a movie…

And again, writers have options. Which writer do you want to be? Here’s David Farland and Kris Rusch on the many career possibilities for writers today. And finally, Dean Wesley Smith has done the Pricing 2013 post – and check the comments as well. Personally, I’ll probably stick to the pricing I have now (based on wordcount), but we’ll see. I’m also very behind with the print version of this year’s novels, but as they’re shorter that the BoI, I plan on publishing two stories together in print. And I still have to finish one.

Except I plunged into my sci-fantasy project, so I dunno when I’ll finish the CVE, LOL! Anyway, a post on Goodreads made me think about my writing process. I consider myself fast and prolific – a draft is written in a month, and that’s for sure. Then I might forget about it to work on something else for months or years. So last year I published novels that had been completed in 2010, this year I slowed down because I’m actually rewriting stuff – and sometimes I get entangled in the changes, LOL!

I’ll try to summarize the time it took me to bring certain books to publication or the the state they are in at the moment.

BoI – Air (published April 2011): first draft (Italian) 2006. 3 more Italian drafts (one I tried to move it to the usual Medieval Europe setting, then I put it back in the India-inspired setting). First English draft 2008. More drafts with minor changes after each beta-read until 2010 when writer burnout hit. Final draft 2011.

CVE3 – The Enlightened Emperor (a.k.a. Lost&Oliver): first draft 1993 (part 1) 1994 (part 2). This is actually the only Italian novel that I submitted to an Italian trad.pub. in the 1990s and it was rejected (because they wanted it through an agent – and there are no agents for new writers in Italy, only for established authors who need to negotiate foreign rights or foreign authors who need to negotiate Italian rights). It had a couple of drafts and “another version” (where Lost and Oliver ended up together instead of with their respective girlfriends! ;)). I rewrote it this year, did a couple of drafts trying to figure out how to present it at its best and published it August 2012.

The Fern & The Cross (remember the historical novel I was working on?): screenplay drafts date from 2007-2008. First prose draft 2011. A second this year. The final draft sometimes in 2013, hopefully, and then I’ll decide what to do – query or self-pub? Next year’s decision! 🙂

Soul Stealers (published September 2011): first Italian draft 2003. Screenplay drafts 2007 (at least 2) and 2008. Prose version 2011. Mentions Technological Angel.

Technological Angel (sci-fantasy baby I’m currently working on):  first Italian draft 2002. Subsequent Italian drafts 2003 (3 with minor plot adjustments) and 2005. First English draft April 2012. Second English draft September 2012. Publication date – aiming for December 2012.

So, even if some of these stories were born a long time ago, I guess I’m still a fast writer. I outline, but also improvise, which means that I don’t know if the Technological Angel sequel is one or two books yet, but it is a series, so I have found a collective title, Star Minds. More about this as I proceed in the writing. Anyway, since the writer burnout I don’t do all those drafts anymore. I know I can’t please every reader, so I tend to give the same copy of the story to different people – if only one person points at something, I might ignore it, if two or more notice, I have a problem!

My other problem is still finding beta readers, as I live in a non-English speaking country and the few natives I meet every month at my offline writers group are not genre readers, so they’re the wrong target for my stories. Yes, their comments can be useful, but often they’re not really helpful. Anyway, enough rambling for today… I better go back to writing! 😉

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