Random Friday

OK, it’s “live” from Chicon, but not as live as I wanted it to be. My wi-fi worked fine in New York, and when I got to Chicago, some firewall doesn’t allow me to connect to the wi-fi network. John at the info boot kindly tried to work around it, but no way – my borrowed computer has Windows XP and is in Italian, so… the business center wants 7$ for 15 minutes. I need to take down the firewall to upload this, so I’m writing it as word.doc to copy and paste on the WP dashboard as fast as possible.

So it’s going to be a little more random than expected… New York. Sunday I went with Jen to the RenFaire and managed to film the joust. Probably not my best video, and not only because it wasn’t my video camera, but the normal digital camera, LOL! Anyway, it was fun, got my hair braided (pics next week, it’s too complicated to do that now) and the sun shone on us all day.

Monday we went to Manhattan and got showered as soon as we got out of the subway, so when we met my friend Tom we were soaked! We had a coffee with him, then headed back downtown and stopped at Forbidden Planet – luckily by then it had stopped raining.

Tuesday we stayed in Long Island, going through some business and shopping stuff. I found a very nice lady at a Bollywood DVD shop who managed to give me 4 DVDs that were NOT on my list – what a good seller she was! 🙂 I came out with two mags and 14 DVDs and her email so next time I come I can email her ahead of time so I can find everything I need…

Then I met with the Bollywood Addict who took us to Bombay Theater to watch Ek Tha Tiger – sorry, no links on this post for the reason stated above. It would take too long to search them all and add them. It was great meeting her in person (and I’ll email you when I get back, Ina, sorry…) and the movie… OK, Salman is still NOT my favorite Khan, LOL! But Katrina Kaif is always most beautiful. Would I recommend it to western viewers? Not really. Jen wasn’t impressed, so probably neither would you! 😉

Then I flew to Chicago on Wednesday, met my roomie Rebecca and even Judith, the culprit who put me in this mess – hugs to you, Judith! 😉 I managed to have lunch with Dirk, my friend from the area.

I met Luigi, Debora and Mike Resnick shortly before the first panel, which wasn’t too bad, although the mic intimidated me. Then I had one hour and a half and I went to see the art show. Then the second panel with Luigi and Debora in a much smaller room, so it felt more like a conversation. Haven’t been to anyone’s panel (but I hope to remedy this soon, LOL) yet, and skipped the Adler Planetarium opening night – wrong time of the month, what can I say… Just stayed in my room and read on my Kindle! 😉

Now let me see if I can find a way to put this online… have a great weekend and more next week, promised! 😉

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  1. katyasozaeva

     /  31/08/2012

    Ah, Ren Fests – they’re always fun. Glad you managed to get to one, and it sounds like you’re having fun. Between you and John Scalzi, I’m being kept “in the loop” on ChiCon, and it sounds like a blast!


    • I’ve been to the NY Faire twice now, thanks to my friend Jen. I love the live joust.
      I missed half of John Scalzi’s jokes with Story Musgrave because of the air conditioning, sigh… but ChiCon was a blast! 😀


  2. I enjoyed meeting you and Jen, too short though, too little time. Haha, I realize Jen won’t be a Bollywood convert, and I don’t think that’s Salman’s fault. Okay, yeah, he got a bit old. Maybe Arjun Rampal would have been more to her liking? Shahid? Ranveer Singh? who would do it for her? 🙂 Ali Zafar? Hey, Jen, give it another chance! 🙂

    I hope all went well in Chicago. Can’t wait to get the memo 🙂

    When you told me about where i can get your books you mentioned Amazon. And what was the other one? Smash.. some or other?


  3. Jennifer

     /  06/09/2012

    Ina-I see that Bollywood actually has a horror trilogy…that may be more up my alley 🙂 Was great meeting you-chai & dessert were great -Thank you 🙂
    Barbara-awesome time together as always…& we must plan that trip for June 🙂


    • yeah, back to planning trips, LOL! Your turn to come over, though! 😉 Will keep you posted on next year Medieval Dinner’s dates… if not, 2014?



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