Writer Wednesday

I was supposed to put a new story out, but I’m postponing to next week. Still fucked up sleep, sigh. It was fucked up by the heat before I went on vacation, and now jet-lag. Or maybe I’m just getting old, LOL!

Anyhow, a few more things. First the mighty Espresso Book Machine – the lady kindly allowed me to take a pic of it.

Here you see the book coming out bound and everything.

This brings your books directly to a New York (Manhattan) bookstore. For more infos go to their site. They have different packages for different uses.

Chicon panels! Besides mine (which were SF in Europe, SF and border science in Italy and GLBT characters in SF/F), I attended to various things. Designing pro covers, Write what you don’t know, Science in SF (which is something that eludes me, but apparently, a writer can invent any science as long as nobody can prove it wrong.Β  I try to base my science and technology on something I have researched), Space: when do we go (not in this life, not out of the Earth’s orbit at least), Sex in SFF (that was a fun one!),Β  Medical myths & errors perpetuated by genre writers (so hopefully I’ll write more realistic injuries *says the Sadist Author*),Β  China’s and India’s fast rising SF market (where I discovered in India it’s all under the Fiction umbrella, fantasy, SF, literary fiction, whatever – which also led to Samit Basu’s Indian SFF project).

But then – the Indian Kindle store isn’t the real deal… yet. David Gaughran explains it quite well as usual. Dunno if my Hindustani friends have comments on that.

I know many of you have heard of the “scandal” of paid/fake reviews. Here’s Joe Konrath‘s take on the whole story and subsequent (silly) petition – I even commented on his blog for the first time, answering his questionnaire, if you have time to scroll down to comment 150, that is! – and my opinion is the very same of Bookalicio: you don’t have to pay for reviews. I never paid, but gave away free copies to reviewers (who sometimes didn’t deliver, but that’s another story).

And I love Joe Konrath’s code of ethics and Dean Wesley Smith’s definitions of various publishing ventures. I’m indie. And happy to be indie. For now. Maybe one day I’ll have a project I’ll try to send to a trad pub. I’m just giving them time to adjust to the new world of publishing! πŸ˜‰ And finally Kris Rusch’s warning about scammers for everyone – yep, that includes me, if I weren’t willing to do it all by myself…

Now I’d like to thank whoever did me a late b-day present on Smashwords with a bulk purchase of many of my titles and also the UK fan who bought CVE2 on Kindle UK back in August and came back in September to buy everything else. Hope you both enjoy Silvery Earth and the other related titles.

After this last paragraph, I better go back to writing, I’m late with my latest title! Yikes! AND, because this week DayJob graced me with a wonderful place where there isn’t much to do all morning, I’m starting on S.K.Y.B.A.N.D.Β 12… here’s the cover…

Looking forward to drawing that part! πŸ˜‰ *locks Sadist Writer back in the closet*.

Now, I’d love a volunteer or two to go through my 11k next Silvery Earth story because I feel it’s too long to publish it without someone else going through it checking for typos and inconsistencies… anyone? You don’t need to have read the rest, as it’s supposed to stand on its own. Should be a quick read (printed manuscript is around 27 pages) and I need it by the weekend… leave a comment or e-mail me, thank you… Have a great week!

Random Friday

OK, it’s β€œlive” from Chicon, but not as live as I wanted it to be. My wi-fi worked fine in New York, and when I got to Chicago, some firewall doesn’t allow me to connect to the wi-fi network. John at the info boot kindly tried to work around it, but no way – my borrowed computer has Windows XP and is in Italian, so… the business center wants 7$ for 15 minutes. I need to take down the firewall to upload this, so I’m writing it as word.doc to copy and paste on the WP dashboard as fast as possible.

So it’s going to be a little more random than expected… New York. Sunday I went with Jen to the RenFaire and managed to film the joust. Probably not my best video, and not only because it wasn’t my video camera, but the normal digital camera, LOL! Anyway, it was fun, got my hair braided (pics next week, it’s too complicated to do that now) and the sun shone on us all day.

Monday we went to Manhattan and got showered as soon as we got out of the subway, so when we met my friend Tom we were soaked! We had a coffee with him, then headed back downtown and stopped at Forbidden Planet – luckily by then it had stopped raining.

Tuesday we stayed in Long Island, going through some business and shopping stuff. I found a very nice lady at a Bollywood DVD shop who managed to give me 4 DVDs that were NOT on my list – what a good seller she was! πŸ™‚ I came out with two mags and 14 DVDs and her email so next time I come I can email her ahead of time so I can find everything I need…

Then I met with the Bollywood Addict who took us to Bombay Theater to watch Ek Tha Tiger – sorry, no links on this post for the reason stated above. It would take too long to search them all and add them. It was great meeting her in person (and I’ll email you when I get back, Ina, sorry…) and the movie… OK, Salman is still NOT my favorite Khan, LOL! But Katrina Kaif is always most beautiful. Would I recommend it to western viewers? Not really. Jen wasn’t impressed, so probably neither would you! πŸ˜‰

Then I flew to Chicago on Wednesday, met my roomie Rebecca and even Judith, the culprit who put me in this mess – hugs to you, Judith! πŸ˜‰ I managed to have lunch with Dirk, my friend from the area.

I met Luigi, Debora and Mike Resnick shortly before the first panel, which wasn’t too bad, although the mic intimidated me. Then I had one hour and a half and I went to see the art show. Then the second panel with Luigi and Debora in a much smaller room, so it felt more like a conversation. Haven’t been to anyone’s panel (but I hope to remedy this soon, LOL) yet, and skipped the Adler Planetarium opening night – wrong time of the month, what can I say… Just stayed in my room and read on my Kindle! πŸ˜‰

Now let me see if I can find a way to put this online… have a great weekend and more next week, promised! πŸ˜‰


Writer Wednesday

First announcement: new story up – actually new extended version with new cover. So if you already had bought the 99cents version (one copy sold, so one lucky person), you can now download the novella for the same price from Smashwords. If you’ve never done that, just go to the purchased book page and download the latest version! πŸ˜‰

Best of Friends is also available on Kindle and as it was pre-approved for Premium Distribution, you might find the updated version also on B&N (OK, maybe not yet – if you see the 99cents version, that’s the old one). As for Kobo, Sony and Apple, I’ve just requested the ISBN, so it’s still making its way there through the Smashwords distribution – my short stories don’t have an ISBN, but now that it’s a longer work I’ve added one.

Now, for the next two Wednesdays I won’t really be able to post, as I’ll be traveling, therefore I’m thinking of posting a short story in two parts. I guess it’s too late to ask for guest posts, so you’ll have to stick with my fiction! πŸ˜‰ I’ll probably post one “Record of the Varian Empire” unedited – haven’t posted a free read in ages. But that’s also because I’m not sure if anyone is interested, LOL!

Another announcement… apparently Amazon India is live at last! πŸ˜€ I thought it was supposed to start last January… so there you have it, my Desi friends, go and buy BoI-Air and TSK 1 & 2! πŸ˜‰ Just kidding… but I was looking forward to its opening. Although I’m afraid buying DVDs from there will cost me (mailing expenses) even more than from the US! OK, back to Amazon UK for those… πŸ˜‰

About interesting links – before I head off and skip reading blogs for 10 days or so. Blood Red Pencil on showing visceral reactions first. When I think of myself, I don’t think I’m immediately aware of my own visceral reactions to anything, but I understand what they mean. Will have to work those in more often.

More about what editors are for, and a fun post on LOTR written with other authors’ voices. Can’t say I appreciate them all, cause I haven’t read LOTR and have no idea of who many of those people are (but I did recognize the Gene Roddenberry style before reading the name, LOL! And of course George Lucas – that’s sci-fi to me…).

Two articles on publishing – Kris Rusch on royalty statements and Forbes about this brand new world of publishing. Now, next week I’ll happen to be in NY and I’ll spend one day in Manhattan… I really want to check that espresso book machine! πŸ™‚ Then I’ll be off to Chicon7 – and don’t forget I’ll be making a fool of myself at a couple of panels, so if you’re there, check the program for Barbara G.Tarn appearances.

I’ll probably go to the stroll with the stars as I love walking in the morning, and definitely the opening night at the Planetarium – which I already visited last time I was in Chicago, but I’d love to see it again on such a special night. So if you come to the con, you know where to find me! πŸ™‚

Now back to writing! And drawing – as I’ll have to do without both for 10 days, YIKES! πŸ˜€ Just kidding, I won’t be drawing this week, so the latest artworks are from last weekend. See DeviantART gallery for details… Have a great week!

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