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Because Six Sentence Sunday doesn’t bring that many visitors to this blog, because six sentences is really very short, and because I’m late with the latest release, I will do a Sunday Excerpt – including the past six sentence Sundays. So here’s the whole scene from Allan de Sayek (OK, it misses the very end, but at least you know how the full conversation goes),  out on Kindle and Smashwords! 🙂

Allan had been sent to his room as soon as they had reached Palace de Sayek and was very worried for Nazir. A servant brought him a message from his father: Prince Ahmed would meet him in the morning, and he was confined to his room until his father’s visit. Without food.

Allan tried to glance into the room on the other side of the corridor, hoping to see Nazir there, but his beloved hadn’t gone back to his room – the door was wide open and the room obviously empty – and the two guards standing outside forbade him to leave his own.

Allan snorted, frustrated. His fear for Nazir’s life made his stomach clench, so he didn’t really notice the missed dinner. He wasn’t hungry. He couldn’t sleep either because it was a hot night and thoughts of his lover kept him up almost until dawn.

When he awoke the sun was high and his father stood next to the bed, arms folded over his chest, wearing a frown that didn’t allow much hope.

Allan pulled himself up, gathering his wits. “Father, where is Nazir? Please tell me you haven’t killed him, as I am the one to blame.”

Prince Ahmed’s lips twitched as if he had repressed a smile. “No, I haven’t killed him, Allan.”

“Thank the Gods!” Allan joined his hands and looked at the painted ceiling, relieved.

“But I did punish him and will also punish you,” his father continued.

“You haven’t hurt him… physically, have you?” Allan worried his father could have made a eunuch out of his lover.

“No, I sold him as a slave.”

Allan gaped. Nazir… a slave? “To whom? To do what?” he panicked.

“He’s chained to row in a galley. You will not see him, ever, again.” His father’s voice was harder now. “If you try to contact him or free him I will execute him, Allan – is that clear?”

Allan nodded, speechless, staring wide-eyed at his father. He had lost his beloved. How could he ever be happy again?

“I shall find you a wife,” his father added, calming down. “You will follow tradition, Allan. My son will not dishonor our family with a forbidden love. Your punishment is twenty lashes.”

The two guards that had waited outside came into the room and grabbed Allan’s arms, pulling him to his feet and dragging him to the courtyard where a pole for flogging disobedient servants stood in a corner.

It was probably the first time in the history of the palace that the son of the prince was tied to the pole and whipped under his father’s stern eyes. Allan clenched his teeth, determined not to scream or beg, but tears started flowing down his cheeks.

Nazir had become a slave and he was treated like a servant. Life was unfair. His father was unfair in denying him his greatest love.

Memories of the days in the oasis flashed through his mind between lashes. His back ached and he wished he could feel Nazir’s hands and lips on his bruises.

They took him back to his room where he slumped on the bed, burying his face in the pillow to hide his desperate sobs. Eventually, he fell asleep.

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