Writer Wednesday

Slowly easing back into the writing routine. That handwritten stuff from during worldcon was about 1800words, but I added a lot more, finishing the week with my usual 10K. And then on Monday it occurred to me that the Paths Trilogy could simply be a single longer novel with multiple points of view (4 intertwined), so I’m going to try that now.

I have around 85K already and need to finish, so it might end up like Books of the Immortals – Air, around 90K (my longest novel, with multiple points of view – 6 or 7, if I remember correctly), possibly longer (but I’ll have to trim the duplicated scenes, so some version might end up on the cutting floor).

The weekend was spent cleaning up the Star Minds Universe (the series page and the documents + an update to the cover of the Star Minds Starter) updating backmatter for both eBooks and paperbacks, which means I got flooded by Amazon emails for updating both the versions of each title. And I even had to redo a cover I hadn’t touched. Sheesh.

This also allowed me to discover a few glitches in the move from CreateSpace to KDPprint, so if you haven’t already, go check the third “page” – territorial rights and pricing. But you have to start from the first page to confirm ownership of the paperback, and don’t forget to check blurb and tags, since once they were completely missing from the paperback version.

Findaway Voices announced shared royalties, so I might do another audio book sooner rather than later. Most sales through them are to libraries, and I’m very far to breaking even with the expenses for producing the first three audiobooks. But I’ve been told longer books get listened to much more, so I’ll have to try with a full-length novel eventually.

A couple of long but awesome posts from Kristen Lamb – In It to WIN It: How Committed Are You to Being a Successful Author? and Pitch Perfect: Can You Sell Your Story in ONE Sentence? Still trying to find those loglines for my books, but eventually, I’ll make it, LOL!

And that’s all for now! Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. That’s why I did royalty share with ACX. It means sales actually made me money. Not to mention, despite the books being quite short, when you have as many as I do, costs mount up, and it gets pretty expensive.

    I did check stuff when my books switched over from CreateSpace. Everything seemed fine as regards tags, blurbs, etc, etc.


    • I couldn’t go with ACX from Italy, so I’m stuck with Findaway Voices, who sent me royalties minus a Paypal fee once again. And they probably won’t let me do anything with the royalty share, unless it’s a new title. But since I’m tired of the whole publishing game, I’m not really bothered yet.
      I felt I had too many paperbacks to check them all back then… I’ll slowly check them now, and probably stop making new ones, since they don’t seem to sell much. My energies are really low and I’d rather concentrate on recharging instead of worrying about formats.
      Probably middle-age crisis… half a century is becoming heavier with every passing year! 😉


  2. The heat is probably not helping. Everything feels harder when it’s hot.


    • I always had mood swings, but the summer heat is definitwly not helping…


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