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Wrapped up a few things this week. The June and July novels are now complete and almost ready to be published. One is already available for pre-order, but by the time it will go live, it will have a bonus story, currently with the proofreader. And I made a book trailer for the whole series while I was at it! 😉

The other will go to the editor next week, therefore it should come out in the first half of October. It’s a Silvery Earth novel, and after that there will be a small collection about the southern kingdoms for Tori, then the whole collection of their fall for whoever is still unfamiliar with the southern kingdoms of Silvery Earth. I guess I should update the Silvery Earth series book trailer, LOL!

Now, the usual suspects may have noticed I haven’t requested their feedback on my latest novels… besides Tori when I needed her opinion on a certain character, that is! 😉 I am no longer looking for beta-readers (although I did have a first reader for the two novels above, since it was part of the challenge), but sometimes I might still need a fact-checker (right, Shafali? I’ll keep bothering you till the end of time!) for cultures I’m unfamiliar with.

So, no more betas – maybe I can leave one of those Goodreads group! 😉 It’s probably quite rude on my part to go posting on their forum the new Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing post on beta-readers. They’re so well-meaning, then don’t understand the problem! But that’s another reason why I’m glad I no longer have an offline writers group.

Often I did like Dean, submitted pieces that I had already sent out, and they wondered why I had submitted them if I didn’t want their feedback? Maybe I should sent them the link to the article… 😉 Or maybe they’ll read it on my Facebook feed, who knows… 😀

If you have set up a Google Alert on your name, you might sometimes receive alerts that mention your book listed on what you think is a pirate site. Might be, but might also be a phishing site! So, for the good of both writers and readers, who get scammed by these people, here’s how to get rid of them! 🙂

“Should I give up writing?” never occurred to me. I may give up publishing, as I’ve said before, but definitely not writing. I’m not going to divorce Mr Writing any time soon! 😉 And great comments too, from people who think just like me. I write therefore I am. I must make priority lists because of the popcorn kittens bouncing in my head screaming “Pick me! Oh, pick me!”… 😉

Anyway, indie published or not, it’s a long term investment… forget the everything right NOW! And write what you love. You don’t like blogging? Then don’t. You hate social media? Don’t do them. I don’t do book signings. I struggle with panels. We all have a weak spot (mine is… people!)…

And I did it again! I’m on KWL blog this week also… how will I handle this popularity? 😉 Have a great week! 😀

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  1. It might sound weird, but if I ever did a book signing, I’d be more worried that a lot of people would show up than that very few would. I can do speaking to an audience – I’ve actually done readings of my own poetry in front of a live audience in the past – but don’t like having to interact directly with too many people.

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    • Ugh… People! Panels and readings don’t need interaction like having a table with books on it…


  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and it is very inspiring. A few years ago I was quite prolific with my writing, I wrote short stories, three plays (just for fun) and a number of poems. However, I had a serious illness in 2014 which lasted for several years but unfortunately it has stopped me writing… anything! I seem to have completely lost ideas; they were always there prior to my operations but now… I think my muse has up and left me. I am mentioning this because I have a serious writer’s block and wondered if you had any tips on where to go from here!


    • Margaret, writing is a muscle. The more you use it, the easier it becomes.
      NaNoWriMo is up soon. Why don’t you try to join this year? Write 50K words during the month of November… no rewriting, just new word. Might help.
      I write all year long, hence I don’t have writer’s block – although sometimes I have project block. I change project and go back to it with a fresh mind and keep going…
      Or you could take Dean Wesley Smith’s challenges to force yourself to write! 😉


  3. Exactly! That’s why I was fine with the reading. 😉


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