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In spite of the cough and cold and fever that came and went, I did manage to double the wordcount on Saif’s story, so hopefully I’ll be able to send it to the proofreader next weekend. In the meantime (and in spite of the above), I managed to publish another ebook, The Path of Earth (Quests Book 4).

Keshav is a thirty-year-old scholar who has been touring the southern kingdom’s libraries in search of knowledge. In Godwalkar he stumbles upon the Genn works and discovers the existence of the Magical Races that populated mostly the north. He decides to go looking for the lost Genn cities with the help of merchant Babita, who knows the way up to a certain point, and the protection of Rohan.
The merchant, the scholar and their bodyguard journey to the northern kingdoms springing up from the ashes of the Moren Empire. Their search might not be of just physical proof of the Genn, since all three have very good reasons to leave their hometowns.

I have a few more quests in mind, but now I will move to other projects, more urgent than more Silvery Earth books! The series itself has reached 70 books on Smashwords, so I guess I can take a break and concentrate on the other series! 😉 I need to write the next vampire novella and then start working on the next novel. I have Star Minds stories that were written last summer and after doing the rounds in traditional markets – being rejected – will now see the light of publication.

So, busy here. Slowly trudging forward. But it’s the normal nature of being behind in this new world, and I’m not panicking, just keep going. Looking forward and not backward. My ToDo list (remember those notepads I bought in Boston?) is still long, but I’m slowly crossing out stuff. Give me time… being behind is the new normal, as long as we set goals and get there, eventually! 😉

I’m also slowly getting organized for the Worldcon. Hotel is booked, flight is almost done and volunteer program still to be filled, but hope to do it before Friday. I do have until the end of the month to fill it. If anyone is going, please let me know and I’ll suggest a panel with you! 🙂

Now I shall leave you with this reminder of what makes a real writer – mostly the handy flowchart! Have a great week!

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  1. Guess what? I watched Guzarish and really liked Hrithik (and also Aish) in it 🙂


    • Have to rewatch that one, but love the song Udi and Ash’s dance to it! 😉


  2. I’m glad the cold and fever went away again, and that you got stuff done despite it.

    I have The Path Of Air, but haven’t read it yet. I haven’t grabbed my copy of The Path Of Earth yet though. I’ll hopefully do so soon, and then read them both.

    Good to know being behind is the new normal… I guess something about me is normal after all. 😉

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    • Yes, we’re all overewhelmed! 🙂 l hope to get to your faery dragons soon…


  3. I hope you enjoy them when you do. 🙂

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  4. Omg, that book is so intriguing – ‘The Part of Earth’. It’s eloquent and esthetic nature was brilliant.

    Thanks for the post.


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