Writer Wednesday

I’ve done a third and last draft of Changes, and will send it out to a couple more people before sending it off for proofreading. It should come out in March with other contemporary stories.

I’m still working on the novel based on an old graphic novel – I’m almost half-way through. I’m still just setting up the bones, and haven’t decided yet how much “hot” meat I want to add. The graphic novel is pretty… graphic on some pages/panels, and I’m not sure I want to write that in. I’ll get to the end and decide! 😉

Proofreader sent back two novellas, so stay tuned for the next two titles. First will be Colors, along with a character interview, and then Prince Splendor – for which I still don’t have a cover, but hopefully I will come up with something by then.

I spent the weekend preparing the new edition of the Books of the Immortals with Createspace, they should go live as soon as I get the proofs and approve them. I’ll probably announce them on the publisher’s page, though. And I’ll make sure to select the Matchbook box on KDP.

And this is not because the latest Authors Earnings report showed indies should have paperbacks out. I already decided to take everything down from Lulu and move it to Createspace.

I’m not one of the successful 40 at Amazon, but one day… not that I really want to get into the Million Sales Club (unless it’s spread on all or most of my titles, LOL), but I wouldn’t mind reaching 3 figures or 4! 🙂

I’m also thinking of taking another online workshop, but I can’t decide the dates, since both options would cover some short vacation plans that I already have. Sigh. Decisions…

Have a great week! 🙂


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