Sunday Surprise

And it’s words of wisdom, or writers on writing, monthly feature on this blog… stay tuned for the regular programming on this blog…

I shouldn’t have to apologize for being prolific, especially to other people who consider themselves professional writers. But I do apologize in those situations, which is why, more and more, I don’t talk to other writers about writing. In fact, I avoid those discussions as much as I can. I’m “intimidating,” you see. I “should know how uncomfortable it makes other writers” when they see what I’ve done.

Kris Rusch

My muse isn’t a beautiful spirit who whispers ethereally into my ear—she’s a nagging harpy that grabs me by the throat and screams ‘Do it now’!

Kevin J. Anderson

Remember that it’s okay to write and publish just to make yourself happy, to make yourself fulfilled. There will be authors out there, readers, publishing experts, and booksellers who say that this outpouring of unprofessional drek is ruining the industry, which makes me wonder if these same people drive through neighborhoods yelling and screaming at people gardening in their back yards, shouting at them that, “You’ll never be a farmer!” Or if they cruise past community basketball courts where men and women unwind with games of pickup and shout at them, “You’ll never make it in the NBA!”

Hugh Howey

“When you decide to go after a new dream, you need to give less to your current reality and more to your desired reality… Take your energy out of what you don’t want to be doing anymore so you can put it in what you really want to be doing.”

Danielle LaPorte

The myth of the single-minded writer who lives to pursue one dream and one only may indeed apply to some. Most of us, however, are not so much single-minded as “multi-faceted.” And I can’t help but believe that, though it can be frustrating at times, it’s also a useful quality. A writer who has many dreams, many passions, and many things going on in life is one who will, ultimately, have a great deal to say!

Moira Allen, Editor


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