Random Friday

Randomly ending the London break. Met a few nice people – almost the same as last August – and had a few good chats. *waves at Tori and Josie and Alice*

Had my first IMAX experience and… um… I guess I’m too old for that stuff. I couldn’t care less. I’d have happily saved some of those 18£. But at least I saw John Wick in theaters, like I hoped to do last October! ;)

And I had my first “London by night” experience, since I got out of the cinema at 9pm and Leichester Square was crowded – it was also a Friday night – and the Piccadilly line was crowded and I was just fine. Even the Warwick Street exit of Earl’s Court had a long line of cars – it was a little more deserted in the back streets!

I’m usually back into my room (hotel or B&B) by 8pm (or sundown if it’s winter) whenever I go to London, so it was fun. I admit I asked the hotel, because I had no idea of what I could find. I wouldn’t take the underground in Rome after 8.30pm, so… in “unfamiliar” territory… but I was quickly reassured, and he was right! :)

Still have to kill my travel agent for booking me a shitty hotel and forcing me to move to an Ibis (throwing away the price of the other one, since it was pre-paid), but well… shit happens. Now I’m back, it’s spring, and I’d happily sleep all day. Except I have to go to work in the mornings. Sigh.

Weekend formatting and editing ahead… stay tuned for a new title of the Star Minds universe! :D

Colorful note: Friday 17 is bad luck in Italy. Actually, it’s #17 that is really bad luck, but coupled with Friday… You get it. (And you won’t find a “room 17″ in any Italian hotel either for this reason…)

Have a great weekend!

Writer Wednesday

So, I’m back, and April is the month of sleep, so I’m not very bright yet! ;) But I did manage to get back to writing. I wrote barely 1000words in London, but this week I’ve started on Samantha the witch and the Desi vampire story, and wrote 1400words in one day, with more to come. So I might hit my 10000words goal this time.

And I might end up writing two stories – or maybe one divided into two parts. I’m not sure yet. I’m writing into the dark, but only partially, since I need to deal with historical facts. So in London I spent a lot of time at the library, researching – although last minute searches happen even during the writing.

Not to kill the creative voice, but because when I first pictured a certain scene, I thought about it in daylight, but when I wrote it, it obviously had to be at night, therefore animals available are different. A quick search on nocturnal animals turned a crow in to mice and a pair of foxes, but that’s something I can improvise when I’m writing!

I like writing into the dark – I have very loose outlines, and mostly if there’s history involved to remind myself of key/historical events I want to incorporate. I have no outline for the contemporary story I’ll write after the vampire story – although I started that one too last week, approx.500words, but then I didn’t continue it (will get back to it when I’m done with vampires and witches).

If you’re scared to do it or think it can’t be done, check Dean Wesley Smith’s series on Writing into the Dark – chapter 1 to 6 have come out so far. It will eventually become a book, but you can start reading it right now. The advice is as usual spot on and myth-destructive! :)

Five self-publishing trends to know in 2015 – I might try serialization whenever I plan my next novel. At the moment I have only novellas and short stories that I hope to submit to traditional markets or want to write for… fun! Yes, I write what I want to read and for fun.

A few years ago I started a novel and thought I could serialize it and continue it through the readers’ comments, but never really got started with publishing it online (that was before the ebook revolution). I still have it somewhere, so maybe eventually I’ll try that – except at the moment I don’t know how to continue it, and I doubt it has a satisfying ending anyway…

The path to success by Joe Konrath – and don’t forget luck is involved, just in case he didn’t say it often enough. And he repeats the difference between dreams and goals. Have goals, not dreams. You can control goals, not dreams. Dream big, but set realistic goals! ;)

And if you manage to quit your day job, be aware of the hard parts – the gold rush is over. Even when I’ll quit, I know I won’t have any mortgage to pay (it’s done), but there are still unexpected bills or sudden taxes or cover/editing expenses that might show up. I’ll probably stop traveling as well! ;)

Some writers on DevianART answer writerly questions… maybe I should incorporate them in my own interviews (if I haven’t already)! :) Or answer those questions myself… should I do that? If you think so, say it in the comments and I’ll make another post with my answers!

Oh, and I obviously chose the wrong week to get to London… but this year I can be there virtually – for the London Book Fair. We all can! Join IndieReCon 2015 today and until Friday, the online version is free. Only whoever goes in person to the London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Festival has to pay a ticket! ;)

That’s all for today… back to writing! Have a great week! :D

Happiness is…


Sunday Surprise

And it’s another guest! Still author of the month! Yes, we have four together this month! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Chamber Mars! Bonjour et bienvenu! :)

24265528Where do you live and write from?
I generally spend my time in Saint Tropez – I prefer the climate! I do spend time at the house in Saint Hilaire in Haute Saone, near to the spiritual retreat where Alp lives for part of the year. I generally only write when I am at home in Saint Tropez, on the balcony.

Why do you write?
It was something which I always wanted to try but never found the time to pursue. Once I began, I found that I couldn’t stop. I was always pretty certain that I would write crime fiction. There were no gay private investigators with the same humour – hence Zachary Tremble. I wanted to write it in English to reach a wider audience.

When did you start writing?
I began writing several years ago. My issue is that English is my second language – so it is more challenging – that is where Alp came into the picture.
I had contacted Alp through his website, to ask him if he was interested in a collaboration – I needed help with the translation of my first Zac Tremble Investigates case file. I had read his work and was really keen to work with him. I had the case file written but it needed an English feel. Fortunately, we share the same sense of humour. The Johnny series needed less of the English feel because Johnny is French – but Alp still translates. He finds it harder to translate Johnny because the style is very different – but I think we’ve achieved a good result.

23924755What genre(s) do you write?
I write LGBT-themed fiction – the Zac Tremble Investigates series – he’s the gay PI; and the Life & Times of Johnny Sante series – he’s the young bisexual Parisian con-artist.
And in 2014, I began writing with Alp. First we did Dust Jacket and then The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries – the gay, crime fighting duo of Inspector Alfred Fenchurch and PC Adam Cowley. I would like to write something different – maybe Sci-fi but I am also keen to produce either Zac or Johnny as a graphic novel series.

What does your writing routine consist of?
Most days are not devoted to writing because I am working. When I have the idea for a new Zac case file or a Johnny instalment, I usually write it pretty quickly – within a couple of days. Because of the need to have my English checked, the process can get dis-jointed.

What do you feel are your strengths as a writer? How have you developed these qualities?
My friends and readers tell me that the strength of the stories is the humour in Zac – they tell me that they laugh out loud at his antics. Johnny is a character study and maybe the strength of the series is in the insight we get into Johnny’s character – I am usually much happier writing short stories.

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you put yourself in your stories?
There is very little of me in the stories – perhaps more of me in Johnny than Zac. The inspiration for the Zac series really came from the series of short novels which Le Monde publishes each summer – pocket-sized, fast-paced reads. Alp says James Bond meets Fawlty Towers – I love both. Johnny is partly inspired by John Cusack’s character in The Grifters; Zac partly by the film Renaissance (with Daniel Craig) and partly by the relationship between Lola and Manni in Run Lola Run.

21309823Outliner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?
Generally, quick and improvised. However, as the Zac series have stretched out (nearly 2 series completed), it gets harder because there are a lot of details – especially names – to keep checking. The plot is developed in a flash.

Tell us about your latest book
It’s been a while since I published the last Zac case file – Viva La Tremble – however, I have just delivered my part of Storm Clouds (part 6 of The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries) I can now concentrate on finishing series 2 of Zac.
Here is a link to all of the books. Clicking the cover of the book will provide links to the major retailers where it can be obtained: http://carterseagrove.weebly.com/books-by-our-authors.html

Indie publishing or traditional publishing – and why?
Indie publishing without question – I write fast and I want to publish fast. I may be wrong but I never saw Zac being picked up by a traditional publisher – a gay PI is very niche; Johnny too.

Any other projects in the pipeline?
There is right now the completion of the second series of Zac Tremble Investigates and the first series of Johnny Sante to factor into this year and I have already spoken to Alp about doing a second series of The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries. I would like to write another novel like Dust Jacket – at least, a long romance. I don’t think I will develop another character-led series unless something captures my imagination. A third series of Zac is a possibility but that gets harder. A second series of Johnny? Not sure. Maybe a gay superhero?

23718040What is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?
My goal is to entertain my reader – all the time people laugh out loud, I’m happy. I don’t write full-time so it’s hard to have concrete goals when I am never sure how much time I’ll have.

What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever been given?
Write the story you want; not what you think the reader wants. Never shy away from writing something which is nothing like anything else around.

About Chambers
I am French, living in Saint Tropez. I travel widely, collecting and dealing in art. My childhood home is in a village not too far from the place where Alp Mortal lives in France.

I am vegan, a Buddhist and a dog owner – I have a Jack Russell/Italian Greyhound mix by the name of Pinocchio (Jack Russell with long legs and a superiority complex to match). Together with Alp Mortal, I am half of Carter Seagrove, author of Dust Jacket and The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries.

Alp Mortal, Chambers Mars and Shannon M. Kirkland are The Carter Seagrove Project LLC – an independent book publisher. Find us at http://www.carterseagrove.weebly.com, on Twitter @carterseagrove and on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thecarterseagroveproject.

Website – www.alpmortal.weebly.com

Project – www.carterseagrove.weebly.com

Email – alpmortal@hotmail.com

Project – thecarterseagroveproject@gmail.com

Twitter @carterseagrove

IMDb – http://www.imdb.com/company/co0518613/?ref_=tt_dt_co

Facebook www.facebook.com/thecarterseagroveproject.

Random Friday

I scheduled the previous post before leaving for London, but I’m writing this one in London – again, scheduling for my comfort, so I can sleep late, LOL! Just kidding. I’ll spare you how it started (not very well), but now I’m calmer, I’m going to the library every day to do my research, and every other day I meet friends – although I almost missed my first meeting on Tuesday because of my lack of smartphone.

I have also found a Bookcrossing Zone in London, it’s a pub, so don’t go there at 10, but they took 4 of my books for bookcrossing, so I was very relieved. I even had a huge hamburger that I couldn’t finish, since I went back there at lunch time. It’s on the side of Waterloo station – the Camel & Artichoke, just in case you happen to be in London.

Another book I left on the train to Reading, put it on a seat and went a couple of coaches forward and then a young black woman passed with it and sat a little further. I almost jumped out of my seat to tell her “hey, I wrote that one, hope you enjoy it!”, but I kept mum. I observed her, but first she toyed with her smartphone, then she read the newspaper and then she probably started on the book, yawned and put it down. But then I had reached my stop – Southall – so I got off. Hope she takes it home and reads it and releases it again!

Another book I left in the waiting room at Southall station – if it doesn’t get destroyed because they think there’s a bomb in a book, that is. I waited until the train came and the two people in the room exited to put it on one of the seats. There was some kind of problem on the way to Heathrow that morning, so the train to go back to Paddington was packed!

Got meself more DVDs, and since the vendor was nicer that the one I went to in 2013 and said he could have more by Friday, I promised him I’d be back on Friday. So this morning I’m back there for a few more titles. And then tonight I’m going to the cinema with my friend to watch John Wick on the big screen. I swear I didn’t know when I booked this trip that the movie would come out so late in the UK (and Ireland), or I’d have waited to buy the DVD! ;)

Tomorrow I’ll be back home and will tell more about the stay – maybe next week. Have a nice weekend!

Writer Wednesday

As I’m trying to relax in London, reading and writing, I thought I’d give what I promised. I didn’t participate in the Read an ebook Week, but you can have now and until Sunday these discounted titles:

Star Minds coupon code CY27Q.

Star Minds Snippets coupon code HP87B.

Star Minds Next Generation  coupon code EH87B.

In the occasion of the release of Star Minds Next Generation Diaries, all are 50% off for the rest of the week with the above coupons.

And if you don’t know what the fuss is about, the first book of the whole saga will be free until April 12 with the following Technological Angel (Star Minds Book 1) coupon code TB88J. That’s the book that started it all.

More info on the series and stay tuned for Star Minds Chasing Stardom! :)

SMtrilogy_resizeWhen I come back, I’ll work on the POD version of SMNGDiaries (and thanks to whoever got a copy of SMNG). There will be more stories in this universe this year, but the rest in the second half of the year. I hope to submit the shorter ones to some traditional markets.

Now off to write as B.G. Hope for the rest of the month… still wondering if I should get rid of that pen name before I publish the next title… since I plan to rebrand most of the contemporary covers! ;) Will hopefully make up my mind sometime this week, LOL!

To quit or not to quit – Moira Allen’s part 2 and the comments of the readers of the newsletter (including yours truly). I particularly like Moira’s idea of writers continuum… Have a great week! :)

Happiness is…


Sunday Surprise

Aand… Happy Easter! Welcome to today’s author interview! This month we’re lucky, we have a bunch of people as Authors of the Month on Goodreads! Let’s go with the first, then! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Alp Mortal!

e4cb38d9fb3ba90bf4bb4e7c0c450b5bf8912d23Where do you live and write from?

Currently, I am split between four centres of fiction writing worship: The Isle of Wight, UK in the town of Newport; in the mountains of the Vosges in Haute Saone, France, and in Indiana, USA, where I stay with Shannon from time to time. I also spend time in St Tropez with Chambers – usually if we’re getting a Fenchurch Mystery ready for publication.

Living this way really helps to keep me topped up with ideas for new stories – travel broadens the mind … and the vocabulary!

Why do you write?

I write to express myself, to connect, to excite and to entertain. Originally, it was a way to preserve memories in a more challenging way than simply writing a journal. A lot of my early stuff was more autobiographical, at least, a story was more likely to have been triggered by a very personal experience/encounter than anything else. That is less true these days but it is still a factor which for me is vital in processing my emotions/issues/questions. I love to tell stories; I am a story teller first and foremost.

20562587When did you start writing?

I began writing in January 2009. I did do some writing when I was much younger – mostly poetry. I abandoned it for a very long time, concentrating on other art projects when I had the time for anything creative. I started travelling in January 2009 and the idea of writing to preserve the memories occurred to me after a conversation with a close friend, so I – and you – have them to thank/blame!

What genre(s) do you write?

I write m/m romance, m/m/f romance very occasionally, m/m romantic thrillers, and gay-themed crime stories and series (mostly with Chambers Mars when we write as Carter Seagrove). I am just about to start my first Sci-fi project which is also gay themed (Trojan Horse – a kind of Space Opera). I have a gay-themed soap opera (Swallow Close) on the table but that is languishing due to project overload. At some point in 2015, I hope to output a series of poems based around the themes of Metaphysics, Gestalt Theory, Solipsism and Synesthesia – themes which occur in my stories too.

I shuttle between stories of varying length and style – epic fantasy sagas alongside very brief encounters, poetry and things which are essentially plays.

b56739ba431b15d90b57ddee630dfd1bec384a0eWhat does your writing routine consist of?

These days, I write in very short and concentrated packets – slotted in between all of the promotion work and company administration which I have to do since The Project started. In the early days, I wrote whenever I had the chance, and always between 8pm and 11pm in the evening. That tends to be between 11pm to 2am now … but if I have to write something down, then I just do it. I am always working on 5 or 6 projects at the same time and jumping from one to another is second nature – I actually find it very difficult to concentrate on one writing project at a time.

What do you feel are your strengths as a writer? How have you developed these qualities?

My friends and readers tell me that the strength of the stories which I have written lies in their originality and diversity. I hadn’t heard the phrase ‘cookie-cutter’ until I started writing – it seemed like something to avoid. However, I write just what comes into my head – a very strange place – so I guess that accounts for it. I like strong stories with a point and characters who I can love or hate who have a realism about them, some quirk or other. I guess I try hard not to repeat anything except at a general level. I don’t know if the skill is strengthening – it definitely shifts focus – for example, from an action-based story to a dialogue heavy story but I don’t really control that process.

I see stories as moving images – I don’t hear them – I describe what I see. My artistic and other interests are very varied and I suppose that helps to keep things fresh and exciting.

20456951Where do you find your inspiration? Do you put yourself in your stories?

Inspiration comes from everywhere – it’s why travel is so important to me. I find that a lot of the energy for a story comes from my own experiences and relationships. There is a lot of me in each story. The things I study the most also feed into stories – ecology, art, cooking, veganism, Buddhism, social history, evolution, mythology, fast cars, poetry (especially John Donne, Andrew Marvel and Coleridge), Metaphysics, Gestalt Theory, Synesthesia and Solipsism. Fundamentally, I find the greatest source of inspiration to be the idea that a set of words can influence how a person feels and thinks – that suggests a very deep connection and a privileged one too.

Outliner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?

I write without a plan – I just write – sometimes 10k words at a time, sometimes 10 words. Generally, I will be outputting 2 to 3 stories a month. So far 1.7 million words have found their way onto the shelf. Speed is of the essence for me. I’ll have the perfect phrase pop into my head and I have to write it down – if I don’t, it’s gone forever. Being an Improviser (I like that word) means that I am usually relying on the deus ex machina to help me out at the end – so far so good!

I took a Goodreads prompt for this year’s Don’t Write in the Closet event and it’s really hard to write to someone else’s prompt to a deadline – good discipline for me though.

4054839_origTell us about your latest book

I recently published The Baker of Son Frere http://carterseagrove.weebly.com/thebaker.html

A romantic thriller – I have included the blurb here because it was a better summary than I could think of –

Mali arrives in the village of Son Frere to research an old legend which is the basis of his latest romance novel – the story of the two medieval lovers, the Knights, Michaud and Tristan, is compelling. Mali meets local historian and bakery owner – Rex – a man who, despite a warm and generous welcome, appears to Mali to be hiding something. Bas – Rex’s counter assistant – with whom Mali starts a fling, injects much needed energy into the project and awakens Mali to the prospect of something more than just lustful sex, even the prospect of a relationship.  Mali returns to Paris with Bas, who is restarting his degree course, and their relationship becomes more serious, and the passion for the mystery only fuels their passion for each other.  The deeper Mali probes into the mystery, the more strangely Rex behaves and Mali is even more certain that Rex is hiding something, perhaps even stalking him. The truth is far more sinister than he could have imagined.  Past and present collide and an unspeakable evil threatens to engulf them all.  The story is written as two stories, interlaced, where the medieval and the contemporary stories are presented side-by-side. Each unfolds to reveal a despicable evil; one which persists to the present day, and one which threatens Mali’s very existence.

The story was also the subject of our first book trailer on YouTube [https://youtu.be/F7z2uAOXFCE]

This story fits into the category of m/m romantic thriller. I seem very comfortable combining the two – then I love murder mysteries, thrillers and psychological suspense stories just as much as I like men and romance. A perfect match.

7b38eb9210e16bff7ff0a1a3712806369f2767deIndie publishing or traditional publishing – and why?

Indie publishing without a doubt because I have the control and the freedom to publish what I want, when I want and how I want. Chambers and Shannon also feel the same so it made sense for the three of us to combine forces and start the Carter Seagrove Project – our own publishing house which will hopefully ask for submissions later this year. I never wanted to experience the rejection by a traditional publisher – that seemed a pointless and energy sapping exercise given that there was an alternative. Those traditional publishers which I did look at –

  • Had very long lead times which meant that a story which they did accept might not get onto the shelf for a year – that seemed crazy when I could publish the same book the same day.
  • Seemed less interested in LGBT fiction/only wanted a vampire story (assume it’s BDSM now)
  • Were going to pay me less than 10% royalties – excuse me?!
  • And still expected me to do most of the promotion work

Any other projects in the pipeline?

Always lots of stories! Completion of The Map Stick (parts 5 to 7); the Twelve Crimes of Hannah Smith, my web-based serialization; the Sci-fi project; the soap opera; more book trailers; at least three audiobooks this year; a graphic novel adaptation of Fenchurch Mysteries; more of the Tales of the Unexpected series; more of the Brief Encounter series; the second part of Dark Matter (called Dark Energy); a contemporary family saga called Gloriana (based on the lives of the Queens of England collectively referred to as the She-Wolves); the poetry; the screenplay for one short film; sister story to The Baker of Son Frere – no title yet; a second series of The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries (as Carter Seagrove); and a few previously published stories still need to be completely re-edited and re-published … and whatever else crops up!

38755b4534279f5e1c3bccc77cc00160065b77fdWhat is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?

My goal was and is and will remain, to excite and entertain a reader by delivering a good quality, original story. I spend every waking minute trying to achieve it – so much easier now with the support of Chambers and Shannon. I would like my stories to have a long and happy life – periodic re-editing and re-covering plus much better promotion work might make that a reality. I always wanted to collaborate – hence the stories written with Chambers. I/we also support other indie artists and projects through direct sponsorship/collaboration – for example, our funding of 3 short indie films in 2015.

What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever been given?

The best piece of advice was: “Just write, publish and repeat.”


Born in 1965, I’m English by birth from the Isle of Wight, living in Newport, spending part of the year in France in the stunningly beautiful department of Haute-Saône in the Franche Comté region. It is heavily forested and very tranquil but the winters are pretty harsh and my home is 820 metres above sea level so I get plenty of snow. I am also spending increasing amounts of time in the USA, co-managing The Carter Seagrove Project LLC – an independent publishing house, incorporated in the State of Indiana. I will be 50 years old in 2015. I only started writing in 2009, proving, I suppose, that it is never too late. I didn’t think about self-publishing until late 2012, now, more than two years later, I’m even more energized by the process than ever before. I’m a qualified English teacher, specializing in teaching English as a second language (TEFL), though I don’t do much of that now. In the distant past, I taught software skills. In the very distant past, I was a project manager on big IT projects and at the very beginning of my career, I was an Internal Auditor. I have degrees in Internal Auditing, Computer Auditing, and Project Management. I’m studying for my degree in Sustainable Development at the moment. Renewable energy is what really interests me and I generate my own power at home via a solar panel. I’m a member of The Society of Authors, The Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and The Independent Author Network. I am a Smashwords Author and a Goodreads Author. I grow some of my own food and from Easter to the end of October, I’m outside for the largest part of the day, tending the garden. I write in the evening and during the winter when there is very little else to do. I have no great philosophy except “energy follows intention” and “honour your gifts”. These two principles keep me sane, very happy and exceedingly busy! Together with Chambers Mars, I am half of Carter Seagrove, author of Dust Jacket and The Inspector Fenchurch Mysteries. Alp Mortal, Chambers Mars and Shannon M. Kirkland are The Carter Seagrove Project LLC – an independent book publisher. Find us at http://www.carterseagrove.weebly.com, on Twitter @carterseagrove and on Facebook www.facebook.com/thecarterseagroveproject.

Website – www.alpmortal.weebly.com

Project – http://www.carterseagrove.weebly.com

Email – alpmortal@hotmail.com

Project – thecarterseagroveproject@gmail.com

Twitter @carterseagrove

IMDb – http://www.imdb.com/company/co0518613/?ref_=tt_dt_co

Facebook www.facebook.com/thecarterseagroveproject.

Random Friday

While finishing Astrid’s story – and being not very efficient in spring, since it’s cold in the morning and hot at lunch time and I don’t sleep well and blah blah blah – I’m currently re-reading Ann Rice’s Interview with the vampire, which I read 20 years ago (just before the movie came out and maybe once more after, to compare)… I’ve rewatched the movie quite often (I had the dubbed version on VHS and bought the DVD as soon as I could), so I remember it quite well (it is the movie that made me fall in love with Brad after all! ;) Pity for Mr Scientology, I’d have happily lived without him even 20 years ago).

The book was sort of forgotten in the meantime. So I thought I’d re-read it to start thinking vampires for my own upcoming story. So after Amaranthine book 7, I’m back to the roots (I haven’t read any other vampire literature between Ann Rice’s first 3 books and Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series) and will read also Bram Stoker’s Dracula (seen the F.F.Coppola movie, but not read the book yet). And probably rewatch the vampire movies I have – all 3 of them (I have Lost Boys to stand in for the movie version of Amaranthine, LOL!).

And then I’ll have to talk to my cover artist about the title, since mine will be a humorous tale, not a gothic horror story. I wouldn’t want it to be confused with an unusual, erotic, sci-fi, romantic vampire adult fiction story! I know there’s no copyright on titles, but I’d still prefer to avoid any confusion, so I’ll probably have to stick to the long version of the title, which means the characters will have to pop up on the graphics of the title itself or something. I’m sure between me and Shafali we can come up with something, LOL!

Next week I’ll be in London, probably writing the other B.G. Hope story (I know I need to do some research on the vampire story, so writing in a contemporary setting is probably easier while traveling) and then I’ll start an online workshop… craft, for the first time in years. I guess I’m not really business-minded this year. But as long as I have fun writing… there’s no hurry to publish! I have 99 books in the “my books” folder on my Kindle… and I know the 100th will be Kay-low’s story sometime next month!

Stay tuned and have a Happy Easter!

Writer Wednesday

SMNG Diaries ebook_resizeNEW TITLE OUT! :)

Star Minds Next Generation Diaries

The companion of the next generation novel with the story of how Shan-leo lost his arm, the diaries of Mayumi, Wim, Hiro and T’ymi’chel (or the novel seen from other points of view), and then Dadina five years later. Cover story: S.E.T.H. or Izzy-lee’s quest to recover her beloved.

Available on Amazon Kindle, Apple, Barnes&Noble, DriveThruFiction, Kobo and Smashwords.

Other news: sent off a story for a contest and finishing the next generation stories (yes, there will be more to come – you haven’t read about Kay-low and Astrid yet! Stay tuned) – and preparing for my week off, when I’ll probably mostly brood and write in London… just kidding, I do have people to meet and places to go. ;)

But April will be B.G. Hope’s month – and I’m taking an online workshop, so I don’t know how that will screw my writing routine. Nobody berated me for not giving my wordcount for February at the beginning of March, so now you get both months in one spot. Or better, the first quarter results: almost 140000 words in 3 months. Most of it was done in January, but I’m still pretty much on schedule. Should be 10000words a week and it’s been 13 weeks, so… I’m doing fine! :)

Some writerly links: Harlan Coben on writing. And marketing. And all that other stuff. And do not forget to be creative. Don’t let anyone control you. In the words of Kris Rusch:

Because being creative is about flying in the face of accepted wisdom. It’s about writing what you want to write, in the way that only you can write it. It’s about taking risks and facing down the critics. It’s about using forbidden words and writing about topics that, judging by your appearance, you should know nothing about. It’s about facing down the bigots who say you’ve only attracted readers because your last name implies a certain ethnicity.

And never stop learning. I might be huffing and panting to keep up with publishing changes, but this year I’m also going back to “school” with that online workshop – the first on craft I’m taking in years. So you’ll see less published titles, but my craft will probably improve… I’ll let the readers be the judges! :)

Which brings me also to this wonderful blog about the reader/author relationship. Some commenter pointed out it might be the Social Media Generation who treats books like products (and so do traditional publishers, they treat books like produce that spoils, check Dean Wesley Smith’s blog for that!). As for that “cleaning app”… I had read about it and went “pshaw!” *rolls eyes*.

Anyway. “Be excellent to each other” and especially online! 8 reasons why authors are assholes – I’m number 2 mostly, for the few conventions I attend. Have a great week! :)


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