Random Friday

Published 09/12/2016 by Barb

Let’s make it sorta kinda Bollywood soundtrack Friday. I watched Ek Ajnabee and the soundtrack isn’t really my favorite, but the title track features Arjun Rampal dancing, whoot! So, there you go, Tall Man Dance – he’s not as good as Hrithik, but he can shake his booty!😉

As for Mohenjo Daro, the title track is actually the nicest song of the whole sountrack, so… not to show off Hrithik’s skills, there you have him too!🙂

Two very different movies and two very different kind of songs and dances… An action vs an epic historical…

Now another thought that occurred to me… lyrics of songs that end up being titles of the next movie! That’s the Akhtar siblings for you! Here goes:

Rock on (has the line “zindagi milegi na dobara”)

which leads us to the movie Zindagi na milegi dobara with the song Dil Dhadakne Do

which leads us to the movie Dil Dhadakne Do… Will Zoya Akhtar’s next movie be titled from some lyrics of Dil Dadakne Do?😉

And that’s all for today… busy at the book fair… more next week!😉

Writer Wednesday

Published 07/12/2016 by Barb

So, um, ah, well, let’s see… how can I put this? It’s the last month of the year and I’m already thinking about what’s next, what to change in the format of the blog, etc.

I think I’ll keep the posts name, but slightly change the Wednesday format. I’ll be talking about writing and sharing writerly links when I have them, but I won’t discuss writing progress anymore.

I’ll talk about the stories after they’re out there. But if I stumble into some interesting research or something, I’ll mention it here.

The past two years have been a turning point in my writing, therefore I want to change the output on the blog too. I still have a lot of stories on my want-to-write list, but I’ll keep the priority list to myself and you’ll know only when I’m done with them.

With the online craft workshops I’m slowly changing my way of writing, so it seems fitting that I change the blog contents. I’ll try to make a blog post about what I learned as soon as I manage to gather my scattered ideas, but for now I won’t discuss my writing anymore.

I ain’t a young writer and I’m not looking for anyone’s approval. Yes, I’m still looking for faithful readers, but I hope to hook them with the upcoming new stories. I’m dropping that baggage of old stuff – what’s out stays out there, and onward to the next adventure.

For 2017 I have very fluid plans and it’s fine. I might be slower in completing the stories, but I don’t care. I’ll submit the short ones to traditional markets before publishing them, and probably cut down the number of published stories as well, but so far I could be prolific because I had hundreds of old stories in my files.

From now on new stuff only, so less but better, hopefully. And I’ll keep learning from writing, possibly even outside of my comfort zone. I look forward to exploring new (for me) genres as well as continuing my tapestries of Silvery Earth, Star Minds and Vampires Through the Centuries!

So, no more talks of WiPs or projects, only the done things. Starting now, the last month of 2016. I’ll have an update on the yearly wordcount in January because that was this (and last) year’s challenge, but then I won’t keep count anymore – not in public at least.

This week’s links! Chuck Wendig’s gifts for writers! I don’t agree on some of them, but then… I’m an unusual writer, LOL! But the customizable notebook… (as if I didn’t have enough notebooks already, including 2 bought at the Delhi airport, LOL!)

And Sales vs. People vs. Artistic Freedom which sort of confirms what I said above. I always wrote for myself, not a fantomatic reader. So I’ll keep writing to entertain myself, hoping to find a few people who enjoy what I write as much as I enjoy writing it!😀

Have a great week!🙂

Random Friday

Published 02/12/2016 by Barb

Movie Friday! I saw a cheap DVD of the Danish Girl and was intrigued enough by the blurb to buy it. The Italian blurb was slightly different than the IMDB one, but whatever! I enjoyed the story of the first transgender. I even cried a little, and s/he is quite beautiful and with a very sweet smile.

As for nude males – as discussed in the comments of this post – yeah, he showed his dick and also how to hide it to look female, and it was quite an interesting sight!😉 Like I said in the above, I’m not a fan of male full frontals, but in this case I wasn’t disturbed.

Might be adult themes, but I thought overall it was a very sweet love story although there’s no HEA. But I’d rather cry over a sad movie than in anger at DayJob. Crying over a movie or a book is catartic. Crying in anger and frustration is just exhausting. And I’m very close to that lately.

And then I watched Mohenjo Daro with a friend… by the way, it will also be at the Florence Film Festival this weekend. They used to show those movies also in Rome a week later, but this year apparently they prefer Milan… Can’t blame them!😉 (and anyway they invited Kabir Bedi and Ashutosh Gowariker, not Hrithik, so… ;p)

Let’s say that a TV screen was enough anyway. Not sure I’d have enjoyed it more on a big screen. It was okay. Later I thought I missed something, then, remembering the “censorship” of Bang Bang by Air India, I realized that maybe that much talked scene was actually something that I did see and it wasn’t as hot as described in the articles I read through my Google Alerts.

Either that, or the hot love scene was left on the cutting floor, haha!😀 Not that I care to watch men romance much younger women on the big screen (do you hear me, SRK? Deepika could be your daughter!!)…😉 And no, it’s not because I’m not that young anymore, haha!😀

Now my friend wants to see more Bollywood. I shall endeavor to pass her the Bollywood fever!😀 Have a great weekend!😉

Writer Wednesday

Published 30/11/2016 by Barb

Soo, after some procrastination (which is normal at the beginning of a story), I’ve now started Quests 4 and I’m almost 10K in – and the quest hasn’t started yet, LOL! But I’m trying to apply some of the tricks learned in online workshops, so I’m getting there. Slower, but getting there!🙂

I’m also trying different alternate POVs, doing 2 scenes from the protagonist’s POV and 1 from one of the 2 co-protagonists. It’s tricky but fun! I think they will soon be off on their quest – for a physical thing this time. Book 1 and 2 were inner quests, book 3 is the quest for someone and book 4 is the quest for lost things, namely city destroyed centuries earlier. A sort of treasure hunt but not out of greed.

I hope to get to the end of a first draft or at least halfway by the weekend, otherwise I’ll continue after I’ve done my homework for the Anthology Workshop. Next year I’ll have a couple more contemporary stories to write from the assignments of the POV online workshop, so stay tuned for those… I really should start a priority list for next year!

This weekend I’ll go through Quests 3 so that I’ll be ready to send it to the editor and rework the opening of the Tor novella after some good comments from my writers group that I follow only because I came up with what I think is a better opening, haha! My critical voice is thankfully still fast asleep, and it all comes from the creative side of my brain, I swear.

And November is over, if you did NaNoWriMo, good for you, I have reached 430K words since January, so this year I might reach 450K if not the hoped for 500K! Still one month to go, definitely another 20K if not more! In the bad months (March was the lowest with 17K followed by August with 21K) I did write that much! Best months were Arpil (52K) and May (65K), and even in October I was in the 30K range in spite of not writing for nearly 3 weeks…

But I might post all the total wordcounts at the beginning of January with the final results! As for next year… I don’t think I’ll keep track anymore – or maybe I will, since I bought a little journal just for that, but I won’t report it, unless I hit that 500K mark – since it sort of takes out the fun.

I have artistic freedom and I’m enjoying it!🙂 Have a great week!

Random Friday

Published 25/11/2016 by Barb

It’s not over yet and already I think that 2016 was one of the worst leap years of my life – for the world, more than myself. I have reached a sort of balance in spite of the changes around me, but for everybody else it’s been tough.

The downs started with celebrity deaths led by David Bowie and Alan Rickman back in January. Men and women who will be sorely missed. I could throw in an uncle of mine, while another is very close to departing, but I guess that I’ve reached an age where people I grew up with and always took for granted are leaving for a better place.

No wonder my hands (and waist) are covered by vitiligo like my grandfather when he came back from India! He was a prisoner in WW2 and he came back stressed and undernourished. I’m not undernourished (I actually have a high colesterol at this time, but guess what? That’s another consequence of stress) but I’m definitely under psychological stress.

Then we had the natural disasters – earthquakes in Italy and New Zealand – and the endless political discussions from Brexit to US presidential elections and now the upcoming referendum in Italy. I’m so sick of reading about politics on my Facebook newsfeed that I scroll so quickly that I may miss a good video, like the evolution of dance or this blind dancer and his angel.

The ups were the trip to India and Da Muses working so I have two movies to look forward to next year – Kaabil in January and John Wick 2 in February, so pretty close! And Mr Selfie even went live on Facebook and I caught it, by pure chance, but that’s one up for Facebook too!😉

Speaking of movies, I watched Zinda with Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham. The director is the same of Kaabil, and I can tell he’s experimenting. In Zinda (ten years ago) it was  the visuals – almost black&white – in Kaabil it will be sounds, apparently, since the progatonist is blind. Both seem to be revenge stories of the average Joe turned action hero (but I haven’t seen Kaabil, so I’m just assuming that the premise is similar).

At the time John Abraham seemed to play mostly the bad guy, glad he managed to graduate to hero status since!🙂 Sanjay Dutt – I’ve seen him in both roles (good/bad guy), a couple of times with Hrithik (Mission Kashmir and Agneepath), but it was the first action movie where he was the hero – negative, maybe, but still the hero. And no dance items, in case you were wondering.

So onward to the next DVD, the next month, the next year… have a great weekend!

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