Writer Wednesday

So, wordcount was back up in April so I have 171K words in the first quarter, which multiplied by 3 means I’ll reach my yearly goal of writing 500K – if I keep this pacing, that is!😉 I have sort of organized the writing for the next three months, so I’m all set for another productive quarter.

charioteer-of-buddha_resizeThe newsletter went out, so I hope you all got it. And of course Charioteer of Buddha is now live everywhere. I will soon make it available on Bundle Rabbit in case any curator wants to add it to his or her bundle.

Are you an indie author? Have you already joined? If not, why not? So, you’re a voracious reader? Then why haven’t you joined yet? Here’s the three bundles currently available!

The already announced Science Fiction May Day with yours truly that you can see also in the sidebar of this blog (until it’s live, that is).

The Chills, Thrills and Spills Bundle, up to 61$ worth of paranormal, horror and unsettling fiction.

And last but not least the Zombies and Monsters and Gods Bundle, up to 44$ worth of urban fantasy books!:)

If you’re interested in any of those, grab them now, the offers will expire in a couple of weeks (so if you’re reading this from the archives, the links might be dead).

A couple of links: Blaming the Reader – don’t. Just don’t. I might not sell much for the bad blurbs, but I don’t have the time or patience to go change the blurbs of 100+ books. I know I should, it’s like tending the garden, but I’m still not finished with the publisher’s page, so I will think about it when that one is complete.

I’m happy with creating nice new blurbs, like the one for the latest WiP, originally known with a very long title, mentioned on this blog as Kingmakers and now called Wanderers. But it’s a little early to tell you about it!😉 If you need help in writing blurbs, check How to Write Fiction Sales Copy!

Now I better go back to writing and send off the assignment for the online workshop. By the way, there’s one – FREE – going on at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, just look for the videos of Originality Workshop! Happy writing!

Happiness is…

57As you can see, my walls have changed since 2010… sort of!:) The stuffed unicorns are still there, though! Actually there’s two more… And taking naps in April or May is still bliss!😀


Sunday Surprise

And it’s a bundle! Science Fiction May Day is on for two weeks only, so get it now! 10 novels, including one from yours truly! Buyers get the chance to get up to $52 worth of great science fiction for only $9! Go get it now!

bannerIt’s the first bundle I’m part of and I’m awed at the company… I have read Blaze Ward’s Siren from the previous bundle and it’s awesome if you like military sci-fi! Haven’t read the others yet, but will… eventually… So, even if you already have Technological Angel, grab Da Bundle and try the other authors as well!

Now I really feel like the May Queen, LOL!:) Have a great Sunday!

Random Friday

And, as promised, Art Friday! Because I toyed with covers that I may never use, I thought I’d share some. I have also done Kingmakers, but since I have no idea of how long that story will be, I’ll keep it under wraps a little longer…

First here’s Cinder Boy, cut to add the water effect available at watereffect.net.

final_285822356The final cover is framed like the other Tales of the Northern Kingdoms and it will come out next month.

Then we have the painter, a composite of three drawings – my Amazons frame, a quick digital portrait of Da Muse and the painter herself…


I will probably give this short story away with the newsletter #3… or if I manage to set up the welcome email, it might be a gift for newsletter subscribers!😉 But it will need to go through the editor first… And then through some submissions to traditional markets since it’s a little more than 7000words – which means I’m not in a hurry to publish this one!:)

Stay tuned and have a great weekend!:) See you in May!😀

Writer Wednesday

charioteer-of-buddha_resizeSo, Kaylyn is done and going out to betas… They should get back to me by June, so in July I have time to revise and in August I can go to the London public libraries if I need to fact-check something! I already booked the editor for September, when I’ll set up the pre-order button on Amazon with a temporary manuscript. The other pre-order button will be set up as soon as I have the cover.

As for Charioteer of Buddha, I’m giving it away for free with the next newsletter, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, do it now. I will put the coupon for a free download from Smashwords in the newsletter. The newsletter will go out May 2, so you’ll be immediately able to claim the e-book. If you’d like to support me instead, pre-order it now for 2.99$. The price will go up to 4.99$ by Friday 5.

I keep thinking the online workshop is going badly, and then it’s not. If you’d like another point of view on WMG Publishing workshops watch this testimonial. I bow to an author who is not camera-shy like me. And I may be biased with these workshops, since when I grow up I want to be like Dean and Kris!😉 (as if I were a youngster still, LOL!)

Anyhow, this workshop will be percolating in me for the next few months, like the others did. I shall work on this week assignment this afternoon, since until yesterday I was busy finishing a new Amazons story that sprang to mind when I thought about me and Da Muse – so there you have it, an Amazon painter and her muse, haha! Wait until next month and you’ll be able to read it!

TodayPeople_resizeAnd another title is out, a collection of all the contemporary stories I’ve written so far, both with the discarded pen name and the main one. Today People will come out in print as soon as I get the proof and check the interior (I already know I screwed the cover, LOL!) – which should happen today, thus I won’t start on a new story until tomorrow.

So making plans for the next month: back to Silvery Earth both to complete the Tales of the Northern Kingdom and to tell more stories of Amazons and Varian Emperors – which means a time gap in the history of about six centuries between Kingmakers and the fall of the Varian Empire. Sometimes it’s like writing historical novels, you have to check you’re not contraddicting yourself with something you wrote in another story!😉

Also, coming soon and unmissable sci-fi bundle. Subscribe now to be notified when it will go live – but I’ll make sure to remind you it is, since I’m in it!:) Limited time offer with nine other wonderful sci-fi authors… go grab it on May 1st!:)

And that’s all for now… I think you’ll have an Art Friday, so stay tuned!😀 Have a great week!

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Sunday Surprise

Either this or nothing… so words of wisdom, writers on writing, take your pick! Have a great Sunday!:)

And my plan looks a little something like this:
I try to figure out what my next year looks like.
And the year after that.
Then, five years.
Then, ten years.
This isn’t just about what books I want to write. It’s about where I want to be in my career. It’s about what kind of money I hope to be making, how I might evolve myself as an author, what sassy dance moves I might perform if I am ever mistakenly given an award. Really, you can have nearly any goal you’d like, reasonable or not — “I want to be published by Rangdom Panguinhaus. I want a short story published in Corklin’s Literary Salon. I would like to write a comic book or a video game or the marketing copy for a sex toy company. I would also like to quit my full-time job, be a bestseller, and have a trained marmoset to fetch me my feather and quill every morning!”
(Note: it’s better to have goals you can control rather than goals you can’t.)
(Note: it’s still fun to mentally identify goals about things you can’t control anyway.)
Chuck Wendig

Tust me, folks, I am not immune from this in the slightest. When I realize that one of my books or series is selling better than others, and yet I am firing up a book that is in the poor-selling series, I hear myself ask that question.
How I get around it is tell that tiny part of my critical voice that is trying to stop me that maybe this book in this lower-selling series will be the one that explodes. That answers the question, “What’s the point.”
And makes the critical voice crawl away whimpering.
But realize, I’ve been doing this a very long time, I never read reviews of my work, and I do not follow any sales numbers or bestseller lists. Yet this still creeps in at times because one of the wonderful things we have about this new world is immediate information on sales.
A real double-edged sword if I have ever seen one.
Dean Wesley Smith

On one site, an anonymous commenter took me to task for the use of the word “artist.” He hated it in the context of writing. (I have no idea why.)
I admit: that stunned me. I’m a writer. That’s who I am. As a writer, I am both a craftsperson and an artist. I constantly strive to get better. I produce the best work I possibly can, and I always feel like I’m dancing on the head of a pin, trying to get something right.
Not the “right” of the marketplace. But the kind of right that Stephen King refers to in his introduction to Bazaar of Bad Dreams [Scribner, 2015, p. 2]:
I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy, a soul-deep fear that I will be unable to bridge the gap between a great idea and the realization of that idea’s potential. What that comes down to, in plain English, is that the finished product never seems quite as good as the splendid idea that rose from the subconscious one day, along with the excited thought, Ah, man! I gotta write this right away!
Honestly, the “right” that King defines here—getting it right as in realizing its potential—is the kind of thing an artist and a craftsperson cares about. The best way to write an idea is personal. Only King knows what that splendid idea actually was, and what he was trying to capture. Just like I’m the only one who knows what I’m trying to capture when I write some of my splendid ideas.
Kris Rusch

To everyone who is new to publishing and living the indie writing lifestyle: It’s not possible to do it all. I will say it again for myself so that I can remember this and not get myself in the mess I was in. I cannot do everything. I need to rest, eat, relax and connect with those around me. I can’t be plugged in all the time writing and then working at my day job. I learned a hard lesson this year. Yes, I love writing and want to write more books, but they can’t happen as fast as I would like and that’s okay. In fact, that’s better than okay. It’s normal and I’m perfectly fine with that.
Ron Vitale

The greatest writers have persistence.
– Gina Nahai

Random Friday

charioteer-of-buddha_resizeAwesome Editor sent back the manuscript on Wednesday, so I had time to go through it and set up the pre-order buttons. Find it at Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords for now. Price is 2.99 but it will go up to 4.99 during the week of release. Newsletter subscribers will get a 50% discount coupon.

Kaylyn is on its final pass before heading out for betas and awesome cover artist, who will be provided with reference for this one!😉 Gearing up for the busy weekend of formatting and uploading…

The Archers is also live on Kobo, DriveThruFiction and Smashwords, wait until it filters through to the other retailers.

And Choices, Changes and Other Stories has finally updated on B&N, with special thanks to the helpful guys at D2D!:)

Last but not least, I have been interviewed at The Seventh Question! Go check it! Have a great weekend!😀

Writer Wednesday

Got the announcement on the publisher’s page? I still think I can make it go live on May 2, but I won’t set up a pre-order button too much in advance. That’s one of the jobs for the long weekend ahead. Revising and formatting Charioteer of Buddha. Formatting the e-book and POD of Today People. And wrap up Kaylyn with a final re-read before sending it off to betas.

Oh, and upload The Archers to the other retailers. How was KDP Select? Not good, but then I wasn’t expecting much. I had a few downloads during the free days, some KENP reads on the first day, and then nothing. In $$ terms, maybe 59cent. And probably not just because Amazon has still problems with scammers showing up on its bestseller lists.

So, will I do it again? No, thanks. It was an experiment and I didn’t like the outcome, so the next titles will be out everywhere as usual.

Follow the discussion on Goodreads about the authors of the month’s projects! I can add to that… not much. Well, the first three months of the year I wrote 100K, but not all of them are published yet. In spite of the low wordcount of the month of March. And since I aim for 500K, I’m probably still quite behind. But I’m not worried.

About Kaylyn, she’s back to India by now, so I hope to write the last two chapters between today and tomorrow, so I can borrow the office laser printer on Friday morning to print out the whole thing and go through it during the weekend. Nothing beats paper when one needs to revise!😉

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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