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Summary of the 10 days off… the only thing worth mentioning is the visit to this castle:

verrucoleI took the English flyer on purpose. The guide was interactive and sorta bilingual (I refrained from correcting her English, since the tourists didn’t! ;) Even the guy at the coffee shop wore medieval clothes when we returned there after the tour of the tower).

Here’s a selection of my pics of it (with my real camera, not a stupid smartphone!):

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And my experiments with Da SIM-less Smartphone – my first/last selfie, which prompted this:

selfieBarbIt’s hot, so not too much reading for you, okay? ;) Have a great weekend!

Writer Wednesday

And I’m back after a week mostly offline (I used my parents’ tablet every now and then, even using it as wi-fi hotspot for my SIM-less smartphone). I read (2 novels to beta-read + some short stories of an anthology/collection), I translated, I brainstormed – and wrote in my sleep a nice opening paragraph, but waking up I though “Hey, this sounds great! But nah, don’t want to write that story!” so I completely forgot it.

Back to writing this week when I’m not catching up with everything else: re-submitting a rejected short, re-uploading B.G.Hope’s titles with new pen name or new covers on Italian titles, and filling the fridge… yeah, I still need to eat. Bummer. That’s a time waster! ;)

So, since I’m still off DayJob, I make priority lists for every day, but there are things that I keep postponing. Probably for the summer lack of sales, I’ve lost that impulse to publish. Not to write, mind you. Just to publish – 4 to 6 uploads of ebooks and then working on PODs… must be the heat! ;)

Anyhow, I’ll have to wrap up the vampire shorts this week, since I want to submit one to the Ink Slingers Anthology and I’ll leave the other for the offline writers group. It meets at the end of September, but I’m not in a hurry to submit that one. Just in case it get published along with Rajveer the Vampire, LOL!

From September, I’ll try to advertize more – mostly on the publisher’s page – that title. This month I’ll publish a couple of stories of Star Minds Interregnum. Stay tuned. Now to the writerly links.

15 compelling reasons to be a writer. It would be awesome to write to have the Flexible Lifestyle, but mostly I write to Entertain People – or better, myself. And of course I write for the Love of It! I missed it in the past ten days, although I did have computers to borrow to type on, but I wanted to keep working on a story I had started and and and… okay, procrastination kicked in.

The things that matter most – what’s REALLY important? Yeah, figuring that out isn’t easy. Goes well with the Crappy Parts of the Job… but here’s how to always be a passionate writer! Like I said, I’ll never stop writing. I might stop publishing, but that’s another thing. When I get sick of writing blurbs and formatting and uploading, I might just keep everything on my hard drive.

And then come back better! ;) I still think the vampire historical will be a series of standalone, but I’m not sure how many yet, since I’m still writing and programming them. I won’t write more than one book a year anyway, since I’ll need to research the historical backgrounds, but well… until I have fun… I’ll do it! :D

Have a great week!

Happiness is…


Random Friday

Still offline, so leaving you with some writers on writing, words of wisdom, whatever you want to call them! Have a great weekend!

It always amuses me when the status quo preaches about how the gatekeepers of New York, in their valiant efforts to curtail the so-called Tsunami of Crap, boast how they’re responsible for safeguarding literature and culture and are solely responsible for bringing books to the masses.
The opposite is the truth. The Big 5 are censors. For decades, their paper book distribution oligopoly limited what was available to readers. Their “curation”, which they’ve touted as a feature, has actually been a gigantic bug. A censorship bug, which prevented readers from deciding for themselves what’s worthy and what isn’t.
It’s so liberating, so intoxicating, to be able to write the kind of book I want to, without being subjected to the whims of the gatekeepers. Imagine if the Internet only allowed certain websites to be published based on what a select handful of people deemed appropriate. We’d have a far smaller, much less interesting World Wide Web.
Yet, even with the number of websites surpassing 1 billion, we can all still find worthy URLs that interest us.
Self-publishing doesn’t lead to a Tsunami of Crap. It leads to freedom, more choices, better prices, and the opportunity for more writers and readers to indulge in their whims and passions.

Joe Konrath

It takes a certain personality type to persevere through the solitude and negative feedback. I often say I’m a writing junkie, but more accurately, I’m a storytelling junkie. I consume and create story in equal measures. Take my stories away, I’ll wither and die.
Most people have a real life that writing gets in the way of. I have a writing life that real events interrupt. Most writers who have committed a novel or two find the writing life not to their taste.
Solitude and making things up is not for everyone.
Nor should it be.

Kris Rush

And here’s the best news of all: I don’t have to be a bestseller to make comfortable money. In the past, if I had wanted to stay home and write books full-time, I had to hope I could sell my books to thousands of people. Now, I can make good money selling to hundreds. And hundreds of people is do-able. It might take some time to get there—I put my first story up on Amazon in 2009, so I’m into year 5 here—but it can be done.

M.C.A. Hogart

We will never stop taking risks.
And we keep writing and putting up new work. And that’s the most important of everything.
We do our best to keep up with everything new coming into publishing, but we don’t chase every fad. And we don’t write to market. We write what we love.
And it seems to work just fine in the long run.
We have fun. We make a lot of money. That’s also fun.
And we do our best to help others find their own road, even if it is different from what we are doing. Every writer is different. And thankfully these days, there is no one path.

– Dean Wesley Smith

You don’t have to be perfect. Just perfect for yourself. You can achieve this personal perfection by having your own yardstick of what success means to you. But the important thing is that the yardstick have notches that take into account successes that are big as well as small. Think that writer who sold several thousand copies on Kindle is successful? Great. But if your own pdf has been downloaded 67 times, that is no small feat either. Imagine, at least 67 people in the world have thought your words worth paying their hard-earned cash for. And at least 67 people in the world have benefited in some way from your creation. To me, that sounds good.

Devyani Borade

Technique alone is never enough. You have to have passion. Technique alone is just an embroidered potholder.
Raymond Chandler

Writer Wednesday

I’m offline, so I’m leaving this for you. In 20 days I’ll be 50, I thought I’d share some wisdom with you. Based lousely on this blog post.

50 things I know at 50 (that I didn’t know at 25)

1. There are no “speshul snowflakes”. We’re all the same but different.

2. What you sow, you reap – don’t to to others what you don’t want done to you.

3. Nobody should tell you how to live your life. Just do it – follow your heart.

4. Don’t try to fulfill someone else’s dream. Dream your own and dream big.

5. Be your special self, always. Changing to please others won’t help – neither you nor them.

6. Don’t bother about what other people think about you. What makes you think they’re thinking about you anyway?

7. Don’t be too hot-headed. Count to ten or wait until the morning after before calling or hitting “send”.

8. Friends will be friends forever. Real friends are not fleeting online presences. But the can be on the other side of the world and still be friends. Even if you never met in person.

9. We meet whomever we’re supposed to meet in this life – whether it’s a lesson or just a passing blessing.

10. You are complete. Don’t look for someone to complete you.

11. Don’t let the world drain you. Spend time with those who love and understand you.

12. Speak for yourself. Not for everybody else.

13. Be original. Be yourself. Mastering everything is a certain way not to succeed in anything.

14. Love yourself – body and mind. If you think you’re ugly, the world will see you as ugly. Think of yourself of beautiful and healthy instead.

15. Life is colorful – try not to be color-blind!

16. Only you can take care of yourself.

17. Life is under no obligation to give you what you expect.

18. Don’t try to change the world, or it will change you.

19. Don’t try to fit in at all costs – who is trying to fit in with you? Nobody? Exactly.

20. Be yourself. And remember – you’re great!

21. Happiness is… little things, really. Stop trying to look at the big picture and concentrate on the details.

22. Daydreaming is all right. Follow your heart.

23. You don’t have to give in to peers pressure. Seriously.

24. Nobody should force you to get married, get pregnant, have sex, do things that you don’t feel like doing but you think you must do because everybody else says so.

25. You are who you are, not what you have. And your material possessions won’t follow you anyway in your next life…

26. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will. Be your own fan.

27. Don’t forget to tell yourself how great you are. If you don’t, nobody else will.

28. Oh, and, by the way, if you’re a woman – there’s no Happily Ever After. Fairy tales are just that – tales!

29. Stop looking for a non-existent Prince Charming right now – love is something else!

30. Passions burn out. Hormones go to sleep. You will settle! :)

31. Focus your attention on what you want and it will reflect in the outside world. If you think that the world is an ugly, dangerous, unfair disgusting place, that’s what you’ll see. If you believe that the world is a magical and beautiful place full of love, sharing, kindness and beauty, it will be for you.

32. Reprogram yourself to be what you want to be, not what society expects you to be. You can be beautiful and healthy by simply knowing that you are. Don’t think you are, know you are.

33. What you focus on has a powerful effect on how you perceive the world and you are perceived by others. If you wallow in self-pity, you’ll be seen as a whiny person.

34. Just be happy – happiness is… little things, really, and I’ve already said that – and your happiness will come through and attract similar-minded people.

35. Friends will be friends, but when money is involved, they become frenemies and sometimes real foes. Put it all in writing – verba volant, scripta manent!

36. You are unique and you should find your own solutions to your problems – or allow your soul to find them for you. No need to listen to confusing advice from other people, what worked for them might now work for you.

37. Like is change, so your body will change, you mindset will change and there’s nothing wrong about it. Those physical sicknesses are sometimes created by your soul preparing you a big surprise.

38. Accept life’s surprises and don’t try to keep the balance at all costs. In this duality world there’s no balance and everything is constantly in movement.

39. Don’t fight it, and you’ll feel much better. Just let go.

40. Forgive and forget. Life is too short to live it with grudges and hatred. Move on.

41. Don’t live in fear. You will lose your material possessions, so no need to cling to them. You will lose your life eventually, so no need to hide in a cocoon for fear of losing it.

42. We are all different, so fearing the difference means you’ll never be able to enjoy life.

43. There is no status quo. Learn to follow your own way and choose your goals wisely. You might have to adjust and experiment, and you will certainly fall, but just get back on your feet and keep going.

44. Find your light in the night and follow it – try not to stray too much from your chosen path.

45. You have your own beauty and it’s unique to you. In the words of someone who is much more famous than me and has 15million fans, treasure your own beauty.

46. Pay it forward. Whatever you learn, share it – but don’t preach. Some people don’t want to hear it. If they ask, answer, if not, mind your own business! :)

47. Don’t worry, be happy. And being alone is fine, really.

48. There is no one-size-fits-all way of live. Carve your own.

49. Define your idea of success and stick to it – not to whatever everybody else says about success.

50.And don’t forget to say thank you. for the good and the bad.

Now I’m going to add my signature to an introvert’s open letter to extroverts. Feel free to ignore me for the time being! :D

Happiness is…


Random Friday

Um… some attempt at digital painting… I still suck… And those covers probably won’t sell, but well… I’ll change them when I have some money! ;) Yes, DayJob pays the bills, but still… I still don’t want to spend too much on single short stories or novellas. I’d rather pay artists for collections or novels.

Now I’m off for a week. You’ll have some silliness to keep you company, don’t worry. Or maybe some wisdom, depends on the point of view! ;)

I’ll be translating Kilig the Sword and trying to read some more – I have two novels to beta-read and I’d like to read something for pleasure for a change. And I’m with Dear Nephew, so I guess some Auntie Duty is due! :D If I still find myself iddle or the Muses strike, I might write some more… a story I’ve sent to a magazine that can have a sequel…

I’ll let you know when I’m back online! Have a great weekend and enjoy your summer!

Writer Wednesday

This week I’m trying to wrap up the vampire stories. Two shorts and a novel. More research and one last check of the final draft of Rajveer the Vampire, but it’s really the last books I’m reading for this novel.

I found useful info in the Invasions of India that I will keep handy for writing one of the next books, but totally gave up on History of the Moguls, since they seem to mix everything (Tamerlane with Babur, Akbar with Alauddin Khalji) – unless one reads it just for fun. But the history is  really messed up.

I found many more books on the subject, but I’m not going to check them now. I’m also reading Vikram and the Vampire – I’m sure the English translation is not exactly as the original, but well… it’s also giving me nice insights on the country! :)

After this vampire week, I’m trying to stay offline for 10 days – but I’ll bring a notebook, just in case! ;) As soon as I come back, I’ll upload another ex-B.G.Hope title with new cover, then I’ll start publishing some Star Minds Interregnum stories. I know, I’m supposed to say this on the publisher’s page, but…

It doesn’t have any followers yet. I finished working on the single books pages – adding maps, characters interviews, whatever I could, so please go have a look. No, I’m not asking to tell me what you think, but if you like what you see, subscribe to the newsletter. I don’t post there as often as I do here, and only about new titles! ;)

If you’re an author and would like to be featured on my blog, drop me a line. Author and characters interviews are available. With a change of interviewer for characters. Brenda is probably not the best person, so Samantha is taking over the character interviews. See them bickering here, and answer Samantha’s questions if you dare! ;)

Gentle reminder – it’s the last week at 20%off on DriveThruFiction and DriveThruComics. On DTF the ebooks have all kinds of files (PDF, mobi and e-pub) and there are even bundles discounted available (Books of the Immortals and Chronicles of the Varian Empire). On DTC… S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. has only PDFs (and a POD version for the Omnibus).

Happiness is…


Sunday Surprise

Covers rebranding! So, uploading the first novella by former pen name with new cover. Here is the comparison between the two.

It was the first title with another pen name I uploaded way back in 2011 – the original short story, that is. The following year I put up the expanded version with the new cover (cover picture by Mary R. Vogt @ Morguefile).

BoF2015_resizeThis year I reformatted it and changed the pen name and the cover… And lowered the price. Only 2,99$ now.

I will do the same for most of that pen-name titles (the body switches have the same cover, but then they had better cover and were “best sellers”, while these other titles sold nothing or only a couple of copies).

I’ll be working on more covers this weekend, to save on some expenses. I have a couple of Star Minds Interregnum covers to work on, plus the cover of a novella I sent to Writers of the Future. Experiments with digital painting, still trying to learn that damn Photoshop! ;)

Have a great Sunday! :D


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