Useful links for writers

Here are some of my bookmarks, filed under different folders. I’m putting only the ones I have actually used (some are there, waiting to be used… I’ll leave them out for the moment!)

Feel free to pick any! 🙂

REFERENCE (for all that research – in my case mostly historical) a medieval archives name, you can also ask them for advice, they do reply (ex. you need a British name of the XII century or something)

Encyclopedia Mythica for worldwide mythology – gods and goddesses of our planet! The Bibliotèque Nationale Française, has also English texts downloadable for free (something the British Library doesn’t seem to be able to do yet)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook – in case you didn’t notice, I have a passion for the Middle Ages

Awesome page of historical articles and various non fiction – I bookmarked the section on the Middle Ages, but the main page has it all.

I use the Osprey books when I need reference for battles/armies/weapons/campaigns/castles/ships – anything military!

UTILITIES (dictionaries etc)

Common errors in English usage as suggested by Jim Cirile of Coverage Ink as suggested by Mickey Mills the Prodigal Scribe – I use also the Thesaurus and the Translator (when it’s only a word or two)

English wordfinder – useful for crosswords AND rhymes

Visuwords as suggested by Madison Woods

and I keep Wikipedia here as well for a first search on any topic

1001 Free Fonts for your experiments (I downloaded all the gothic/medieval-looking I could find…)

Indie Authors – here’s a comprehensive list of useful links to free stuff for your covers, book trailers, etc! (thanks, Joleene @ Self Published Author’s Lounge!) and more free pictures for covers.

Top 50 best sites for indie authors 2014.

DIY for authors, with everything explained.

List of basic things to know if you want to indie publish – with links

E-book formatting for Open Office (not free) or with Reedsy

Create you Kindle e-book (step-by-step guide)

Some things you might want to put on your blog

3D cover generators

If you’re thinking of collaborating, here’s Joe Konrath’s collaboration agreement – do sign a contract with your co-writer to avoid later problems…

Ultimate guide to self-publishing and book distribution – comparing the various distributors!

Resources for publishing ebooks.


WGA (Writers Guild of America) to register the screenplays

US Copyright Office to register the novels

Keep your copyright – contracts&copyright for Dummies

Stop online copyright infringement

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notice

Copyright on images and photo and how using Google Images can cost you lots of $$$

Use of pictures on blogs and Chart to Know If You Can Use an Image from the Internet

150 things you can’t show in a commercial stock image

Use song lyrics in novels

Plagiarism today

5 legal terms every author should know

IP lawyers (recommended by Laura Resnick and Dean Wesley Smith) as well as David P.Vandagriff (AKA Passive Guy) and how to hire them

Legal aid and insurance for artists (and writers)

Preditors&Editors – check the list of agents/beware

Writer Beware from the SFWA and WB list of helpful resources (scroll to the end of the post)

On being a non-US citizen publishing on Smashwords and Kindle

The Pros on COPYRIGHT: Colleen Doran, Brad Templeton, Moira Allen, more Moira Allen and SFWA Writers Beware and and ALCS on wise up to copyright (UK).


Getty Museum’s Open Content project (free images)  Remember to leave “open content” checked in the filter bar to the left. There’s a little trick to
getting the high-resolution downloads that isn’t obvious. Clicking on the
image itselt of “enlarge” will only get you a lower res version. Click on
the TITLE in the descriptive information. Then look for the “download” link under the image in the page that pops up. They’re asking for a
little basic information about how the image will be used before you
download, but it just takes a second and doesn’t including any personal or
identifying info.
The Metropolitan is also offering free images for non-commercial use now.
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  1. Hey,

    I’d add this link, since you have such a strong interest in all things medieval:

    Medieval Demographics Made Easy. It’s a great resource for figuring out roughly how big that medieval fantasy city really is, and who lives there, and how many such cities are in that medieval fantasy kingdom, and so on. The end of the article has links to calculators that use the information from the article to generate random values for medieval kingdoms that fit within the guidelines of the article.


  2. I’m a little surprised you don’t have in your database of utilities. I track all my query work here. It’s a very substantial database of Agents with search features that make it easy to determine your query targets.


    • Maybe because I haven’t started querying yet! 😉
      I had a Word.doc for my screenwriting queries… worked fine for me (and an Excel for the expenses – WGAregistration, coverages, etc. I have one for the Lulu expenses now)!
      Thanks for the useful link! 😀


  3. Thanks, what a useful resource. Here are a couple I use.

    Wiki is a good place to start. There are a lot of history books/sites available and often they direct elsewhere, which is handy too.



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