Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote 17k and started on FEC11… by this week I’ll probably be over the past years’ wordcount, with still a few weeks to spare. I’ll keep counting next year, that’s the only thing I decided so far, since writing is still fun and the best way to cope with all this. Although I still have no idea of what I’m going to write or publish beyond what I’m currently working on and that will take me to February.

And we now have a Nightly Bites BUNDLE too! Shorter works, including Mortals Apocalypse – a short novel at 34K (or a novella if you go by SFWA standards, I remember when I tried for Tor novellas they wanted between 20K and 40K) – and other awesome books.

“The Night Killers” is actually a full novel to complete this awesome bundle! And it was on my Recommended Reading List last year, so yeah, it’s really worth checking out, LOL! A little more bang for the reader’s buck.

This bundle will have a much shorter run than usual. It used to be six months, more or less, but this will be gone after the holidays, at the start of 2021.

Also, I took out the year from the Silvery Earth Kids calendar on Zazzle, so you can now get the 2021 calendar with Torik and his friends.

Here’s the latest scandal – Audiblegate! If you’re on Audible, they are screwing you. If you’re a writer or a narrator, that is. If you’re a reader, stop returning audiobooks. In the words of my friend A.L. Butcher:

Please DO NOT just return a book you have listened to because you want something different and Audible offers an ‘exchange’ with your credit. The authors and narrators have to pay – we lose royalties – they are either recouped or taken from the next month’s royalty payment. It is NOT Amazon who take the hit on this.
In effect, you get to listen to a free title, and the authors and narrators pay you to do so.

I’m with Findaway Voices, and I got an email to inform me than I can be paid in currency other than US$ if I apply by December or something. Except I think it’s a phishing email, since I received it on my Paypal email, and the communications from them usually go to my author email.

And there’s no trace of such thing on their dashboard or on their blog, where I found out that last June they expanded their Giveaway Codes, so if anyone anywhere wants a code for Otherside, now you can redeem them! 🙂

Previously, Giveaway Codes only worked in the US, Canada, and Australia. Now, Giveaway Codes can be redeemed by listeners in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

If you’d like one, just drop me a line. Also, since it has become easier to generate them, I might get some also for The Hooded Man and Firebird. If anyone is interested, that is.

Authors Direct is currently only available for users on iOS and Android (non-Kindle) mobile devices.  We cannot support direct MP3 download, playback via desktop computers, etc.

Authors Direct Giveaway Codes are only for listening inside of the Authors Direct mobile apps and can only be redeemed at

So there, if interested, drop me a line and I’ll send a code. Also, let me know if you’re okay with Otherside or want to try any of the other two. Thanks.

Speaking of submissions to major magazines, this year I sent another story straight to Asimov, yay! I submit to them every 3 years, apparently. But this was unrelated to any series and possibly hard SF, so I decided they’d get the first shot. I’m still waiting for Strange Horizons, to whom I submitted back at the beginning of September, but I know they are backlogged.

And next week I’ll have Submission Day where I’ll send out to the Zombie Need Brains anthologies and another market! Here’s to getting another acceptance letter soon. Meanwhile, check out the Other Publications with my stories in it! 🙂

Besides Audiblegate, another “scandal” came to the forefront this week. Disney isn’t paying royalties to Alan Dean Foster. I read the novelization and its sequel (the italian versions) of Star Wars back in the early 80s, and I can’t believe what’s happening. Traditional publishers are going down the hill and big companies are screwing writers more than ever!

I’d call for a boycott, but that’s not in my nature. I stopped watching Disney movies a long time ago. I stopped watching Star Wars a long time ago too! 😉 So, do as you please, but if you’re a writer, stay away from the Mouse with your IPs. And here’s to Disney paying his due to a huge SF author like Alan Dean Foster.

And if you’re even thinking about going with a traditional publisher still (for your novels, not the short stories), please read this post by Kris Rusch. And definitely don’t tell me. I unfriended wannabe writers who boasted of their agents before. So, if you’re one of them wannabes looking for an agent and a traditional publisher, don’t tell me and leave quietly, okay? 😉 Have a great week! 😀


Writer Wednesday

So-o, trudging through this weird summer, had a wonderfully creative weekend – not because I did a lot, but because Cristina came to work at my place (see what she’s working on?) and I could feel the creative energy flooding between the two of us. I finished a translation and inked a few pages of SKYBAND – and then it was Monday and the nausea was back. Meh.

Anyhow, saw the doctor, grabbed a med and went back to work. Started translating Saif’s Legacy, so I’ll be done when I leave for London and will be ready to start on Hakeem’s Rival, although probably neither this nor Kilig’s Heart will come out before October. But then, I need to send them out to Dear Beta who sometimes gets lost in life rolls… 😉

And then I’m thinking about creating that mailing list, but I’m not sure which novella I could offer as exclusive to new subscriber – something that won’t be published, so it might be something I still need to write. I’ve read a few more tips here, since even with NoiseTrade things are not going that well. Maybe offering a freebie will work?

Who knows. See this discussion on Goodreads about free and cheap books… in the meantime, I might upload another title on NoiseTrade, taking down the one that has been there for longer… I still don’t know how long I should leave them there sort-of free (tip is welcome, but not mandatory on NoiseTrade…).

Writerly links: how authors are not united – and if you’d like to see how those talkative best sellers see us (or even mid-list trad pubbed writers), go check Joe Konrath’s blog. Personally, I’m sick of the Amazon/Hachette diatribe and won’t sign any petition. And since I don’t read the best-sellers who are so loud online, they won’t miss me anyway. I only hope that wannabe writers don’t follow them as gospel.

Last link: The CMO guide to the 2014 social landscape. Feel free to follow or ignore its suggestions – I’ll stick to what I have! 🙂 Have a great week!

EDIT to add a link that arrived later: 8 ways for self-published authors to rise above their fear of metadata. Will have to print and study! 🙂

Writer Wednesday

Can you tell I’m not at my best? I procrastinated on writing the whole weekend (although I posted only one of the 2 drawings I did – wasn’t happy with the second…) and forgot it’s June and I needed to schedule the Happiness is… posts. And Monday I even worked on the future e-book version, but forgot to check the blog – although I was surprised I didn’t get any WordPress e-mails. I even thought “I should start writing Writer Wednesday”, but then decided to wait for Tuesday. And then at 10pm it hit me – no Monday happiness! ARGH! So I sent it live immediately and started writing this post… *shame* I want my memory back, please! 😦

Anyway, I’m back on Silvery Earth, writing about kick-ass Amazons (Selene is a Huntress – Huntresses hunt rebel men, not animals! ;)) from that old story of mine. Dear beta-readers will soon have more to read, hopefully. It’s kinda long, so I’ll probably use all of June to write it. Next week I’m off DayJob, so I’ll also work on formatting for a couple of titles, so stay tuned.

I even had time to re-read a couple of my novellas and found 4 wandering commas in Death of Amazonia, so Mr Rodent, please download the new version from Smashwords or I’ll never get that Gold Rat for my books (and thank you for not mentioning those typos in your review!). Yep, I removed those 4 commas from inside the word and put them behind it as they were expected to be. Those are usually commas I add later, at the editor’s suggestions, and since I’m in a rush, I tend to position them inside the word they’re supposed to accompany. Ahem, sorry… funny how blog serendipity had someone else talking about commas! 🙂 And what happened to my most abused “comma splice”? 😉

After the summer there will be an anthology of Smashwords authors of SF/F that will be published for free. I plan on sending them two Star Minds Snippets (thank you, Roomie, for helping me choosing which) and hopefully drive readers to the series. I already had in mind to do a loss leader for the series, I guess I’ll join these other indies instead! 🙂 Shortly after the anthology comes out, I should release all the Snippets (one might come out in August, these 2 in September, the rest in October)… By the way, World of Diversity has reviewed Technological Angel – thank you, Sean! 🙂

I’ve also managed to commission an artist on DeviantART: a portrait of Ker-ris – I won’t be able to use it as book cover, but I’ll be very happy to drool over it on my own. And if I eventually set up the Star Minds page  (Facebook or whatever), I’ll have more than just Kol-ian to show off – yes, the technological angel is the protagonist, but only of the first half of the story, since the mind link makes him one with Ker-ris! 🙂

More interesting links: the changing playing field by Kris Rusch. Davig Gaughran on 15 ways Amazon can improve KDP – they have added EFT for all markets and I was able to select Euro on all Kindle Stores (see, I should have framed that check! ;)), but there still are problems here and there. Kindle Singles: I did submit to them.

Hello Barbara,
Thank you for submitting your work for consideration in Kindle Singles.
Your proposal will be reviewed within the next 4 weeks, and you will be notified by e-mail about our decision.
Thanks for your interest in Kindle Singles.

Never heard back. Not even with a rejection. David is probably right, they don’t want fiction in their Kindle Singles (it was B.G. Hope’s Six Months, in case you were wondering). Ah, well, I’ll write a narrative non-fiction about being an indie author in this brand new world of publishing, LOL! And you can laugh at how slow and luddite traditional publishing (and I’m a technophobe…) is with this piece by Kevin J. Anderson – raise your hand if you know what a carbon copy or a floppy diskette are!

Now for more on traditional publishing Stockolm syndrome, hear Judith Tarr – took me some time to find the whole 3 parts together, LOL! And closing with Joe Konrath‘s words of wisdom:

Remember: Selling isn’t making someone buy something they don’t want to buy. It’s about making people aware of something they like and are looking for.

Have a wonderful week and happy writing! 🙂

Madison’s questions elaborated

Last week Madison asked questions for published authors, indie or traditional. Please check the original post and the answers (including mine) she got.

She wonders why my graphic novels didn’t sell. I don’t know why, maybe because graphic novel&comic book readers don’t shop online. Those things don’t come out well on e-readers and probably those readers keep going to their favorite brick-and-mortar comic-bookshops (I buy them online because I don’t want the translated version of, say, Terry Moore’s Echo, but I do buy my dose of manga in a physical comic bookshop). Or they read the web-comic, which are another format altogether (that I personally don’t like because I can’t read on screen for long).

When I started blogging, though, I had this idea found in Be The Media: find 1000 true fans willing to spend 25$ a year on your stuff. 25$ is 5 novels, and I knew I could write 5 novels a year. The fifth for this year will come out soon. I started issuing them this year because I considered the traditional way first. I’m not very good with short stories, so I didn’t try to sell those first. But I knew I’d have to make a five years plan cause, guess what?, I had found that also on a book on how to find an agent and keep him – you were supposed to have a 5 years career plan even to find an agent, so he’d know you were a real writer and not a one-shot novelist.

So, one more reason to love #5 – every writer should have a 5 years career plan, no matter if s/he chooses traditional or indie. For traditional it can be one book a year (has to be, considering how slow trad pub is! ;-)), for indie go for 5 or 6 novel-length books (like Ruth Ann Nordin also suggests) + shorts – the more, the better, you won’t have to market much because your name will keep popping up and your readers will find you.

So, make your career plan today and follow your path! Happy writing! 🙂

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