Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Happy New Year! I’m glad 2022 is over, since it was a rough year for me personally. Although I did manage 524K words, which is more than last year! 😉 Also, it’s the first time I actually earned some money – the Kickstarter paid for the workshops, and the Storybundles I participated in paid the editor’s fees.

Here’s to hoping the new year will be as successful on the indie side – and that it will be the last with a day job that gives me nervous breakdowns. Last week I wrote 1330 words, mostly wrapping up projects and editing them. I shall start slowly, since writing shorts doesn’t necessarily hit the 10K/week wordcount, but I still hope to reach 500K by the end of the year.

This week is the first of the challenge. I already have a few stories in mind to cover the first weeks, but not for the whole three months. I shall improvise, LOL! And hopefully my next novel will be rich with details after a reserch trip in spring – fingers crossed.

Now, looking back to the past year, I did a few things. After the rebranding that messed up titles and editions, I decided to start a brand new inventory sheet for the years to come. I also did a count of final sales numbers on the unpublished titles – that’s 61 stories that are no longer available in that specific format, but are probably bundled in other ways.

12 had sales in the 2 digits, 3 of which were in bundles at PubShare (one is still live, and it’s currently a bestseller – Beautiful is available only in two bundles, Love& Magic and Cats Cats Cats, or paired with Lovers in Warriors of the North). 29 sold zero copies. I still have 180+ titles live (some in Italian) and 32 still have zero sales.

My bestseller is still Body Switches. On Storybundle, the best seller is Adventurer. On PubShare, like I said, Beautiful. And my newest series, Immortaland Dragons is off to a very good start. I’m planning a few sales this year, so watch this space! 🙂

Off we go into the new year… And I found out a bunch of authors are doing a Make 100 Kickstarter of SFF stories, check them out! Happy reading (and/or writing) and have a great week!

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