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Since I’m rebranding the Post-Apocalypse chronicles (I’m sorry to let go of that wonderful cover, but it will stay on my and the publisher’s header for a little longer), I also redid the blurb for book 1 (with special thanks to Louisa Swan for brainstorming with me at the Masterclass).

So here we go: new blurb of book 1 + blurb of book 2. Please like the post only if you think I improved on the first version for book 1 and comment if you have something to say! 🙂

Brainwaves (Post-apocalypse Chronicles Book 1)

No politics, no religion, no families. Strange disappearances. Memory losses that make no sense.

Bel lives in Rainbow Town, a multi-level underground settlement for survivors of the Apocalypse that wiped out 21st century civilization. But when she tries to contact her ex, he has vanished.

Raj feels uncomfortable in Rainbow Town. His memory losses leave him uneasy and he wishes to go out in the great unknown, even if it might mean certain death.

With their friends, Bel and Raj must find the truth in a perfect town that feels more and more like a golden prison. A standalone post-apocalypse novel.

Wanderlust (Post-apocalypse Chronicles Book 2)

Rediscover Earth 400 years after the Apocalypse. Daring to boldly go onward without looking back.

Six years passed since Raj and Bel emerged from Rainbow Town and settled in Roanoke when the Wanderlust Bug bites him again. He wants to see what else is left of human civilizations, but mostly where those damn alien disks come from.

With Bel and a few friends, they start a journey through 25th century North America, heading for the wild west where monsters roam the night.

A cross-country journey in search of more truths about the apocalypse, its survivors and the alien invasion.


The cover reveal will be closer to the release date for book 2 (early December) when I’ll also change the cover and blurb on book 1! Thanks and have a great weekend! 🙂


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