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Since the year is almost over and I probably won’t finish another book before then, I’m going to do my Yearly Recommended Reading post now! 😉 Also because it’s the time of the Small&Medium Publishers Book Fair here in Rome, but for the first time since its inception, I’m not going there every day (just today to say hello to a couple of friends).

This year I read 54 books – although 7 I did not finish – and 6 and a half were non-fiction (as are the last two). Usually the fiction is read on my Kindle (a.k.a. K.K.), while the non-fiction is on paper because it’s better for research. Unless the novel is signed, then it can be a paperback, LOL!

Anyhow, of the fiction books, here are the 5 stars I gave (in order of reading – with links to Goodreads even though I’m not putting them on my Goodreads profile. Long story, not going back there! 😉 ):

Burn Card: A Cold Poker Gang Mystery  by Dean Wesley Smith

The Last Giant  by Mario Milosevic

Dragons’ Choice (Sorcha’s Children #1) by Debbie Mumford

Against Time  by Dean Wesley Smith

Beyond Control, Interlude, Beyond Reach: Book 1 Bundle of the Beyond Saga  by Rebecca M. Senese

Fairchild  by Blaze Ward

Kings of the Wyld (The Band, #1)  by Nicholas Eames

Entanglement (Future Fiction Trends Vol. 4)  by Vandana Singh

Faring Soul (Interspace Origins #1)  by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Hollow Moon (Hollow Moon #1)  by Steph Bennion

Hydrogen Sleets: a Montague Portal novel  by Michael Warren Lucas

Sticks and Stones: A Trek Novel  by Robert T. Jeschonek

Coffee Cup Dreams  by J.A. Marlow

Mrs Funnybones  by Twinkle Khanna (not a novel, more a memoir/journal and it’s hilarious)

(you can grab the following 4 all together in Sci-fi July Redux)

Stealing from Pirates  by Stefon Mears

A Jack By Any Other Name (The Space Operetta Series Book 1)  by Lesley L. Smith

Raven Rising  by Sean Monaghan

Sector Justice  by Dean Wesley Smith

(I’d add Jorick’s origin story, but I’m not sure it’s available for public consumption yet, I got it from Patreon…)

Dancing with Tong Yi (Uncollected Anthology, #1)  by Leah R. Cutter

And the series Zeena Dragon Fae by Victoria Zigler (smashwords link cause it’s faster)!

And these are the books I’m finishing the year with – sorta/kinda research for Future Earth Chronicles.

Putting the science in fiction and 21 lessons for the 21st century (non-fiction)

Giving the list so early means you have time to request them for Christmas… so happy reading! 🙂 And have a great weekend!

2011 reading

As I’ll finish the year with a manuscript, I guess I can look back and see how much and what I’ve read this year…

4 manuscripts (2 have been published since)

4 non-fiction on various subjects (includes some historical research)

“Classics” in the sense of Chansons de Geste – 4 of Chretien de Troyes + La chanson de Roland + Le Roman de Brut (available for free at Project Guttenberg) needed for my historical novel research

30 fiction titles of various lengths and genres.

Could have done better, but I was busy… uhm… writing! 😉

I have given reviews at the time of reading, but let’s see what lights a bulb in my head at reading a title: if it’s on the list, it means I recommend it, because I still remember what it’s about! 😀

OK, the memory Amaranthine series is still quite fresh, all three books of them (although I might have read the first six months ago, but that’s how good books work. You can’t let them go!). So if you’re a vampire lover, go check them all (and then we can poke the author in putting out the next book together, LOL).

Jonathan Gould‘s lovely little novels are also still on my mind, for their humor and wisdom behind the satire.

I loved Dicky’s story as well – maybe precisely because it didn’t fit in one specific genre (the author says Inspirational, but it wasn’t a boring Inspirational read – and I’m very sensitive to someone trying to preach to me! ;-)).

Then I’d recommend C.S.Splitter’s Tom Crayder series for some action and mystery, and of course Dean Wesley Smith’s Think like a publisher for the non-fiction recommendations…

My TBR pile isn’t going down – I have even more paper books than before + a long list on my Smashwords library of ebooks to buy + some titles on my Kindle (they don’t send reminders to review, so I bought a batch, but still have to go through them), so please DO NOT send me any reading recommendations. I’m afraid I’m all set until 2015! 🙂

I’m not making plans on how much I want to read next year (so I won’t put my goal on Goodreads either), but I hope to go through at least half of the list… (wishful thinking, I’m afraid! :-(). Anyway, I’ll post reviews whenever I find something I like – no reviews under 3 stars because I feel there’s enough negativity on the internet, so that’s my policy! 😉

Happy reading!

Friday read

It should have been a Review Friday, but as I said, these two weeks are a little exceptional.

First of all I wanted to point you to the six sentences of a lovely lady who wrote this piece about a child, but I could recognize myself in it even if I’m no longer a child.

“I only imagined how difficult it must have been for her not to be able to express exactly what she wanted and/or needed in a way others could understand.

Coupled with that was that those people she couldn’t communicate with tried teaching her how to communicate using methods she didn’t feel comfortable using. In fact, even when Jaimie tried expressing herself, she was told it “wasn’t the right way.” Then those people tried making Jaimie do things their way—their “right way”—without trying variations of their way to see what worked best. Finally, how she related to those people changed on a daily basis depending on her own sensitivity levels. If she wasn’t able to deal with a person’s smell, for example, she wasn’t able to concentrate on the task at hand, which caused frustration on both sides.”

Talk about touching. That’s why I feel an outsider sometimes… and sometimes a rebel, because I refuse to follow some rules that are passed as the only right way to do things. There is no right or wrong way, there’s each’s personal way in everything. Take it from someone who tried desperately to fit in until she realized she shouldn’t force herself to be what the others wanted her to be.

Next week you’ll have some musings about writing and everything related as I relax with my nephew AND my Kindle – my wonderful techie bro set up the wi-fi, so I’m all set to start a TBR digital list! 🙂 I guess he deserves a BIG present for his upcoming b-day! 😀

Working on SKYBAND (which might have found more readers), I did the cover for the next chapter:

and it so reminded me of the Sweeties, or the original Mercenaries?! (you might remember the working title for this graphic novel was New Mercenaries) as you can see here:

Of course I’ve become better at coloring with Photoshop, so the next generation looks better! 🙂 I’m also noticing now that Birdsong (first on the left) has the same shirt as Brayan (upper drawing blond guy with long hair)… but it’s OK, as Birdsong is actually Brayan’s uncle! 😀

Now, to today’s announcement: Soul Stealers is now available on Smashwords and Lulu (and even on Kindle, this time I uploaded the Smashwords .mobi file and it went live much quicker)! I didn’t do a book trailer for this one, so enjoy the cover only… and happy birthday, Keanu! 🙂

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