Wednesday Weekly Roundup

And I’m back home after visiting friends (and cousins) and taking a break from the routine… Unfortunately DayJob is still interfering a lot with my productivity, so I probably won’t challenge myself just yet. I will set a couple of goals for next year, but I’m going to take it easy until I’m out of the system that is stressing me so much! πŸ˜€

Last week I did manage my 10K, despite the travels. Considering the meetings with friends were often at meals time, that left me with a few free hours to write in the hotel rooms or lobby. I also went through the latest novel, added some kind of ending, but today I’m doing a last pass, so I probably won’t be writing much.

I’m also doing the Pop-Ups I got from a Kickstarter – one per day after dinner, when my brain refuses to produce more writing, so I should be done by the end of the week. This weekend should be a creative one, drawing more than writing, so I can finish the Instagram strip – I don’t have many “waves” left to draw.

Next weekend it’s publishing weekend, I hope to put out three more paperbacks by the end of the year (only one new title, though). Hopefully I can order them and get them before Christmas – maybe, considering that I ordered a DVD back in October, it was sent by DHL and got lost anyway. Sigh.

Today is national holiday in Italy, so I’m home, but this week – and until Christmas, I’m afraid – it’s going to be crazy in the mornings, and I ran out of vacation time. But I will survive and keep trudging along! I might not be as productive as I used to be for the next couple of years, but the changes brought by this year need time to settle.

Hopefully when I’ll be out of DayJob, I’ll be able to challenge myself and start whatever it is that I’m mulling over right now but don’t have the strength to start because I’m not sure I can sustain it. I look forward to the day when I’ll start a new routine, though! πŸ™‚

A good post on the difference between goals and challenges – like I said, I’ll set up a goal, but 2022 is not a good year for me to challenge myself. I probably burned out as well, and I’m still recovering, LOL! I might reach those 450K, but probably not 500K. I’ll try again next year with the wordcount! πŸ™‚

I guess that’s all for today… have a great week! πŸ™‚

Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I thought I was going slower because I had to check maps and stuff for my characters’ journey, but ended up with almost 14k and being almost done with this book. My way of coping with all this is obviously hiding in my worlds or our speculative future, trying to forget the current situation! πŸ™‚ The only thing I really can’t do right now is draw. I barely managed to finish inking the Star Minds Kids and Teens strip, but I still need to do a couple of “covers” and then color and letter it all… not to mention I haven’t done another pencil portrait since January! 😦

I have a post on why you should ignore all that Coronavirus-inspired productivity if you don’t feel like it. I’ve been in this state for longer than you were, so don’t get discouraged by the fact that I resumed writing. Italy has been in lockdown for the whole month of March, so I had time to adjust. But I had to put my new trilogy on the back burner because I don’t have the mind to write it now (although during the weekend I went back to my notes because a friend posted something related to it).

It doesn’t mean I’m already on the other side of this shift, mind you, but the depression of the first weeks is gone. I’m still waiting for the new normal to settle in, and we’re not there yet. Maybe after Easter things will slowly re-open on this side of the world, but I guess everybody’s plans are screwed for the rest of the year. I’m not one who goes on vacation during the summer, but my colleagues are all upset about being unable to go to their usual places.

I might be an indoor person myself, but on Saturday I gave up on going to the supermarket because of the long lines. Waiting standing is not good for my back, so I thought I’d try something else. I never go shopping on Sundays because I think supermarket employees deserve a day off too, but I was so desperate that this Sunday I did go and check if it was open.

It was, I had only five people ahead of me (on Saturday I saw the line in the parking lot before even turning the corner of the building…), so I got my stuff (I was running out of coffee for the moka machine I haven’t used in months, but being stuck at home for breakfast I had to resume using it) and went home happy.

So yeah, it’s a really big deal, emotionally tiring, and the spring weather on this side of the world probably doesn’t help. An Italian saying goes “April, sweet sleeping” (which rhymes in the original “Aprile, dolce dormire”) and I can already feel that spring drowsiness.

Last week my brother managed to get to Mom’s and show her how she can do WhatsApp video calls with her tablet – it might be our only way to spend Easter together. My sister finally has got a smartphone, so as soon as she downloads WhatsApp, we’ll add her to the family chat. I’m still quite dumb with the whole videocall thingy, but I’ll learn! πŸ˜‰

I put a new title out, and when formatting I realized I ended up not putting in flashbacks. And last night I remembered that yes, I did write them, but I totally forgot about them and didn’t send them to the proofreader. So don’t rush to get this title… I will update it as soon as possible. This shows I’m not at my normal efficient self, hope it makes you feel better! πŸ™‚ The last Star Minds Lone Wolves book will come out in two weeks, then we’re off to the Team’s adventures for another three titles.

And I got word from the curator that the Immortals bundle is on sale! Check it out! My “immortal” is Kaylyn, Rajveer’s sister-in-darkness, a 12th century Anglo-Norman lady… through the centuries!

In spite of many authors offering books with discounts or free (like the Smashwords sale – check out this friend of mine, everything 60% off of free – or this other friend of mine who has put her short stories at 99c), there’s still someone who wants to profit from this. Writer Beware on Copyright Violation Redux – The Internet Archives National Emergency Library.

I didn’t check if they have my books, but I suspect that my lack of sales is because of pirate sites – sometimes they pop up in my Google Alert. Sigh. When people will be willing to pay for their entertainment, it will be a nice new world where I’ll love to live in. Maybe when this is over.

Oh, and our fearless curator (of the above bundle) has put out a new title as well. Check out Here Be Brave New Worlds, that includes Brainwaves (Future Earth Chronicles Book 1) – to which I remind that the rest of the series is half-price in the Smashwords sale

To end on a brighter note, a friend on Facebook posted the usual stupid meme “Whatever song was #1 on your 12th birthday is the official theme for your quarantine” and I want to share my official theme with you. I was living in Geneva at the time, so it’s going to be a French song.

“L’oiseau et l’enfant” (“The Bird and the Child”) was the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1977 performed in French by Marie Myriam, who represented France. I still own the 45 – yep, still plenty of vinyl records and audio tapes in this house! πŸ˜€

Here you have the video (karaoke version), I think it’s quite good for these times, and I wish you a wonderful week! πŸ™‚


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