Writer Wednesday

So, last week was so Publisher Week that I barely started on the new story. Meh. I’m halfway through now, and as soon as I’m done I hope to receive the next proofs from CreateSpace. I know, I said I’d mention the publishing stuff on the publisher page… but so far it’s nothing new, simply the POD version of books that came out during the summer.

If you want dead-trees books, you can now order Tales of the Northern Kingdoms Volume 1 and Volume 2 on Amazon. I’m sure sometime this week you’ll find them also at Barnes&Noble and other bookstores through Amazon’s distribution.

Since it does take some time from CreateSpace to Amazon and the other retailers, I think that the POD version of Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness will come out in October, so that when the e-book goes live, it already has the matchbook thing active and you’ll be able to get it for free with the paperback. I am currently awaiting the first proof.

Next weekend I’ll upload another collection and wrap up the Star Minds stories. So next week I’ll hopefully get back to the Quests and Silvery Earth and write until I leave for my vacation in October. I am trying new promotion stuff, but not sure it’s working yet. I am aware, though that book promotion is not a one-size-fits-all strategy! šŸ˜‰

Now, if you’re just starting, here’s some myth busting for you. And the secret to making tons of money as an author (hint: there is no secret – I’m in that bracket that earns less than 1000$ per year, still, after five years). I wanted to bang my head on the desk when a friend of mine said he paid an agent to read his manuscript and have a professional evaluation – turns out the reader for the agency is a retired teacher who suggested he adds a love story in a thriller book.

IĀ  still have to write back to him – he’s Italian, but I very much doubt Italian agents are different from the American ones (i.e. unregulated, with no professional background and that could probably make you rewrite a perfectly fine thriller novel to make it more of a romance. Yikes).

Now I better go back to writing. I miss losing myself in other universes instead of having to deal with day-to-day matters such as formatting, uploading, checking proofs and the worst of all – marketing! šŸ˜‰ Have a great week!

Random Friday

Since B.G. Hope doesn’t have a blog, she’s going to take over today! šŸ˜‰ (yes, I have split personalities! šŸ˜€ Mwhahahaha!)

These are my bestselling titles under this pseudonym, although the third one has come out only a month ago, and hasn’t sold much yet. But if you’d like to have the whole collection, here it is, on Apple, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, Amazon – and sometime even on Kobo, who has become the slowest to upload.

Yes, there’s even the printed version, see? (well, someone has, thank you, you anonymous buyer!)

4ShafaliCutOtherwise grab your ebook at the above – even if the Matchbook thingy doesn’t seem to be there… I swear I checked the box and said that whoever got the POD can have the ebook for free!

Two random advices in comic book form – for dreamers and for artists, but both apply to writing! Or any other creative endehavor, really…

Now back to reading Wyrd Worlds 2… Have a great weekend! šŸ˜€

Random Friday

Sparing you another rant on topics I do not wish to discuss on this public forum, I give you the proofs that arrived yesterday – 2 out of 3 since one was delivered at my parents’ and I’m picking it up on Sunday. Unfortunately my nice 90-year-old+ neighbor wasn’t in when the proof arrived yesterday, so I sent UPS to my parents who live in the next street.

Anyhow, here you have: the very first POD version for Lulu, cover by Barb. The current version on Lulu, cover by Barb. And the upcoming version on CreateSpace, cover by Silvano Beltramo. On these two I forgot to select Matte Cover, so you have the glossy version that won’t be the final. Anyhow, putting them here for comparison anyway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve already seen there are some problems in the interior of these two, so I know what to do this weekend… sigh! Hope you have a better one than mine! šŸ˜€

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