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Sunday Surprise

Published 12/08/2017 by Barb

Since it’s easier to post to Facebook than wriring a real post on WordPress from a phone, please head for my Facebook page (link in sidebar) for a preview of Worldcon.

Did l mention it’s easier to use Facebook mobile? 😉 Real report coming next week as promised! 🙂

Happy Sunday! 😁

EDIT as you can see it’s so hard, that l can’t even schedule for the right day… So HAPPY SATURDAY! 😁


Random Friday

Published 10/03/2017 by Barb

This will be quite short too because l’m still doing it on my phone’s tiny keyboard…

I wanted to upload short videos, but this won’t support MP4… so photo gallery only… Oregon landscapes…

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Oh, and here’s my shopping cart… The pads go very well with the book! 🙂

Random Friday

Published 01/07/2016 by Barb

I got the link when I got home, so I’m posting it here – my success story @ David Farland Story Doctor!

Now I’m going to fill this with the 3 (yes, three) pictures I took on my weekend off – okay, there are more, but not for public consumption, LOL! So, there you go:

The (invisible) aviator at the Museo del Bozzetto - Pietrasanta

The (invisible) aviator at the Museo del Bozzetto – Pietrasanta

me framed in the streets of Pietrasanta

me framed in the streets of Pietrasanta

strange wood sculptures over a shop in Pietrasanta

strange wood sculptures over a shop in Pietrasanta

And here’s #4 – a little extra for you foodies out there! 🙂

my lunch in Genova

my lunch in Genova

Have a great weekend! 😀

Random Friday

Published 06/05/2016 by Barb

Totally random. Someone on Facebook posted a picture of Rome EUR in 1953. I thought I’d compare it to how it is now, since I go there everyday to work (I’m a on the outskirts of that somewhere in the right hand top corner).


And let’s make it another Art Friday with another pencil portrait – WiP and finished. Not much reading, but lots of watching to do! 🙂

2016DabbooPeopleWiP4DAAnd since it’s a Watch This post, here’s Da Muse’s latest (you can tell I miss his ass-shaking in movies and item songs… since 2014, gaaaah!)

Have a great Sunday! 😀

Random Friday

Published 11/12/2015 by Barb

Let’s make it Art Friday or something. A preview of Samantha the Witch and the Desi Vampire – pencils only and the last scene still to draw. That’s the original ending, and the first thing I wrote, but then Rajveer’s story took another turn. I thought this was fun to draw, so I’m doing this chibi-style comic about it (see even the original doodle about Samantha’s pet vampire)…

StW&DVpencil_resizeAnd now a few cloudy skies and winter suns… Roman December courtesy of Da Smartphone! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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Random Friday

Published 14/08/2015 by Barb

Summary of the 10 days off… the only thing worth mentioning is the visit to this castle:

verrucoleI took the English flyer on purpose. The guide was interactive and sorta bilingual (I refrained from correcting her English, since the tourists didn’t! 😉 Even the guy at the coffee shop wore medieval clothes when we returned there after the tour of the tower).

Here’s a selection of my pics of it (with my real camera, not a stupid smartphone!):

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And my experiments with Da SIM-less Smartphone – my first/last selfie, which prompted this:

selfieBarbIt’s hot, so not too much reading for you, okay? 😉 Have a great weekend!

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