Writer Wednesday

I must say that writing 3 entwined books at the same time is a new and fun process for me. I should have done the same with the vampires novels, but well… too late for that! 😉

The workshop on Writing Series was really helpful for this, so a big THANK YOU goes to Dean Wesley Smith! I used also the Teams (no longer available) and Writing Science Fiction workshops for this one.

I’m wrapping up these 3 books this week and then I’ll go back to shorter works for the rest of the month – I have promised one story to a charity anthology and I want to submit to Tor novella again (albeit in the July window).

Kindle Scout results! As expected, I wasn’t chosen, hence in June you will have the first new title of the year, my historical novel The Fern and The Cross. I shall set up the pre-order next weekend, since I’m afraid at the end of the month Kindle Scout might vanish completely.

Thank you to anyone who nominated me, you will be notified through KindleScout when the (e-book first) comes out. I’ll do the paperback after the summer. Or you can keep following this very blog, haha! 😀

Writerly links! David Gaughran is still everywhere, I wonder if he’ll show up at Dublin 2019 worldcon next year! 😉 Guest on D2D blog, platform building and related terrors. And on Joanna Penn’s blog, someone talks about his book Strangers to Superfans.

Speaking of Dublin and Worldcon, I filled the form to be on the programme. Soon I’ll fill also the programme suggestions form… we’ll see where that takes us! 🙂

Oh, and… Happy Birthday, Smashwords! 😀 Have a great week!

Random Friday

Less than a week left to nominate The Fern and The Cross on KindleScout! 🙂 Still have no insights in the campaign, so I have no idea of how it’s going. Anyhow, if you have an Amazon account anywhere in the world, please log in and nominate, thank you! 🙂

Since not much is going on except writing writing writing (and some translating inbetween) while this summer it will be much more crowded, I thought I’d give you a preview of what’s to come. The next Heroine of Silvery Earth is a writer and a scholar, so I “recycled” one of my very oldest stories in the appendix.

Just for fun, I shall translate here the very first official story of yours truly, written sometimes in 1975 (I think, there is no date on that booklet), while I was living in Switzerland. I’m saying this because you might not be aware that the Swiss are very proud of their train service, and that’s what inspired this very short illustrated story.

The Lucky Train (and other stories)

Once upon a time there was an antique train who was very bored. He was very unlucky because he couldn’t go out and wander on the rails!

One day they destroyed him to make a new one. Finally he went out and had a lot of fun taking all those people inside him. Now he had become lucky and wasn’t bored anymore, quite the contrary, he was having so much fun that he almost cried for joy.

One morning he left as usual, but a man wanted to blow him up; he had put some dynamite inside a freight wagon that he threw against the train. The train saw it and changed rails. For once he was saved thanks to his luck! From that day he lived like all our beautiful modern trains.

The End.

There you have it. A ten-year-old first story. There are a couple more in that booklet, all two-pages long with an illustration on the blank page across, then I moved to notebooks.

The newsletter subscribers will receive a short story (written for the Anthology Workshop last year, but I used the cards of Old Silvery Earth that I drew about that timevas inspiration) with the cover made by more drawings from that period to show what Old Silvery Earth actually looked like before I added in Samantha and her sisters! 😉

So the story is recent, the cover illustrations are not, but if you’re curious about the Old Silvery Earth – which, like Samantha says, “It might have been created by a child with a wild imagination and an overdramatic story sense” (Ciaran&Harith) – and you’re not on my newsletter, you can subscribe here.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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