Wednesday Weekly Roundup

This is the last week of the Smashwords July Sale, so make sure you grab any discounted books before they go back to full price. A gentle reminder that the four Ghost Bus Riders books can be purchased for a grand total of 10.50$! Also, most Silvery Earth books are 50% off if you want to try a new high fantasy series of standalone!

Last week I wrote 10K, and hopefully this week I’ll manage another 3K which will bring the yearly total to 300K. I’m traveling, so I don’t think I’ll write much (busy meeting people), but I hope to get down at least another story before the end of the month.

And I’ll be working on the new project’s covers with some help from a friend, while I’m there. If you’d like to know more about that and get a free short story, subscribe to the newsletter on the right hand bar of the publisher’s page… The newsletter and the link to the short story will go out August 1! 🙂

On another note, today is my dad’s 90th birthday, so celebrating him! 🙂 And that’s the reason I’m traveling, he doesn’t spend the summer in hot Rome… 😀

That’s all for today… try not to melt if you’re in the northern emisphere. I’ll be fighting mosquitoes, but being in an old house with very tall ceilings, it should be cool enough to sleep without sweating too much! Have a great week!


Writer Wednesday

Last week I wrote about 13K and wrapped The Wanderers at 93K. Now I’m going to leave it alone until Mighty Editor checks it, because I’m bored with it and think it sucks, haha. Besides, I’m reading a non-fiction book about medieval Persia, so it might give some ideas for the past of the southern kingdoms (since this story is set before the Quests).

The good thing about NOT having readers clamoring for more is that I don’t feel the pressure of writing the next book. The bad think is not knowing how I am doing, which makes me doubt myself and my skills. Yeah, my self-esteem is currently low, but I will bounce back, don’t worry! 😉

Anyway, I wrote 400K already this year, and even if I’m not sure I’ll write another 100k in the last four months of the year, I don’t care. I proved I can reach half pulp speed (500K) and stick to my own deadlines, now I can get back to having fun. Productivity was never my problem, was it?

If and when some series of mine takes off, I have more books to write. Meanwhile, I have some experiments to do to get out of this burn out. Currently writing shorts for anthos and trad mags, while coloring the Silvery Earth Kids strip (about 10 to color, then about 80 to letter) that I hope to complete by the end of September.

Then I’ll need to do a print attempt with Lulu so I can check it (my eyes don’t like staring at the screen, and printed out mistakes are glaringly obvious) and redraw whatever needs redrawn or adjusted. Not sure yet what my next long project will be. Possibly a contemporary story or maybe another historical fantasy. I did buy some books in Edinburgh! 😉

Still slowly tending the garden, and last week I resumed the Backstage Pass. And since I need to be gentle with myself, I won’t be posting weekly, but every other Sunday.

I’m working on the next instalment, but the topic seems hard to tackle. I do have some articles ready (meant for my never-started magazine or my aborted-Patreon), but I want to write something new that has been on my mind for months. So I will ponder it a little longer.

Meanwhile, there’s another free story up on the Infinite Bard, check it out! Have a great week! 🙂

Writer Wednesday

I’m wrapping up Torik’s stories and hope to write a short story this week before moving to the sequel/other-side-of-the-story The Path of Metal, that I will probably finish in Edinburgh (unless I’m really quick and write a short novel in a week and a half, but I don’t think I’m that fast, LOL!).

Looking for a conclusion also for the strip, so I can prepare the books. Going back to my notes on the middle ages, the drawings of the strip are definitely fantasy! 😉 At this time the northern kingdoms should be approximately Vikings, but that’s not how I dressed Torik in Silvery Earth Kids (or the other Humans, for that matter). Oh, well, it’s not Earth and it’s not historical, so who cares? 😉

Aaand we have another Star Minds Lone Wolves Team volume! Kudos to my Australian Kobo user who managed to get it before it was published! The glitch in the KWL dashboard lasted at least until Monday (then I stopped checking, cause I really don’t care)… I considered reporting it, but it doesn’t really matter! 😀

And hey, the whole series is science fantasy, see this lovely article on cross-genre books? I write all over the place, but definitely for

The Fantasy anchored reader: This reader is looking for a way out of real-life, wanting nothing more than to escape in a world where nothing is impossible: supernatural creatures, life on other planets, worlds hidden in plain sight.

Oh, and it’s my turn on the Infinite Bard! Go check that story on how Alain became a vampire, in case you missed Nightly Bites volume 2! Well, it’s also at the end of Kristine the Youngest… so if you want a taste of Vampires Through the Centuries that now crosses over with Future Earth Chronicles… go check that story! 🙂

If you need help in ditching MailChimp for MailerLite, head over to David Gaughran. I’m in no hurry to restart a newsletter since it had no organic growth while this blog does, so… welcome new readers! This is Writer Wednesday where I ramble about my writing and the publishing industry! I even modified the blog header or something to make it look more professional! 😀

I also promise to resume the Backstage Pass Sunday posts on the publisher’s page in September… but currently I’m melting on this side of the world and barely have the energy to sit at the keyboard and ramble twice a week. Hopefully in September I’ll be able to resume that other schedule.

Because yeah, I probably need a more lively static page with all my books, since my readers don’t seem to be here. Except I don’t know about engagement. And I hate ending my posts with questions. They don’t make me want to answer, so I don’t do what I wouldn’t react to.

Would you like me to ask you questions about the blog post? Please, be like Tori, who comments without being prompted, thank you! *Hugs, Tori!*

I hope to get to reading some non-fiction about the business of writing soon, but things like Amazon Decoded and Author Branding currently make my brain even mushier. Maybe I better wait for September for that too. I’m planning to re-educate myself from then on, so…

For now I’ll just go back to writing. And researching. And drawing. Have a great week! 🙂



Writer Wednesday

Last week I came to a grinding halt with Legends of the Moren Empire Volume 2. I don’t like it, I don’t think I can fix it, and I don’t want to work on it anymore. So the rest of the week I worked on Silvery Earth Kids – the prose version and a few more strips – reaching 9400words.

This is the last week I’m giving out wordcount, though. I have reached almost 280K already, and I proved to myself and the world that I can write 500K a year if I put my mind to it, so I’ll keep count for myself from now on. I’m also thinking of scheduling pre-orders for all the Lone Wolves titles, so I can shut down my brain for the summer.

And after the summer, we’ll see. I might try to break into the Italian market, and let the English market be for some time. Or maybe I’ll tend the garden of the English titles (close to 200 anyway), especially after 20BooksEdinburgh. I can’t really think right now, because the heat is really killing me, so I’m in survival mode! 😉

I spent most of the weekend reading and napping, although I did finish coloring the strip and drew a couple more. I’m not done yet and I might use some of the prose version as flashbacks in Torik’s novel, which I’m starting this week. I already wrote a short story about the bully of the strip, and now I want to follow Torik and Copperscales – twelve years after Silvery Earth Kids (which means, basically, that Torik is now an adult, but Copperscales is still a baby Fajrulo!).

I wanted to do another couple of curated anthologies, but I probably won’t have the strength, not even for a third Sci-Fi July bundle. But another anthology (not curated by me) should come out this summer, so you can still fill you summer reading if you feel so inclined! 😀

And it’s Infinite Bard day! Hop off to check the newest story by the awesome Debbie Mumford! Mine will be up in July, so that’s another free read for your summer! 😉 Have a great week!

Sunday Surprise

And it’s a guest! Yes, we met in person – at that Anthology Workshop I mentioned the other day! And she’s in Nightly Bites Volume 2! And in Celebrating Male Lovers with her pen names! And let’s not forget she curated Love Magik Glow, another great bundle that includes yours truly… Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kate Pavelle!

I met Barb G. Tarn at a writing workshop in Oregon. Aside from sharing a car to get from the airport in Portland to the coastal and scenic Lincoln City, we also share a European heritage, a love of adventure, and a passion for storytelling.

She was kind enough to invite me onto her blog today, so I’m here to answer a few questions about my recent spy thriller release, Unsavory Company.

Is the book a stand-alone, or are there books I’m missing?

Aha! A good question. Many years ago I had decided to write a book. I was moving along quite nicely, but some “helpful” article in the Writer’s Digest said that new writers often start out strong and finish strong, but the middle tends to sag. And to keep the middle from sagging, it’s necessary to invent all these secondary plot threads, which will reinforce it.

So I threw in about ten totally unnecessary plot threads, which more or less obscured the main plotline. It was a lesson learned, and I chalked up the 250,000 words to experience. However, since I still loved the characters, I invented Gina, who meets my bad boys from my first effort at a thriller.

But will there be more?

Yes, I plan to write more in Peter Christoff’s world. I have another Gina Francesca Migliore book in the works right now.

Why the Balkan War?

My family defected from Czechoslovakia when I was a teen, so I had a first-hand experience at what it’s like to be a refugee, not speak a language, and not have money. I have also experienced fear, because we had been pursued by the Czechoslovak equivalent of the KGB back then. You can read about all this in my Cancelled Czech Files series book On the Run. In Unsavory Company, I wanted to draw on some of those old memories and feelings, but empower Gina to take action.

Second reason has to do with art smuggling. After the Eastern Bloc regimes fell apart, the power vacuum in the Warsaw Pact gave rise to a ruthless form of capitalist pursuit, where roving gangs of “entrepreneurs” were stealing art from churches, castles, and even cemeteries, and were selling historical artifacts to wealthy buyers in the West. When I had returned to Czech Republic in 1990, I was stunned by the damage. The Balkan War had occurred near this period, was influenced by similar forces, and the Balkans were always a crossroads of cultures and commerce. The culturally rich and historically intricate environment drew me in both as a setting, and as a subject for further research.

You mention a CIA source in your acknowledgments. Who was he?

Um… the lady in question had been quite gracious with her input. She had me run the plot by her, and when I had a question, she suggested ways in which the system would, or would not have, worked. In many cases, she had said, “I cannot answer that question – but tell me what you are trying to achieve. There might be another way.” She does not wish to be named, but she took great glee in making suggestions and laughing at the potential situations. In her experience, this plot was feasible, especially in a pre-digital era.

I had decided, from the outset, not to make my CIA field operatives a part of some bizarre “black works” action. These actions are outside the law and unconstitutional, and the blasè portrayal of intelligence work as “off the books” discredits the real, and necessary, work of men and women in the intelligence community in the eyes of the reading and movie-watching public.

So… is it true you got your start writing gay romance?

Absolutely! Even though my first seven novels were gay romance and were published by Dreamspinner Press under Kate Pavelle, now I write all kinds of contemporary and paranormal romance, both LGBT and “straight,” under the Olivette Devaux pen name. Kate Pavelle is now reserved for humor, thriller and suspense, weird fiction, and so on. The genre and general feel of my books is always apparent from the book descriptions.

Thank you for having me over, Barb! For those of you who’d like to pick up a copy of Unsavory Company, it’s available on Amazon in both mobi and print, and at many other online stores in the ePub format.

If you would like to keep abreast of news from my writing cave, claim the military historical humor story below. Doing so will add your e-mail to my newsletter. If you find out it’s not for you, you can unsubscribe at any time!

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