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I’ve been thinking of my visually impaired readers who can’t really enjoy a webcomic… and it occurred to me that it might also be a sort of serial flash fiction. Although I’ll have to study how to turn a series of strips into a decent flash fiction… currently I’m still under 1000 words of text, but it’s just dialog, since the panel shows whatever is not said.

So it would need to be beefed up for prose purposes, and probably split into episodes. As an experiment, here go the first five strips presenting the characters with a frame for the visually impaired. On purpose, I’m not reposting my color palette attempts and let me know if you can “see” them.



The five lined up in front of the audience and fussed a little about their positions. Then they started introducing themselves. First came a blonde girl with pointed ears and a floral dress with puffy sleeves. She had pale skin and baby blues and spoke in a soft voice.

“Hello, my name is Goldenberry and I’m a Genn,” she said with a curt bow. “We’re Ether’s people and mainly magic users these days. Once upon a time whe had kingdoms, much like the Humans… But they chased us away and we moved underground, invisible to them!”

She curtsied again and looked at the boy next to her. He wore a short tunic of nacreous fabric and sandals. He had brown hair to the shoulder and water-green eyes. He bowed his head with a lopsides smile.

“Hello, my name is Erwan and I’m a Waiora,” he said. “We’re Water’s people and are normally found in both fresh and saltwater, but we can live on land as well. We can shift shape to dolphins, seals or otters… But our towns are at the bottom of the sea, where Humans can’t go.”

The boy at the end of the line started fidgeting, looking at his booted feet. The next in line was a redhead with freckles and feathered wings the same color of her hair. She wore tight-fitting clothes that left her legs bare and flat shoes. She seemed ready to open her wings and fly off.

“Hello, my name is Winged Ylenia and I’m a Sila,” she said shyly. “We’re Air’s people and live mostly up in the clouds. We eat Clouds’ Nectar more than anything else but we can eat some earthly food. Our nests are on the highest peaks where Humans don’t go.”

She got closer to the copper dragon standing next to her. She had horns and pointed ears and a ridge of copper scales as well as bat-like wings. Her belly was golden and her fangs didn’t look threatening. She was obviously a dragon cub and only the boy next to her looked nervous in her presence.

“Hello, my name is Copperscales and I’m a Fajrulo,” she said. “We’re Fire’s people and the most powerful of the Magical Races. There’s fewer of us, but we can shift shape to look like other races, Magical or not. We love mingling with Humans and passing ourselves off as gods!”

She looked at the blond boy next to her. Clearly Human, he wore tunic and breeches and boots. He looked uneasy in such company and he almost stuttered when he spoke.

“Er… I’m Torik. I’m Human. I have no magic. I’m short-lived. I’m a barbarian to the Magical Races. I’m ignorant. I know nothing of gods and goddesses. I’m scared of dragons.”

The other kids surrounded him and hugged him. They were his friends, they’d never let him down. Yes, he might not be a member of the Magical Races like the other four… “But we love you anyway!” they chorused.

A tear of joy ran on Torik’s cheek. He felt fortunate to have such friends, although he didn’t know much about them. Surely they could have a lot of fun together!

So, what do you think? I could serialize the flash and strips on Patreon at the lower level of 1$ a month… Anyone interested in this? Thanks for any comments! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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