Random Friday

Rant on both worlds, online and offline. Let’s start with offline. It’s Woman’s Day (not that I care) and public transport has decided to go on strike. Trains, planes, bus and taxi! When I’m supposed to get on a train that I booked 2 months ago with a non-refundable ticket. Stupid country! 😦

Here’s to hoping I find at least one train that takes me to Milan before evening. Gotta visit friends at Cartoomics tomorrow! Offline friends for a change! 🙂 I want to talk to them about my webcomic project and hear what they’re doing and all that stuff!

Online rant, that wretched social network and its irritating notifications for pages! Why do they tell me to invite someone to like the page after he liked a post? The person wouldn’t have seen the goddamn post in the first place if they weren’t already liking or following it, thanks to their everchanging algorithms!

And then I heard about their new service (not available in my country yet, but if you’re American or British, you might be among the beta-testers): Facebook Fans. Facebook is trying to kick out Patreon. You gotta be kidding me. I mean, would you – as a fan/reader – give money to Facebook to see my posts?

I definitely wouldn’t. I’d rather stay on a dedicated platform like Patreon, both as a creator and as a patron of creators I like. greedy Facebook and its irritating little notifications won’t have my money. Not for ads, not to boost posts (useless, I’ve seen it with the co-editor of one of my other pages), not for subscriptions. It’s a social media, not an online store like Amazon. Gee.

Maybe I’ll end up doing like this author who quit Facebook and is now killing it on Pinterest. I know I had doubts about Pinterest in the past, but it’s changed, I think. And the idea of boards of images is quite interesting. Maybe that’s how I’ll spend my two weeks off, setting up a Pinterest account! 😉

Have a great weekend!


Writer Wendesday

And there’s a new bundle out with Technological Angel it it! This is all of cyborgs and machines and all that stuff, in fact it’s called Cyborg City! So if you’re all for sci-fi, go grab it at BundleRabbit which has also the links to the other retailers… it’s only 4$ for 12 novels!

Coming next is also Vampires of the World, which is already available for pre-order, plus a couple more not curated by me. Lots and lots of bundles this year! 🙂 I will definitely finish the ones I got from StoryBundle in 2015 then I can start (or finish) reading the ones I’m part of! 😉

For next weekend only, Honorable Assassins will be at 99c. The paperback will be available some time next week – I had to redo the cover and order another proof. Sorry about that… Let’s pretend I have the hardcover, while we’re at it! 🙂

I also updated the pre-order documents for Shashank the Fledgling. I have added not one, but two bonus stories! The second is really short and I wouldn’t know where else to put it, so I added it to the ebook and the paperback.Not really bonus-stuffing here, at least the paperback (and the ebook, or course) is richer. I ordered a proof to see how it comes out, along with the revised version of Honorable Assassins.

Unfortunately it’s been a bad month for writing: only 22K for those two stories and some adjustments to other works. Maybe I should retake the novel challenge, LOL! Now I’m writing those final stories for the Fall of the Southern Kingdoms and then I’ll move on to the next project – a rewrite with sequel, then I will really stop recycling old stuff! 😉

I also have to write three more stories, two from the current online workshop and one for some open call project with specific themes – there’s is more than one, but I’m afraid I can write only one of those three! 😉 And the workshop’s not over, I might have to write another opening, so that’s another story I’m sure I’ll have to write… not to mention the opening of past workshops I didn’t have time to finish yet!

Tips for authors using social media on KWL blog. And a Kickstarter for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, that will feature also yours truly sometimes next year! 🙂

About telling a story vs. writing a story. I probably mentioned it before, but I’m a storyteller, not a wordsmith. I want to tell stories not spend days on writing down the right sentence of finding a brand new metaphor. I call that purple prose and I skim it when I see it! 😉

I tried to read a Jack Reacher book, but I’m not too fond of first person narration, so it has gone in the backburner. I have enough reading to do before getting to that! 😀

One last thing: if you aren’t on Draft2Digital yet, you can join through referral now. They distribute to the usual suspects, have ebook templates (that I still have to try…) and now even allow audio! What’s not to love? They’re even better and faster that Smashwords whenever I had a problem… So, what are you waiting for? If you’re indie, join Draft2Digital! 🙂

Have a great week! 🙂

Writer Wednesday

Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens are running an online auction to raise money for 4 organisations working to evacuate LGBT men from Chechnya. Items include signed paperbacks, original characters, original stories, author services and more. The auction began on Friday, May 5 and ends at noon CDT Saturday, May 13th. I didn’t sign up on time (I know, shame on me…) but the auction is now live until Saturday. Go check it.

On the writing front, on Saturday I threw away half of what I had written because the story needed to go in a different direction. I was at 9100 words and 4600 were mercilessly cut and pasted in a new document called “deleted scenes” – I might add it as extra to the ebook when it’s published or give it as reward on Patreon, again when the story is published, probably after the summer.

Murder your darlings, they say. I cut those words because I had found a better way to rise the stakes for the main character and so half of the story had to go. It’s part of my new way of writing, cycling to add stuff back since I’m typing directly on Laptop and don’t need to get to the end before adding stuff in the middle like I did when I was writing longhand.

Anyhow, I did manage to write 3700 new words on Saturday, 6700 on Sunday and wrap the story on Monday at 17600 words, so I’m not complaining! 😉 Now on to the next story! 😀

My Facebook page has 299 “likes” (the screenshot is from 1 like ago)… who is going to be #300? I might reward you if you’re that lucky person… Since the friends I have invited can’t be bothered to accept the invite, it’s up to you, Stranger, to be the One… Or you could be the first patron on Patreon… I should reward you as well… One ebook of your choice, the preferred format, anywhere in the world! 😉

Have a great week!


Random Friday

Aaaand! You can tell my brain is fried from the heat because the previous post came out as Random Friday. Don’t worry, I edited it, so only on Facebook and Goodreads it’s still out as Random Friday because I can’t change what’s been shared on social media! 😉

Anyhow, this is the real Random Friday, since it is now Friday! 🙂 Let me mourn the old Goodreads homepage for a sec. I’m sick of social media changing stuff around that doesn’t need to be changed. I’m NOT downloading the GR app (which I assume is the reason why they changed stuff around AGAIN), and if becomes too bothersome, I’m going to just quit going there.

And then there’s the other new that Facebook is changing stuff around too! I’m sick of trying to keep up with social media for this author stuff. I hope my fans find me here anyway. If you “like” me on Facebook, please follow the instructions in the article, thank you…

I have another week before my week off, so we’ll see how many stories I managed by then. Two out of eight for now. Have a great weekend!

no more daily prompts

They don’t actually inspire me to write posts, so I unsubscribed from the whole blog. Sorry WP guys, not helping me! 😉 I’m going to ramble on my own as usual.

So Nov.1st, National Holiday, spent preparing my own private calendars and coloring the next Happiness is… vignettes – and writing, of course. I’m adding a secondary plot that wasn’t in the original, so it’s like writing a new story. I considered writing the short story of what happens off-stage, but maybe I’ll just put it in the novel as the characters themselves figure out what actually happened.

The Calendar has mostly “recycled” drawings from past years, as this year I did only 3. Next year I hope to do at least 2 for the next calendar, but I’m not using pencils much anymore. Maybe when I finish SKYBAND and before starting the next project I’ll do a couple more – if I can find pictures that inspire me, that is! 😉 Ah, well, maybe eventually I’ll change subject, who knows…

I’m still catching up on what happened in the blogosphere while I was gone, but I’d like to link to a great post by Kris Rush on respect in publishing with a cool list of pros and cons of both sides of publishing. It was awesome meeting the people who said those wonderful things, BTW, I wonder if I should relocate to Oregon! 😉

Also Creative Reviewer Cambria posted an interview to her publisher, a small one, but it’s another very interesting POV on the matter. Please check Otherworld Publications interview, as it has some interesting answers. Oh, and Creative Reviews is also on Facebook, come and “like” us! 🙂

By the way I added my Facebook Widget and too off the old badge… I wonder if it will update faster – at the moment the blog shows 151 likes, the page 150. Wonders never cease… and do you like that Twitter-like new Facebook? I hate it, but there isn’t much I can do about it… sigh!

Ah, well enough rambling for today! 😉

Mid-workshop post – out at the end of it!

One workshop is done, the other is about to begin at the time I’m writing this (Wednesday 19th). The next workshop’s schedule will be hectic, hence the need to schedule once again (gotta love WordPress, haha! :-D). By the time this goes live, I’ll be in the final stages of the workshop, ready to get back to Portland, then New York, then home.

So, what can I say so far… I have redone all my blurbs (except BoI Air) but am still working on a new set of writing skills. Sigh. The coming week  I’ll try to do a post with old vs.new blurbs and ask your opinion before I change them on Smashwords, Kindle and Lulu. But if you really want to sell, either as indie or to New York, do attend a “Pitches and blurbs” workshop by Dean Wesley Smith – he’ll teach you how to do it properly.

He’s also well versed in history of publishing, and this workshop was an eye-opener. You can now see $ signs in my eyes as I make plans for the next five years! 😀 And no, he doesn’t say “go Indie and forget NY”. Actually, quite the opposite (but pitching to NY is a whole another workshop – the one I DIDN’T attend last February, for example). He’s both trad and indie published, and so should we.

On another note: Facebook/Networked Blogs upgrades. Watch that widget of Networked Blogs go as soon as I get home and manually update my author page with my blog posts (like I’ve done for almost two years, duh! Who needs Networked Blogs? ;-)). They upgraded and stopped sending my posts to the chosen Facebook page saying I had exceeded my daily quota (10 posts on every FB thing you have) – now, I was out of town and couldn’t even access my Facebook profile, how could I reach the quota? Then some posts got on again, but some went missing. The app is not holding, too many people use it, I’ll take it off. Their problem, not mine…

And one final thing: I had one lunch in Newport and tasted Francis Ford Coppola’s Chardonnay! 😉 Now, what can I say… not sure if he should do movies or wine, actually… maybe explore a third career? 😉 Just kidding, Francis, you’re doing fine with both! 😀

Next Sunday I’ll be back to normal – Six Sentence Sunday. Have a great week! 🙂

Linky Friday

Does grammar matter? Yes or no? You tell me! 😉

Facebook for writers. And careful with your Twitter. Glad I don’t tweet! 😉

Cat Woods wonders about e-free. I don’t know the answer – and I have many (short) free titles. I think readers who go for freebies, won’t come back for paid titles. The free sample is enough for a wannabe reader to decide if s/he likes you or not.

Critique groups and editors on Books&Such and another excellent post on critiques by Kenra Daniels. More on critiques – by readers – from Ruth Ann Nordin: readers have rights, but so have authors.

Melissa Wright on book titles and Michelle Davidson Argyle on how to publish your first book… if you’re her! 😉 I should do that too… one day…

Advice to a 10-year-old from a pro writer, Ron Marz. Hear this:

Being a writer means telling the stories you want to read, no matter how readers may react.

WOW. So just go back to write! 😉

Kristine Kathryn Rusch on being a real pro writer. And how pro writers sometimes act as dumb as newbies. So let’s kill this other myth: those who can get a publisher, those who can’t go indie by Ruth Ann Nordin. I chose indie not because I didn’t have a choice. I did my research before deciding I was better off on my own. I was running a zine in the 1990s after all. With no internet and lots of snail mail expenses.

Passive Guy on opening your own online bookstore. Will have to study that. Smashwords on how ebook buyers discover books.

Finally a batch of links about Amazon:

1) launch of new Kindle (apparently not available abroad yet, to which I commented I’m glad I had the basic version one month ago) – just scroll the Passive Guy blog, he has more on this topic.

2) inside Amazon’s warehouse (link provided by Stephen, check also his post on the topic).

3) let’s not forget, though, that Amazon is nobody’s friend. For readers and booksellers more than writers, but still worth a read.

4) bestselling authors dealing with Amazon: Barry Eisler (on Joe Konrath’s blog, of course).

5) indie authors dealing with Amazon by Ruth Ann Nordin.

So, Amazon is all over the place with conflicting news. May the reader discern his or her own truth.

Last – just for fun – 50 facts about men. If you’re in a memorial mood, check out this blogfest. Both these links comes from the great Goodreads Group Creative Review (see that badge on the sidebar? Yeah, them! The best for both readers and writers!)

Have a great weekend! 🙂


I’m new to social networks. I’ve never been on My Space, but thought Facebook was worth a try, because it gives me the impression I can control who can see me or not. So I signed up last October, found long lost pals or childhood friends, created an unbelievable network of approx. 130 people – which looks a lot to me, as I’m not very sociable in real life.

Then I kept receiving those “become a fan” invitations. As I already said, I am not a fan. So I posted this:

I. Am not. A fan. Quit suggesting I become fan of something or someone, I’ll ignore you for ever. Thank you.

and received a few comments (names deleted for privacy):

I love your idea. Can I become your fan?

(me) I’ve been thinking of starting my Author’s Page on FB and spam everybody with becoming MY FAN, MWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 😀

go for it!! haha-but I so agree…it’s like getting unsolicited phones calls. If I need your services, I will call you. Nuff said.

I so agree with you!! I have to be your 3rd fan for sure!!!

So I did it. I opened my author page as public figure and waited. Five people became my fans (that’s true friends, IMHO!! :-)). I sent a few invitations to selected contacts and reached 10 fans. A friend of mine invited some of her friends, so now I even have people I don’t know.

I don’t really care about numbers, I do it for the fun of it. At the moment I’m advertising a book fair in Roma – Italy on that page, so it’s mostly for the Italian fans, but maybe, when I publish the novels, I’ll arrange a world tour through Facebook! 😀

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