Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote less than 3K, namely a short story for a closed call and a few words of editing on a couple of projects. DayJob was testing, and in the afternoon I didn’t have much energy left to write. Plus, I was worldbuilding, so now I have a clearer idea of what I want this next story to be.

KDP now allows to archive titles…

So I also spent Sunday archiving many books (although they still show up in the reports, but at least they’re no longer in the bookshelf. Here’s to hoping this archive thing is more effective than Smashwords. I still get sales reports from Scribd of titles that I unpublished years ago. I no longer send books to Scribd now, not even with D2D.

And in case you missed it, the Smaswords End of the Year Sale is now ongoing! As I mentioned last week, all my titles are 50% off – although it’s not all of them, since some were taken down for the rebranding. But a good half of them is half-price for the duration of the sale, so check it out! 🙂

Yes, even the newest series is discounted, in case you were waiting for it! 😉 The only one missing is Otherside, since I didn’t upload the new books on Smashwords… they’ll get there when the merging with D2D is complete.

I don’t have plans for the new year yet, so I’ll leave this for next week. I wish you all a wonderful week and a happy Holiday Season to you and yours!

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