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And a “new” title is out, the collection of stories about the fall of the southern kingdoms of Silvery Earth. Please note that some of he older stories (previously included in Tales of the Southern Kingdoms) are adult-themed. I started writing clean fantasy later.

Which kinda leaves me in a conundrum with my two main series. Both Silvery Earth and Star Minds have adults-only books and “clean” books. No wonder I can’t find my readers, I guess. I displease both parties! 😉

Anyhow, the next sub-series will be clean, so you can wait for those to have a taste of those universes. Well, for Silvery Earth you can try the Quests books (Volume 1 and Volume 2 or as single ebooks). For Star Minds you’ll have to wait for the Lone Wolves (the first should come out this summer, with the second Heroines book – also a clean book of Silvery Earth).

Currently writing two Lone Wolves books at the same time and speedily. If all goes well, I’ll finish both by the end of the month and move on. March wordcount is 31500 (a couple of shorts, a shelved project + the current).

Writerly links: David Farland on the new world of publishing – what can be done now in 2018. Chuck Wendig on giving characters agency in narrative (caution – foul language as usual). On writing by Aaron Rosenberg and how to work with an editor by Joanna Penn.

I have my trusted proofreader and some betas that are more advisors on things I may not know enough about. I have given up on writers’ groups since I really can’t write by committee, but sometimes hearing a different opinion helps. Like someone pointing out that a certain story’s premise is totally absent and I clearly didn’t know what I was doing. Shelved project.

That’s all for today… have a great week! 🙂

Writer Wednesday

O-okay, new week… and as of Tuedsay night I feel aready a wreck. Anyway, I managed to rewrite the Death of Queen Amazonia, so I should be able to send it out to beta/editor soon. Today I hope to work on Star Minds 3, although I already added a few words, expanding a scene (because in the previous book I went after Kol-ian, in this book I’m going after Ker-ris, so I wrote his breakdown). But I still need to add stuff about other characters’s POV – okay, I’m biased, I’d talk only about Kol-ian and Ker-ris if it was just me! 🙂

This week’s links: Lulu is taking out DRM from all e-books, let’s hope everybody will do the same soon. I  don’t have ebooks on Lulu, but I still have some DRMed books on Kobo, they don’t seem to be able to fix the issue. So, if you’ve got a Kobo reader and you see the Kobo file is DRMed, go to Smashwords instead (where, by the way, you find more free titles…).

One of my favorite historical publishers for researches on weapons, armies and castles, Osprey, has opened a fiction line – although there’s no  submission guidelines anywhere. I have two dozens of the military history books from Osprey (mostly about Middle Ages, but not only the European Middle Ages…), but some day I’d like to try their Myths&Legends books – althought the alien’s guide to conquering Earth looks fun too! 😉

Kris Rusch on editorial revisions – and don’t forget the comments. Read it even if you’re an editor – and I look forward to the post for indie authors as well. Never had an editor-with-an-attitude before, but makes me not want to work with traditional publishers, haha! 😀

David Farland on dealing with large casts – a problem that plagued most of my earlier works, with lots of characters and omniscient narrator. I still have multiple POV characters, but trust me, they’re much less than what they used to be! 🙂 And I’m told I’m not the only one, althought the other writers usually write 800pages books and I’m around 200, but that’s me… I’m the queen of summaries, hehe! 😉

Now, Mighty Joleene gave me a blog award, and because I so love the picture, I had to post it, even if I don’t copy those awards on the sidebar anymore! 🙂 But I’ve added it to the blog award page. She said I don’t need to do anything to pass this on except nominate a few bloggers, so here I go…

Vivienne Tuffnell

Shafali the Caricaturist



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You guys just shine on and pass on this neat little image if you wish! 🙂 If not, just shine on, watch the shooting stars, and be happy! Have a wonderful week!

Linky Friday

First an announcement: Stories for Sendai, the charity anthology for the Japanese earthquake, will be on sale until Dec.15. I’m still reading it and hope to review it by then, but I have a busy book-fair week and not much time to read. So hop now to buy your copy before it goes out of print/publish.

Also, Michelle’s books are at 99cents for the month of December if you want to check them out (I recommend Cinders, but I’m biased! ;-)).

Now, to links. A semi-serious post on how to write book jackets for indie authors. Apparently not everything written here is ludicrous, so have a careful look at it – and hey, it’s B&N! 😉

Kris Rusch on how to evaluate a trad pub company.

Guest posts between C.S.Splitter and Cambria Hebert – self-publishing vs. trad publishing with a small company.

C.S.Splitter’s short guide to self-publishing, which goes well with IlonaAndrew ‘s post on book cover design and Ruth Ann Nordin’s how to write 4+ quality books a year.

David Gaughran on how a bestselling self-published novel inexplicably disappears from Amazon UK. And I’m still struggling with the whole thing. Yikes.

Literary Lab on research! You know, that thing you’re supposed to do to write better… something I discovered only lately when I decided to write historical novels? 😉 Yeah, I’m still struggling with that!

Blood Red Pencil on Kindle and Smashwords quirks. Yeah, we all deal with the MeatGrinder and whatever KDP calls its system…

On agents and editors: Passive Guy, Dean Wesley Smith (on agents) and how we should demand some respect from editors (again Dean Wesley Smith) and hope for a writer-friendly trad publishing (Kris Rusch).

A guest post at Joe Konrath about e-book prices and the adventure of an indie.

Finally Writers Beware destroys some myths on finding agents and publishers.

Hopping off to my book fair… Have a great day! 🙂

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