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Writer Wednesday

I finished redrafting Rajveer the Vampire. Cut out 11 pages, added in almost 40. It’s a 50K novel now, and my dear betas who read the first draft might not recognize it – well, at least not the end. I’ve added as much meat as I could, and it’s still an historical (fantasy) story.

One might think it’s easier to write in the present, but when one starts on the historical path, even 10 years ago, things were different! Thank Google for the instant answer to my many questions (although it screws Google analytics and their attempted targeted advertising – which I ignore anyway, LOL) while writing the new ending – including the fact that in 2005 there were Blackberry phones more than Smartphones.

Technicalities, but some readers are… well, you know them. Although since I’ve put vampires in the story, they can’t real expect total accuracy. I try to be as accurate as I can in the historical bits, but it’s still fiction – much like Kris Rusch’s musings on Writing for the Ages and dated science in old sci-fi stories.

Funny also that I added a questionnaire at the end of Rajveer – not as extensive as this one, but still with specific questions on pacing and other things, which I normally don’t. I guess whoever will read the second and final draft will get some of those questions too…

I mostly need to be told where I went too fast, where I forgot setting and if there are glaring plot holes, and that’s why I’m not really into paid beta services, although apparently they provide deep feedback. I only want to know where you – as a reader – stopped. Or what kept you going. Or… well, you get the point.

Writerly links – Joe Konrath fisking John Scalzi on (you can guess) Amazon KDP Select/Unlimited new paying system… Even if most of last year’s revenue for me was from Amazon Italia, I’m not Amazon exclusive and sales sank anyway this year (maybe also because I haven’t uploaded anything in months, although I’ve started the next translation).

It’s a roller-coaster – and e-books are forever. I might not be able to quit DayJob yet, but eventually I will. Even if the vampire stories don’t take off, I’ll probably keep writing them – one a year, since it’s historical fantasy that needs research – because I’m having fun in creating a different kind of universe, set on Earth, based on Earth history, but with enough fantasy to be fun.

And I don’t think you need to answer all the 50 questions about your author platform. But yes, you do need to ask some questions. I still don’t have (and don’t want) a Twitter account and still struggle with keywords, but well… you never stop learning! It’s constantly a work-in-progress, like my publisher’s page! 😉

I’m skipping the Smashwords sale, but I’m already on the Blanket Permissions List on DriveThru, therefore participating in the “X-mas in July” sale with all titles at 25%off – only on DriveThruComics and DriveThruFiction… Have a great weekend!

Writer Wednesday

*SALES* Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale! My books are all 50% off, so some titles have gone FREE!!! Only until the end of July… Make haste! 😉

This weekend I’ll upload another title, but it will be full price… My month on Goodreads is over, but you can still check the wonderful conversation here. Now it’s the turn of fellow Wyrd Worlder Ubiquitous Bubba, so fire away your questions to the next Douglas Adams! 🙂

Writing-wise, I’m completing a couple of stories (one of the Assassins’ Guild and one of the Amazons) and then will move on with the translation. I will try to use a part of the Assassins’ Guild novella as short story – if it stands on its own at less than 6K, I will submit it to a magazine, if not, I’ll just publish the whole novella in the fall. And the Amazons story… if I like it, I’ll add it to my Wyrd Worlds 2 submissions, if not, maybe I’ll just leave it in the drawer! 🙂

Careful of how you behave online. See how you can lose a gig because you had a meltdown on social media… Even if you’re a fiction writer, this applies. Don’t make a fool of yourself in public – I wouldn’t buy a book by an author who whines constantly on social media…

Wonderful post by Hugh Howey on the state of self-publishing. And if you have time (but wouldn’t you be better off writing?!), you can check the latest Konrant (I admit I quit halfway, since I know Joe’s opinion and can’t be bothered to hear him fisking someone else – I’m sick of hearing there are still writers out there who keep their head in the sand and don’t want to think for themselves) or David Gaughran’s analysis of media bias and Amazon.

And since the heat is on, I’m going back to writing and hybernating (in case you’re new to this blog, yes, I hybernate in the summer – and I can’t stand the AC). Have a great week! 🙂

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