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Small announcement: B.G. Hope now has her own web page. And Six Months is out on Smashwords, Kindle and Kobo. From now on all her news will be given there and not here – I kicked out the bestseller pseudonym from this blog, LOL! I’m jealous of myself! ๐Ÿ˜€

About this month’s flavor – Star Minds. I toyed with Cosmopolitan’s widget again, and did the Star Minds issue! Here’s the cover (commissioned art by Phoenixlu that will be used for the omnibus and print versions next year).

cosmopolitan_cover KolianNow, if you’d like to read the contents: the main feature you can find both on this blog and on Joleene Naylor’s blog, as we both let Kol-ian speak and tell his story. About the others… the last Star Minds Sunday will give you a glimpse about the other three articles, so stay tuned!

Now I shall point you to Kris Rusch’s post on writing like it’s 2009 – and go through the comments as well. I’m not one of those mid-list indies that makes a living from publishing yet, but it’s a 5 years plan – it might become 10 years like Kris said, and it’s fine with me. As long as I can keep writing and publishing, I’ll be all right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Doomsayers are saying my Kindle is obsolete or something. Personally, I bought my it last year – Kindle Keyboard, no touch screen, before it was available on Amazon Italia – and it’s still my only e-reader. I like the e-ink and the text-to-speech. And I’m not a fan of i-anything, although I’ll probably have to buy a new phone eventually (I doubt I’ll get the i-phone anyway)… Anyway, link to ebook readers becoming dinosaurs – I’m not an early adapter, quite the contrary, but still… I love my Kindle! ๐Ÿ™‚

Dean Wesley Smith on goals and dreams again. Be realistic. Make your goals for the new year – I’m already working on my schedule for next year, trying to keep in mind vacations and other life rolls (and darn DayJob, sigh). Goes very well with Kris Rusch’s post – but then, they are married for a reason! I wish they adopted me, as younger sister, LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

More links: Writer Beware on avoiding international writing scams. The internet gets you everywhere and Google is your friend. Don’tย  fall for any of those. Passive Guy posted a link on monetizing piracy – did I mention I’m not Neil Gaiman, but I have his same attitute towards piracy? Yes, the content of this blog is copyrighted as is all my writing, so what?

You’re writing only to sell books? You’ve chosen the wrong career. Check SPAL’s post on Wasting Your Time Until You Sell a Book? (Aka. Making a Living at Your Writing isnโ€™t all a Bed ofย Roses). And like Scott William Carter says, WIBBOW (read Kris’s post for explanation) – see, SPAL is saying the same thing about blogging, social networking etc.

Also, a guest on Joe Konrath’s blog – haven’t read the book, but might be worth checking… Now, back to writing! Have a great week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Permanence vs. Accessibility

This rant is generated by Moira Allen’s article on books vs.web from the Writing World archives. She does indeed have a point for both – we all still love books, but on the web our babies are accessible all over the world, which before wasn’t possible. I prefer holding a paperback than a cold Kindle (although I’ve never tried that, so you never know… I might become a convert in the future! ;-)), but e-books are just easier (and cheaper) to get.

Moira says:

“Perhaps this is the ultimate answer to the apparently endless debate over ink vs. electrons, and the possibly silly question, “which will win?” Perhaps, in fact, it’s not a competition and never was. Perhaps, instead, it is a remarkable partnership. The printed page gives our words endurance; the electronic page gives them wings. Why would we want one to triumph over the other, when, as authors, we gain so much from having both?”

I think she’s right. We better get used to both, and start using both. So, for my graphic novel, I made up my mind: I will issue the single issues as soon as they become available on Lulu, but also make 3 “omnibus” so you can read 5 chapters at a time. And I’ll make them available for download as well. So check back my Lulu shop sometime in June for Chapters 2 and 3 of SKYBAND – I’ll be working on chapter 4 and 5 during the summer and hopefully in September I’ll issue the first “omnibus”.

On the topic I would also like to suggest a look at the post on e-readers at Write Enything. The world is changing. Stay tuned…

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