Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote another 12K and started on the next (or previous?) book… proceeding slowly and almost in the dark, but that will make for nice author’s notes or possibly future backstage passes, LOL!

And RE: the latest Happiness is… (my first professional sale), Facebook reminded me a year ago I posted my author copy. It’s still out there, if you’d like to read it, in Pulphouse #5, although I plan on republishing that story soon.

If you have trouble with critical voice, now there’s a workshop to help you killing that critical voice. Personally, I don’t have a critical voice when I write, although every now and then self-doubt bites me when I’m least expecting it, but never while I’m writing. So if you need help in that department, to make writing fun again, go check that online workshop! 🙂

According to some, it’s the right time to read crime novels. Which is perfect for the release of my cover artist and friend’s first novel, Viral Sin.

I’m going to quote an Amazon reviewer, since unfortunately I’m never in the mood of reading thrillers and crime novels:

It was a debut novel by Shafali Anand and let me congratulate her for the work she has done. The hype around corona virus and it’s impact on us is unquestionable that made me read this book. The book starts with multiple characters who lives in different parts of the country having different backgrounds and different kind of lives but fighting against the same enemy. The author has beautiful and in a very simple language explained the effects of this virus on their lives be it temporary or permanent. Some lost their lives while batteling and few won the battle. But life must go on. I would like to recommend this to all those people who are afraid of facing the situation. It will definitely bring positivity to their lives.

So check it out and give her some love! 🙂 And there’s also this other friend of mine who has a suspense novel coming out soon. You can already check the pre-order at this link! Go check them out, right now! (One links to Amazon India, the other to, but I’m sure you can find your own Amazon shop if you’re not in those countries)

Me, I’m more for humor these days, so I’ll recommend this anthology about Nuns With Guns! How crazy is that? And yes, I wrote a story for this! 🙂 This is part of a series, and the previous two volumes had my strips in them. But this time it’s a prose short story, so no drawings! 😉

How’s the lockdown going for you? Are you a “covivert”? I am – I mean, I’m not thriving, but I’m not suffering either. Although I haven’t been in complete lockdown, unfortunately, since the demands of Day Job forced me out of the house! 😀

As announced, DeviantART changed its interface to the new Eclipse, which took away the only think I enjoyed – the llama trade. I was on DeviantART as hobbyist artist and I don’t care for all their new features – show of your portfolio and whatnot. So I’m giving it another couple of weeks, then I’ll close the account.

Some things better vanish from the internet, and the rest might end up in my Instagram. The Sunday Strip is still going, but I haven’t reached the newer strips (still to be colored, lettered and prepared for upload). I hope to catch up on that in the coming two weeks, when I’ll be off Day Job.

Meanwhile I added another mug to my Zazzle store, and hopefully today UPS should deliver my face mask, so next week I’ll post a pic! 😉 Now I shall wait with dread for the new WordPress Editor… sigh. What happened to “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”? Can any IT person explain to me this need to upgrade stuff when nobody asks for it?!

Panic afternoon on Monday when I saw that D2D had sent to Vivlio the delisted Italian titles that I entered in KU. It ignored the delisted English titles, but probably decided that, since Vivlio is European, the Italian titles were meant to be distributed there. Erm, not.

Also, Vivlio seems to be worse than Apple for links inside the ebook… how dare I link to this very blog? So another title unpublished! 😉 The clean-up continues… Now I better go back to writing, I have another book and a half to finish! 🙂 Have a great week!

Random Friday

So, busy week, but still found time to relax a little after dinner. I watched the DVD box with 3 African-American movies I got from Wallmart in NY last August.

Deliver us from Eva is a fun rom-com – and LL Cool J is hot, LOL! Eva looks very cold (much like me), but eventually shows her real self – and she has a reason or two to be so tough. I like the way it starts (a la American Beauty) and then goes totally somewhere else – it is a comedy, but I also got some tears at the end… Anyway, people are people, no matter their color, and when they fall in love… they fall in love, even if they were not supposed to!

Which is basically what happens in Something New where black girl falls in love with white guy… having had a crush on a black guy, I could relate, LOL! Didn’t work out for me, but glad it worked for them. I mean, even IBM (Ideal Black Man – what did you think? ;)) Blair Underwood was handsome, and even if I’m not a blond-guy person (unless it’s Brad Pitt clean-shaven and with long hair, LOL), Simon Baker was a good match. Poor girl had a really hard choice to make! 😀

Finally The Best Man, which is the reason why I bought the box because it’s about a writer. His ARC goes out to his friends who recognize themselves in his book… rom-com again, but about the consequences of writing what you know, LOL! Hence I prefer writing fantasy, just in case! 😉 Just kidding, I also write contemporary stuff, but now that I write in English, it’s harder for my friends to recognize themselves in my stories – for various reasons! 😀

I’ve decided to start putting drawings on DeviantART about Star Minds. I made a characters study folder for them, although some will be used as covers from the e-books. If you’d like to have a look… The print version will have another cover, but the single e-books will have one of those. I plan on doing many more about the other characters as I want to write short stories about them, so hopefully next year I’ll fill that folder! 🙂

Boy, that was short… sorry, guess I’m not very talkative this week. Hope to recover next week with a few days off and in London. There don’t seem to be any Bollywood movies in Leicester Square next week, but you never know… Maybe when I get there I find one! Otherwise, I’ll go DVD hunting as usual, LOL!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend…

Writer Wednesday

My story this week is as follow: I discovered Destined on Goodreads because I so loved the cover. Now, a review of the book will be done on Friday, but I had to find out more about the cover artist.

Enter DeviantArt – a site I have checked many times and never joined because I thought it was only for artists. And my failing eyes who didn’t notice on the artist’s page she had given her e-mail in plain English (her website is in Chinese…). So I thought to contact her I could send her a note, but I had to open an account…

There you have it, now I have a DeviantArt account! I started uploading drawings and book covers (so from now on, everything art-related will go there, unless I need help to choose a book cover) and found out you can also upload text! Short story or sample chapters, but if you’re looking for a place to showcase your talent with a loss-leader, DeviantArt works also for writers. So you can scout for your next cover artist and publicize your own work! 🙂

Here’s my experiment – Starblazer on DeviantArt! It’s also free on this blog and on Smashwords. So I discovered another “social network” although I haven’t joined any group yet. By the way, Goodreads has reached Ten Million users – since 2007! 🙂 You gotta love these guys! 😉 Although I don’t like very big groups – I get lost in the interaction – I like making friends on Goodreads. But please NO RECOMMENDATIONS, my TBR pile and wishlist are long enough already! 😉

I’ve been handwriting this week(end), so no new drawings. Today is a holiday in Italy, so I’m home, reading and writing and trying not to spend too much time watching movies for the umpteenth time! 😉 I might have a couple of reviews for Friday. And I still have to catch up on blogs – why am I always behind? Well, because I’m reading more fiction, LOL! 😀

Right, back to writing now. Have a great week!

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