Writer Wednesday

Slowing down the writing and tending the garden means I wrote a little more than 9K last week. One new story and the expansion of an older one (still unpublished, so no harm done). I’ll probably tinker with the other one a little longer as well, since I’m still reading a non-fiction book for research purposes.

While doint the translation of Brainwaves, I found several instances of a forgotten “h” in a name, luckily I still had to update those documents, so next weekend the “typo” or “inconsistency” will vanish. Next weekend is Future Earth Chronicles and Vampires Through the Centuries update, yay (not).

Silvery Earth, in spite of pruning, still has quite a lot of titles. Four new covers for the Quests book to make and still a lot of documents to update with new backmatter. How many? The answer is 42. Douglas Adams knew it even before I actually wrote the books!

Just kidding, but it’s more than 40 titles on Smashwords, plus the box sets that are only on Draft2Digital, so quite a lot of work in that department. Not to mention the other retailers – Amazon, Kobo and DriveThru… I’ll definitely be busy all of September with the revamping!

I shall keep these monologues (or dialogues with Tori) going for a little longer. I’ll do a giveaway for the ten years of blogging, then will slow down further to one post a week. Unless there are guests. Or special announcements. I will stop the Happiness is… rotation as well.

So I will have Backstage Pass on Sundays on the publisher’s page and Writer Wednesday on this blog, probably longer and more rambling.

And speaking of announcements, here’s the table of contents of an upcoming anthology, in which I have a story.

Image may contain: text

From the publisher:

The charity anthology, Yearning to Breathe Free is deep into production, and will be available by mid-September. All profits from the anthology will be donated to RAICES, a non-profit charity who has led the fight in making sure that immigrants in detention centers have access to legal protection, enabling families to call each other on the phone, helping parents to find their children, and ensuring that those detained can gain access to basic goods and services.

My story is Following Torik, and if the name sounds familiar, yes, he’s the Silvery Earth Kid that outgrew his clothes. Except this  is the story of his little brother Baldric, and they’re both adults by now (it’s been 12 years since Silvery Earth Kids). So, while you wait for the strip and the related novel, you can have a taste in this charity anthology! 😉

Or you can follow Silvery Earth Kids on Instagram, Monday vignette of a sobbing Torik earned a lot of love (while I kept singing “I don’t like Mondays“!)! 😀 That’s all for now and I wish you all a wonderful week! 🙂


Creative Reviews news

OK, I have only one active group left on Goodreads, because I found so many new friends that I can’t quit now. So that’s where you can find me mostly (even if I belong to a couple more).

So, fellow Creative Reviewers keep exchanging tips in the open (no secret groups, thank you), and someone pointed at a site that links bloggers with businesses and said it was a good exposure. I’ll give you the link to this new site, but I haven’t tried it and I haven’t figured out how it works for authors either, but you can email this guy and ask him: Jesse Cohen at jcohen7523 (at) me (dot) com.

Plus Splitter interviewed Amy Eye about the Christmas Anthology. Go and check it – and see all those authors? OK, I’m not in it, but I’m not a Christmas person. Still I think I’ll have to try the anthology when it comes out because I like the cover and I’m curious to read the stories of my new friends! 🙂 And yes, I’ll pay for my copy like everybody else! 😉

I’m not a horror reader, but I’ll show my support to fellow Creative Reviewer Brett… go vote for his book “That which should not be”! 🙂 While I was at it I checked the other categories, but I haven’t read any of those titles (who chose them anyway?!) so that’s almost the only vote I gave.

As for me, yesterday I skipped after-dinner movie because Sunday I saved the wrong file on my PC, meaning I had to retype one chapter and a half… Something that hadn’t happened in years, but well… I got confused by the fact I was  saving also on a portable memory (to use at work – ahem, don’t tell my boss, haha!) which meant yesterday morning I opened the file and it was still the version I had saved on Friday (i.e. the first 2 chapters). I found some of it on my back-up hard drive (I did a back-up on Sunday because my “old” PC sometimes goes on strike, it didn’t turn itself on on Sunday morning, so as soon as it started in the afternoon I did a full back-up – but didn’t repeat it before switching it off, meh 😦 ), but still had to retype some of it.

But then, I watched 4 movies on Sunday, so I can skip one after-dinner movie to just write, right? OK, of the 4, two were old, and two were new and I still have that pile of new to watch, but still… I better complete that manuscript by the end of the month, as our next writers group meeting is on the 30th and I need to drop it into my alpha-reader’s lap (no, I’m not NaNoWriMoing, but I need to get it to her so she can give it back in December). Phew. Hard life of a technophobe writer (who lost a novel to a floppy disk in the 90s)…

Christmas Lites – Charity anthology

This is copied and pasted from Indie Supporter (and as the link to the book trailer didn’t come out, please check the original post – I didn’t do the book trailer in the end, so have a look at Cambria’s job). It’s the announced Creative Reviews Christmas anthology, please check it when it comes out! 🙂

Cover and Book Trailer Reveal Of Christmas Lites An Anthology For NCADV

As promised, today is the big reveal of the book cover and the book trailer for the short stories anthology from Creative Reviews.

Before I post it though, let me give a HUGE shout out to Cambria Hebert for making this AWESOME trailer and to Dafeenah at http://www.indiedesignz.com for the AMAZING cover.
You two totally rock my face off!

I’d also like to go ahead and give a huge big fat thank you to EVERYONE who has participated in this book.
From the authors, proof readers, editors (Amy Eye, for instance) formatters and to everyone else who has supported this cause and will continue to do so once the book launches.

You are all so very amazing!!!!

Here is the GORGEOUS cover!

As stated in all previous posts, Christmas Lites will be available for sale the day after Thanksgiving aka: Black Friday.
You will be able to purchase this OUTSTANDING book in both Ebook format and print.
Please continue to spread the word as ALL proceeds will go towards helping those that have been victims of domestic violence.

For more information on the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, visit their website at http://www.ncadv.org
Here’s a look into what they do and what they stand for:

The Mission of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is to organize for collective power by advancing transformative work, thinking and leadership of communities and individuals working to end the violence in our lives.

NCADV believes violence against women and children results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships, and from societal abuse of power and domination in the forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism, able-bodyism, ageism and other oppressions. NCADV recognizes that the abuses of power in society foster battering by perpetuating conditions, which condone violence against women and children. Therefore, it is the mission of NCADV to work for major societal changes necessary to eliminate both personal and societal violence against all women and children.

NCADV’s work includes coalition building at the local, state, regional and national levels; support for the provision of community-based, non-violent alternatives – such as safe home and shelter programs – for battered women and their children; public education and technical assistance; policy development and innovative legislation; focus on the leadership of NCADV’s caucuses developed to represent the concerns of organizationally under represented groups; and efforts to eradicate social conditions which contribute to violence against women and children.

Principles of Unity
NCADV is comprised of people dealing with the concerns of battered women and their families. We represent both rural and urban areas. Our programs support and involve battered women of all racial, social, religious and economic groups, ages and lifestyles. We oppose the use of violence as a means of control over others and support equality in relationships and the concept of helping women assume power over their own lives. We strive toward becoming independent, community-based groups in which women make major policy and program decisions.

NCADV Works To:
Eliminate Domestic Violence: NCADV is devoted to the elimination of domestic violence in urban and rural areas, across all racial, religious and economic groups. NCADV identifies and works to eradicate the social conditions that perpetuate or condone domestic violence such as sexism, ageism, heterosexism, and able-bodyism and easy access to guns.

Empower Battered Women and Children: NCADV protects and empowers battered women and children through vigilance and sponsorship of national public policy initiatives and federal legislation such as the Violence Against Women Act.

Promote and Unify Direct Service Programs: NCADV serves as the membership organization, the coalition builder and the technical advisor for agencies and programs nationwide that provide domestic violence services. NCADV represents these grassroots organizations with a unified, loud voice.

Alert and Educate the Public: NCADV alerts the public to the facts of domestic violence and educates the public on how to recognize domestic violence and what to do about it; on teen dating violence; on the impact of family violence on children; and on domestic violence against the disabled and the elderly and other marginalized populations.

Promote Partnerships: NCADV partners with corporations and foundations to design and fund innovative programs to eliminate domestic violence and to foster development of safe alternatives within local communities.

Vision Statement
NCADV strives to make issues relating to battered women and children one of the top ten political and legislative issues in the U.S. We envision a time in the near future when political parties will include progressive domestic violence legislation as a major platform in their local, state, and national elections and use NCADV research and public policy expertise to inform them.

NCADV strives to unite all safe houses, shelters, battered women’s and children’s programs and local domestic violence services under NCADV’s umbrella so that our unified voice is a powerful one and those underrepresented groups are heard.

NCADV strives to expand domestic and dating violence education and services to tribal, immigrant, lesbian, teens, disabled, older, Jewish, Muslim, women of color, and other populations that may yet be unidentified.

NCADV works to expand information on and respond to the impact of violence in the lives of children and youth.

NCADV strives to make the purple ribbon and the on-going domestic violence tragedy that the ribbon stands for an important and recognizable symbol in American life. We envision a time in the near future when domestic violence issues are aired on television, radio, in the press and in magazines with the same level of attention as the national struggles against Cancer and HIV/AIDS.

We envision a time in the near future when NCADV will play a leadership role in exporting to and importing from other countries around the world a model for how all nations can carry out their own efforts to end the global tragedy of domestic violence.

The Structure of NCADV
NCADV is governed by a working Board of Directors comprised of caucus representatives and at-large members who are themselves active in domestic violence programs in their own communities. NCADV represents both rural and urban areas of the nation. Our programs involve and support battered women of all social, racial, ethnic, religious and economic groups, ages, and lifestyles. Active caucuses include Battered/Formerly Battered Women, Women of Color, LBTGQQI, Jewish Women, Child and Youth Advocacy, Rural Women, and Queer Persons of Color.

NCADV serves as a national information and referral center for the general public, media, battered women and their children, allied and member agencies and organizations. NCADV has a strong track record of providing programs with information and technical assistance, and has promoted the development of innovative programs which address the special needs of all battered women, and the battered women’s programs. NCADV has sponsored eleven national conferences on domestic violence, which provide a unique forum within the battered women’s movement for networking, dialogue, debate, leadership development, and celebration.

NCADV also serves to impact public policy and legislation which affect battered women and their children. NCADV organized testimony for the Attorney General’s Task Force hearings on Family Violence; worked with federal legislators to develop priorities for Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds for battered women’s programs; supported the development and passage of the Violence Against Women Act (1994 and 2005); and was active in the passage of the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban (1996).

NCADV’s main office is located in Denver, Colorado and houses all programs except those related to national public policy and federal legislation. These programs are located in our Public Policy Office in Washington, D.C.

NCADV Programs and Activities
The NCADV Public Policy Office leads other advocacy groups in Washington, D.C in developing cohesive strategies on legislation and policy that address the intersection of issues that often keep battered women trapped by violence, such as transitional housing, cultural issues, welfare reform, and the impact of domestic violence on children and youth. We advocate in Congress on such issues as the full funding of the Violence Against Women Act programs and conduct research on issues affecting victims of domestic violence to compile information for the creation of legislation and policy. We offer general advocacy and support to individuals and groups seeking information on legislation, laws, policy, studies, and other resources about domestic violence.

NCADV’s Annual National Lobby Day provides the opportunity for battered women and battered women’s advocates from around the country to address their national representatives about the issues affecting battered women in their communities and how they can make a difference when they vote. Lobby Day is a critical component to the passage of key legislation for battered women’s safety, visibility of the issue, and public education. We organize battered women and battered women’s advocates nationally to participate fully in the democratic process in an effort to influence legislation and policy that affect battered women.

The Public Policy Publications include: legislative updates on current national legislation, policy and efforts to end domestic violence; fact sheets on targeted issues such as domestic violence homicide; dating violence; children who witness domestic violence; domestic violence in the workplace; men as victims of violence; and domestic violence in communities of color. NCADV’s Appropriations Briefing Books illustrate how monies allocated for domestic violence and sexual assault programs have been actually distributed and where the deficits lie. Action alerts serve to encourage our constituency to e-mail, call, or write their Senators and Representatives and urge Members of Congress to support legislation aimed at ending violence in our communities. The Legislative Action Guides are used to teach advocates and others about the democratic process and how they can effectively influence their Senators and Representatives on issues that affect domestic violence victims.

NCADV’s Membership Program provides discounts on trainings, conference and products, and access to NCADV’s National Directory of Domestic Violence Programs, online newsletters and alerts, and the NCADV Voice: The Journal of the Battered Women’s Movement, which is published several times a year.

The Financial Education Project addresses one of the main roadblocks battered women face when leaving a violent relationship–financial independence. Through trainings provided across the country, the project teaches advocates and others in the domestic violence field how to start, maintain, and structure financial education programs within their own communities to provide battered women with better financial information to help them remain free from their abuser.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Support (CRS) Program, in partnership with three medical associations, is the only NCADV program that brings services directly to survivors who have been physically scarred by an intimate partner or spouse. The program offers women who have been injured by a spouse or intimate partner an opportunity to remove the physical scars of abuse, often an important step as they move forward with their lives. CRS includes:

Face-To-Face is a program of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and provides facial plastic surgery for injuries to the head, face, and neck.

Give Back A Smile is a program of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and provides cosmetic dentistry for injuries to the front teeth.

S.C.O.R.E.S. is a program of the American Society of Dermatological Surgery and repairs skin injuries on the body like burns, scars, and tattoos.
The “Remember My Name” Project is an ongoing project dedicated to compiling the names of women and family members killed as a result of domestic violence, and producing posters annually to display the names of victims and building a comprehensive database on cases of lethal domestic violence.

NCADV sells a variety of Domestic Violence Awareness Products that can help community-based programs educate others about the impact of domestic violence. Our “She Only Got Flowers Once” poster, purple ribbons pins, magnets, bumper stickers, clothing, and other items provide a unified message of intolerance for domestic violence. Please visit http://shop.ncadv.org.

NCADV’s Information and Referral program provides information, resources, referrals, and technical support addressing a wide spectrum of domestic violence topics and strategies for survivors, service agencies, and interested parties.

NCADV’s biennial national conferences on domestic violence provide a unique forum for battered women, battered women’s advocates, and others serving victims of domestic violence. At these conferences, participants can network, debate, create new dialogue, develop leadership, and learn about innovative and effective programming focused on ending domestic violence.

The National Directory of Domestic Violence Programs–A Guide to Community Shelter, Safe Homes and Service Programs provides up-to-date information about domestic violence programs throughout the country, each with a comprehensive profile of services. Also included in the directory is a listing of all the state coalitions and national resource centers dealing with domestic violence and related issues.

http://www.ncadv.org: NCADV’s website that provides information on all NCADV programs, activities, and events as well as information on legislative issues, domestic violence research material, and other related topics. It is a widely used tool, attracting over two million visits a year.

Voices Against Violence, a media campaign launched in 1999, unites celebrities and other prominent public figures in the fight to end domestic violence.

Guest post – Amy Eye

I’ve been rambling about Creative Reviews for some time now… did I mention it’s the best GoodReads group ever? 😉 AND it has the best founder… please, ladies and gents, welcome the only non-writer of the week, Amy Eye!

Hiya Everyone!! It’s time for a random guest blog from me, Amy!! Barbara has kindly asked me to come over and share a few things with all of you awesome followers of her blog!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amy Eye, and I started a group called Creative Reviews in this wonderful, mystical land called GoodReads. This exclusive group in the magical land is what I am here to tell you all about.

For all of you reading-types out there, GoodReads is a wonderful place where people from all over the world gather together and talk about their favorite books, their not-so-favorite books, and to meet some great people. In Creative Reviews we take all of that one step further. We are a community of people here to help authors get honest reviews on their books, and we also help indie authors network, share new ideas, and have access to all sorts of resources.

But there are millions of groups on GoodReads…right? YUP!! There most certainly are BUT Creative Reviews is different – so different, in fact, that I am going to tell you guys all about it! What makes this group special are the people involved. Never before have I been a part of a group so active, so helpful, and so enthusiastic. About a month ago, I put up a small little post about wanting to try to do something special for Christmas. I didn’t dare dream what happened since I put up that post.

We had a suggestion from one of the members to have a Christmas anthology put together by the members of Creative Reviews. And guess what? We are not only doing that, but we are also donating every penny to charity. Authors and book reviewers from all over the globe are coming together for what I am pretty sure is the first charity book put out by a group on GoodReads. Christmas Lites will available for purchase starting November 25th (at least that is the tentative date at this point). So help out two wonderful organizations: http://www.ncadv.org/ and operation e-book drop.

I couldn’t be happier or more proud of the group of people who have come together for his project. This is one of many reasons why I think Creative Reviews is such a special place. There are close to 1000 members now, many of them are indie authors. The family-like environment of the group is astounding. Instead of the authors being cut-throat in this very difficult market, everyone is looking out for one another: sharing tips, following blogs, celebrating successes, supporting through the failures.

Who or what are indie authors? Let me tell you who these amazing people are. They are people just like you and me. They are writers out there, pouring out their heart and soul into stories to share with the world. They are part-time workers, full-time executives, stay-at-home parents, and any other combination you can imagine – but one thing runs common through all of their veins: they all have a passion for writing, they all have a dream, and they won’t let anyone tell them they can’t follow that dream.

This is why I love helping indie authors. They are a bunch of dedicated, strong-willed, creative, artistic, and passionate people who want to bring their world into your home and share their creations with you. And I love them for it.

WOW – I must really care about all of this – I don’t think I have strung together so many sentences without a joke, sarcastic remark, or some random tangent in there in a very long time. Who knew I could be so serious!!

I guess I can say I’ll be doing the book trailer for the anthology… and of course you’ll hear more about it as soon as I know more! So, thank you, Amy, for showing up and giving us a different point of view on this brand new world of publishing!

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