Random Friday

Bundles, glorious bundles… Vampires of the World is available for pre-order as is Mythic Tales. Both have one of mine (erm… 2 in the first case…) in the lot.

In the vampires bundle you have Rajveer and Kaylyn (what else? 😉 ) and in Mythic Tales, there’s Beautiful, the sleeping prince with a puppy disposition awakened by the stray cat adventurer who happened to kiss him awake.

I have received the proofs of Shashank and Honorable Assassins, and one I’m going to redo it – slightly reformatted the bonus stories. As soon as I get the new proof, I’ll probably send the book live so I can order a copy for the cover artist.

On totally unrelated subject, I watched the DVD of John Wick Chapter 2 and the deleted scenes… one of them was shot in EUR, next to the office! How did I miss them? Drat! Anyway, it was nice to watch it again with its mix of Italian and English! 🙂

Now I can wait for Chapter 3… along with Da Other Muse’s movies if he decides to get back to work and stop modeling and endorsing products and making training programs and all that other stuff that has nothing to do with acting… 😉

Oh, and the sale has begun… on all retailers! 99c/99p only until Sunday! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


Writer Wednesday

So, the small&medium publishers fair is over, and I’m sorta kinda bummed. In my blissful ignorance I hadn’t realized there are Italian indie authors who earn a living in SFF. Sigh. Now I feel waaaay behind in my publishing history, but I’m also aware this is the beginning of phase 2, so…

As soon as my least favorite month of the year ends, I hope to be strong and determined enough to make plans for phase 2, because I freely admit that currently I don’t feel like I can tackle the next five years of indie publishing. Must be end of the year blues or this very bad year for the world or whatnot.

Anyhow, still pounding out wordcount, and then I’ll have to check how the year went, so I’ll have another bout of depression, LOL! By February I’ll have recovered and be ready to move on. I still have stories to publish that I wrote this year, but I plan to publish less next year anyway.

Upcoming temporary sale – Kobo only! December 40% Off Sale Dec 15 2016 – Dec 19 2016 on Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness! Here’s to finding a few more readers on Kobo and that the person(s) who found me on Apple back in October will go back for the i-bookstore for the Holidays! 😉

And if you need books to read for the Holidays or want to gift some ebooks to friends, StoryBundle still has three great bundles also for your writer friends:

NaNoWriMo Bundle (for writers)!
Leading Ladies Fantasy (for fantasy lovers looking for strong female characters – this ends really soon, so grab it today)!
Immerse or die (indie authors that grab the reader)!

And more bundle galore at BundleRabbit as well:Fabulous Familiars and here’s a list of all the other available bundles! Yes, even on your favorite retailer!

Oh, and let’s not forget planners for writers. I have used the Writing World planners for the past 2 years, but I wasn’t totally happy with the 2016 version. So I might try this version instead – or just do without in Phase 2! 😉

I’m hopeless with widgets… the sidebar allowed you to subscribe to the newsletter but didn’t go directly to MailChimp, therefore you won’t be able to claim the free story for subscribing… So for you who signed up through the previous form, please do so again here, or click on the image on the sidebar. Sorry about that.

Last but not least – indie authors Golden Book Awards. The first phase is free, and feel free to pay the fee if you get to the finals. Enter your books here and/or vote for the entries. I have added a couple of mine… but vote for whoever you want! 🙂

Now I better go finish the previous bundles and the paper book I’ve started… Reading year coming soon… Have a great week!

Writer Wednesday

So, wordcount was back up in April so I have 171K words in the first quarter, which multiplied by 3 means I’ll reach my yearly goal of writing 500K – if I keep this pacing, that is! 😉 I have sort of organized the writing for the next three months, so I’m all set for another productive quarter.

charioteer-of-buddha_resizeThe newsletter went out, so I hope you all got it. And of course Charioteer of Buddha is now live everywhere. I will soon make it available on Bundle Rabbit in case any curator wants to add it to his or her bundle.

Are you an indie author? Have you already joined? If not, why not? So, you’re a voracious reader? Then why haven’t you joined yet? Here’s the three bundles currently available!

The already announced Science Fiction May Day with yours truly that you can see also in the sidebar of this blog (until it’s live, that is).

The Chills, Thrills and Spills Bundle, up to 61$ worth of paranormal, horror and unsettling fiction.

And last but not least the Zombies and Monsters and Gods Bundle, up to 44$ worth of urban fantasy books! 🙂

If you’re interested in any of those, grab them now, the offers will expire in a couple of weeks (so if you’re reading this from the archives, the links might be dead).

A couple of links: Blaming the Reader – don’t. Just don’t. I might not sell much for the bad blurbs, but I don’t have the time or patience to go change the blurbs of 100+ books. I know I should, it’s like tending the garden, but I’m still not finished with the publisher’s page, so I will think about it when that one is complete.

I’m happy with creating nice new blurbs, like the one for the latest WiP, originally known with a very long title, mentioned on this blog as Kingmakers and now called Wanderers. But it’s a little early to tell you about it! 😉 If you need help in writing blurbs, check How to Write Fiction Sales Copy!

Now I better go back to writing and send off the assignment for the online workshop. By the way, there’s one – FREE – going on at Dean Wesley Smith’s blog, just look for the videos of Originality Workshop! Happy writing!

Writer Wednesday

Draft Zero of the third body switch is done. Beta-readers and cover artist will soon get it. I need to re-read it, but I want to wait until next week, so I can see it with a fresh eye. I had fun writing this one as much as I had with Ciaran&Harith. Probably because the first was “recycled” from a screenplay I wrote in my attempt to conquer Hollywood, it wasn’t as much fun to turn into prose.

Anyhow, now I’ll write the last tale of the Southern Kingdoms that I couldn’t pin at the end of April, due to distressing news at DayJob – I’m almost over them, especially since I’ll be on vacation next week. Not going anywhere, but not going to work either! Well, I’ll have to work on the publishing side of my real job, and that’s also a source of anxiety. So I’ll try to nail that short story before the vacation starts! 🙂

I’ll also use the time off DayJob to refocus on my goals, rekindling my dreams. In case you’re not aware of the difference, read Hugh Howey’s post. I have the same goal of the 5000 copies in my lifetime – I call it my 5000 true fans – and I need to find a way to spread the name and titles, so those 5000 people can find me in the ocean of books out there. Of course I also dream of becoming a successful author, but my goal is not to enter the Kindle Million Club, just to find those 5000 readers! 🙂

So I will start experimenting with bundles. There is already a couple of bundles on DriveThru (the Books of the Immortals or the Chronicles of the Varian Empire), but I will try to do a bundle on Amazon, leave it for up to six months – as suggested on David Gaughran’s blog – and see what happens. Or maybe I’ll try to get a title on story bundle – I’m going to pass on the latest offer, since I haven’t started on the other two bundles yet. My TBR pile never goes down – especially if I keep buying budles! 😦

Then I need to write two more shorts for submissions… and that should take me to the end of May. In June I’ll be translating Male Lovers, hoping it will do well like the Italian version of Star Minds. The Amazon.it royalties paid my electricity bill a few days ago – little indie author’s happiness! 🙂 I will spare you the unhappiness (it has to do with the new KDP sales dashboard – I’ve sent them my feedback), but know there is one there too. It’s not all easy and funny, no. But I’ll keep trudging forward. I know I’ll reach my goals. If the dreams come true as well… even better. If not, at least I’ll have to set up new goals! 🙂

One last link – I used to follow Jai Joshi’s blog religiously, until I ran out of time (and she started doing vlogs)! She was one of my first Indian blogging friends, along with Hema, but then life happened and I lost track of her. I’m still following her on Goodreads and that’s where I saw her latest announcement: now she’s putting on Kindle her Mahabharat short story series, so go check this latest post from her – yeah, free Kindle book! If I didn’t have such a long TBR list, I’d add it to the mix… hopefully, one day… sigh…

Have a great week!

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