Six Sentence Sunday

Again from Books of the Immortals – Water… the meeting between Keira and Morgan. And yes, the subject of the conversation is Kahnee.


“It doesn’t matter, because I’m not selling him,” Keira pouted.

Morgan smiled at her with sympathy. “You fell in love with him?” he asked. “Do you know he has a heart of stone?”

“Yes, he told me,” Keira answered, hostile. “And he told me also about you, and your obsession for him.”


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Six Sentence Sunday

Books of the Immortals – Water, chapter 2: Morgan and Kahnee. And yes, he’s as passive as he sounds (and no, he doesn’t feel passion, for anyone).


“You are a heartless man,” Morgan said, his love almost turned to hatred, after five years of relentlessly unrequited passion. Kahnee didn’t answer, nor react.

Morgan contemplated his lover’s naked body, the dark drawings on his skin, the oval face and long black hair, the eyes turned somewhere else, lost who knows where, but not ever with him. Morgan wanted to scream when Kahnee was so passive and indifferent to his outbursts.

“I’m hungry,” he decided. “Let’s eat.”

They were in a waterfront tavern that night, and Kahnee followed him downstairs, docile as usual.


I have a drawing of the two – but I changed the tattoos in the book trailer! 😉 

Water is out on Smashwords, Barnes&Nobles and Kindle.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Hello Sunday visitors and welcome. Continuing from last week.


She looked disappointed and he couldn’t hide a smile of sympathy.

“I can give you sex, if it’s the reason why you bought me,” he said. “But do not expect passion in return.”

“I never had a man like you,” she said, thoughtful. “Today I’m busy, but tonight I’ll have your body.”

“Of course, my lady,” he promised.


Books of the Immortals – Water is out on Smashwords and Kindle. Or you can read the full chapter here.

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Six Sentence Sunday

From my latest release, Books of the Immortals – Water (p.69 of the manuscript…) edited for SSS purposes. And no set up, sticking to the rules!

“You mean you don’t feel anything?”

“No,” he said. She kissed him again, deeper, her tongue reaching his throat. He could feel her heart beat faster, but his didn’t move.

“Not even now?” she asked, breathless, her lips still wet from the kiss.

 “I kissed a Goddess. No mortal can hope to be like her.”

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New Book Journal announcement

looky look at the wonderful post announcing my latest baby! Ain’t it cool?

Shiny New Book Journal announcement and he also has a FORUM for authors helping authors…

Share as much as you want! 😀

Another book out

So, BoI Water is here too… please welcome my latest and most controversial baby… I think I even labeled it as adult on Smashwords, but I don’t really write erotica anyway…

Here’s the trailer. And yes, I re-designed Kahnee’s tattoos! 😉

Now I have to go back to the Tales of the Southern Kingdoms AND the historical novel AND my sci-fi novelette (which I haven’t decided when to issue yet, but it’s ready). Busy August indeed…

Better go back writing… and reading…


Hope your weekend was good. Last week I got Water back from The Editor, so I went through it with final edits, to be ready for an August release. Next weekend I’ll give it one last read while working on the book trailer (BTW thanks for the comments on the book blurb) and then I’ll let it go too. Phew!

I also wrote a couple of short stories for the Tales of the Southern Kingdoms collection, one recycled from the 1980s, the other original. I have two more to go (again, one recycled and one original) and then I can put the collection up on Smashwords and Kindle. I don’t think I’ll issue any more free reads, at least not on Smashwords because I’d rather be drawing SKYBAND than another short story cover! 😉 Oh, and I uploaded a new version of The Orphans (and took it out of Feedbooks) with a couple of added scenes. Also, while writing the last original story I re-read Tarun and… it needs a major rewrite. That’s not Keiko speaking. So I will soon take it off (even if I love that cover) and then it will come out again revised (and probably censored) in the collection.

I also got back my sci-fi romance novella from the beta-reader, so I’m waiting for the Other Editor who has it before putting it out there. Now I plan on getting back to add the fiction to the historical novel, as so far I managed to work only on the prologue, but I want that first draft done by the end of summer.

Also, I signed up for JC’s Birthday Bash Blogfest so you’ll have 2 posts on Saturday, the usual WoW and the extra a couple of hours later. And then there’s a guest post on Thursday and hopefully a review on Friday. Now I better go typing those short stories so I can get back to work on the historical novel… have a great week!

book blurb feedback

My offline writers group must be… offline for the summer as nobody answered my plea for comments. So you, dear blog reader, will have to step in. I’m preparing the book blurb for the next BoI, Water, and I need some feedback. If there are glaring grammar mistakes or typos, please do say so, as I’m going to use this also for the book trailer. Tell me also if you feel compelled to know more, are confused or whatever crosses your mind. I really appreciate any comments you can give. Here goes:
Kahnee kissed a goddess. Now he is invulnerable to everything, including feelings.
Damir shipwrecked and found himself in an underwater world he didn’t know existed. Now he is in love, but his rival is a long lost childhood friend.

Kahnee left his island ten years ago to follow a foreign captain, with the protection of the Goddess’s kiss, and now has been sold as a slave to the Queendom of Maadre. His lover Morgan would do anything to get him back while his new owner, twenty-year-old Keira, would do anything to keep him.
Damir struggles to adjust to life in an underwater city and his fights with his rival, Conall, have him evicted from the submerged paradise.
Two years later Keira and Kahnee leave her home country to take him back home while Damir attacks the underwater city and manages to capture his rival.
Will Kahnee get his feelings back from the Goddess? Will Conall ever be free from Damir’s hatred?

To thank you for this feedback, here’s Kahnee and Morgan, as I won’t use this illustration anywhere, so here it is for you.

What? You think that’s my Muse? Well, of course he is! He started out as a secondary character and stole the spotlight… that’s what muses are for, I guess! 😉

Speaking of him, I found his “quotes” on one of the Six Sentence gals’ blog, so I’ll leave you with his words of wisdom (and thanks Liz for posting it!)… he might even become a writer eventually, so I might be able to post his words on Saturdays! 😉

More news

Fire is live on Kindle as well (one more title on my Amazon Author Page, yay!) and tomorrow I’ll add at the end of the links a Smashwords coupon to get the novel half-price during the weekend. Reviewers, feel free to ask for a free e-copy, but then you MUST review the book afterward, either you loved it or you hated it…

I have ordered the printed copy so I can check it before making it live. Like I said, I’ll have only the US edition (although it did cost a lot to have it mailed to Italy, sigh!).

Now between reading blogs (and hopefully a few (e-)books soon) I’m back to my first round of edits for the unfinished historical novel! 🙂 I’m adding details on the where and the how, and hopefully I’ll end up with an interesting story – and well researched, so I hope I won’t make too many mistakes! 😉 Next week a colleague goes on vacation for two weeks, so in the mornings I’ll be all alone in her office: I’ll be inking SKYBAND chapter 7, so I can color it and letter it and upload it in July. Not sure yet if I want to do the single chapters as b&w e-books (99cents each), will have to think about it.

I’m still looking for FAST beta-readers (and if you’re a writer, I’ll return the favor, of course). Water has younger protagonists, but it’s still adult fantasy, with homosexual characters and a crazy guy way too spoiled for his own good (or the other characters’ for that matter…). It also has a story within the story, which is based on my first official story, so I kept the childish, not very good style of the original – translated from Italian, of course. I started learning English during childhood, but I didn’t write anything – except a couple of silly rhyming poems in high school – until my first indie graphic novels, and a review back then called my English “clunky”. So if anyone is interested, drop me an e-mail for the dubious pleasure of having a preview of the most controversial BoI (standalone like the others, so don’t worry if it’s your first).

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