Why I hate the summer

Because I have low blood pressure.

Because I want to hibernate and wake up when it’s cooler.

Because even if I’m always cold, I’d rather be cold in winter than suffer in the summer heat.

Because during the summer I can’t eat much (which is a wonderful diet, but I don’t really need one).

Because this is the year of the sloth and the summer looks even worse than the previous ones.

Sigh. Anyway, here are a few updates.

Five days and five trojans later, I managed to reinstall the printer. Hopefully the PC will remain virus-free for the rest of the summer.

My stomach is slowly settling, but I still don’t feel like reading fiction, because I’m still too emotional to deal with it. Hence I’ll review a non-fiction book on Friday. And I’ll also postpone dealing with the Amazon pirate to when I feel better – which might mean September, but I don’t care.

Writing-wise: I’ve jotted down all the facts for my historical novel, now I want to add the fiction. I also have a temporary ending, because I feel I’m dragging too long after the climax. So I’ll probably delete a few more scenes or keep the very last two as epilogue (because they’re fiction and not facts). I can’t see the ending I had envisaged originally, so I guess it’s not the right one for this story! 😉

I’m slowly coloring SKYBAND, but my stomach doesn’t allow me to sit for very long at the PC (my seated position is very bad for it in every season, I’m way too tall and tend to curl up even when seated), so I don’t know how long it will take me. Apologies to Dear Reader.

Oh, and it’s sales galore on Smashwords, which means you can have Air with 50% discount, Fire with 25% discount and Arquon FREE – all this until the end of the month, so hurry. One thing I beg you to do is please please please leave a review! How am I supposed to improve my writing if nobody leaves feedback? I’m strong enough, if you hated it and have good reasons for it, say so! Thank you!

Also, especially for the novels, copy and paste your review on Amazon, thank you… and by the way, here’s another deal for you: the first 5 reviews on Amazon, Smashwords or Lulu get the Air merchandising (because I haven’t done the drawings for Fire yet… ahem, sorry!). Offer valid for reviews of both Air or Fire – send your details and link to the review and I’ll post the cards and drawings to you! Thank you!

Have a great week! 🙂

Six Sentence Sunday

*gasps* My goodness, how many good writers do we have on this list now?!

*waves* Hello, Sunday visitors! Hope you’re having a great time hopping from one blog to the others with all these six sentence goodies…

I’m changing story again, this one is from “The Slave”. It’s set in the southern kingdoms like Air and The Dancer, but it’s before (some 20 years before the start of the novel – none of the main characters are born yet! ;-)). In Arquon the king is considered a semi-god (for now… but this is the story of the last real king of Arquon), so when Kushan receives as a gift a slave from his brother-in-law Arjun of Rajendra (Indira’s father for those who read Air), he is quite puzzled by her behavior. This is from the opening scene: he has found her asleep instead of eagerly awaiting for him, and the shock is not going to fade anytime soon…


She kept her eyes on him way too boldly.

“You shouldn’t look at me,” he snapped, uneasy.

“Sorry.” She averted her eyes with a shrug. “I wouldn’t be staring if you weren’t such a pleasant sight.”

“What?” he exploded, outraged. How dare she?


OK, it’s seven sentences but one is really one word. The Slave in included in Arquon, 2 tales of the southern kingdom available on Smashwords.

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Six Sentence Sunday

Welcome back, Sunday visitors… not as many as on the list, but thank you to those who made it to this little blog. I thought I’d continue with Air, but instead I will post six sentences from a short story available for free download at Smashwords… and it’s almost as if I kept posting from the novel. The Dancer happens 5 years after the end of the novel (Books of the Immortals – Air), just to prove there is no happy ending in life!

I’m picking up the story from the POV of the new character, Bella the dancer from the north (scene 2 of the short story). She’s resting with her musician Matteo after her performance, enjoying the southern food:


“He can’t take his eyes off you,” Matteo warned, staring at someone beyond her. Too busy with her food, she didn’t turn to look.

“Who?” she asked.

“The king,” he said gloomily. She shrugged.

“You should be used to it by now,” she said.


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Here are the titles available at Smashwords for download to any e-reading device:

Tarun (erotica short story)

Books of the Immortals – Air (fantasy novel)

The dancer (FREE fantasy short story)

Starblazer (FREE fantasy short story)

Jessamine (fantasy novella)

Six Sentence Sunday + 4

I’ve been away this week, so I signed up quite late… at #100! There are now more than 100 authors on Six Sentence Sunday, why don’t YOU join?

Anyway, I’m continuing from last week scene


“You’d have to give me a lot of money,” Kumar said. “Tonight I don’t feel like walking.”

“You don’t have to carry me,” she retorted. She took off one of her golden bracelets, handing it to him. “Is this enough?”

Kumar didn’t touch it, nor even look at it.


That’s six… I’ll add four more to end the scene and change POV (from the ladies to a more omniscient? You’ll know next week anyway)


“I don’t want to go out,” he said bluntly.

“You can escort Sarita,” she suggested.

He hesitated, glaring at her.

“Fine,” he accepted, taking the bracelet.


No more cheating, I promise! Now hop back to the official blog for more Sunday reading! And thanks to whoever comments (but considering the number of entries, thank you also if you just stopped by!)!

Guest post – Shafali the Caricaturist!

I am proud and humbled to host such a wonderful artist who can always make us laugh! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Mighty Caricaturist!

After thanking Barb for giving me this opportunity to post at her beautiful blog, I’d like to introduce myself – in person, that is.

You see that doubly lost critter in the middle of the picture below? That’s me. Doubly lost – because getting lost at sea wasn’t enough for me – I had to also lose myself in Barb’s book, “AIR – The Books of the Immortals”! If you haven’t got it yet, you should get it…especially if you aren’t planning to travel by sea.

I really don’t know what one writes in guest posts. I did check a couple of other ones and realized that people do have a lot to say…unlike me. Right now, my tongue is tied with a very medieval twine bought in Arquon (refer to the book that I am reading in the picture), and my fingers suddenly feel like someone poured lead into them. I can move them only with great difficulty. I hope you’ll understand why this post is…somewhat short.

However, if you like to look at caricatures and you enjoy read funny stuff, do visit my blog at: http://shafali.wordpress.com 🙂

Barb, thanks again for inviting me over. I have used the icon of your book-cover in the cartoon, I hope it’s okay 🙂 Please also convey my appreciation to your cover artist.

Thank YOU, Shafali, I’ll make sure Cristina sees this drawing too! 🙂 Now I might be posting a story set in Arquon – which I already had in mind before you mentioned it – so stay tuned… for a prequel to Books of the Immortals – Air on this very blog! 😀

Six Sentence Sunday + 1

I’m continuing from last week


“With all the men that would pay to escort you, why us?” he asked, sarcastically.

“Leave it, Aishwarya, we don’t need an escort,” Sarita intervened.

“No, we’ll gladly escort you. Come on, Kumar!” the foreigner said, elbowing his neighbor.

“Go ahead,” the other replied, unmoved.

“Kumar is like this,” Aishwarya said, amused. “Maybe if I pay him, he’ll lift his behind from that bench.”


OK, it’s seven sentences, but I had to finish her lines! 😉

Thank you for stopping by (double thanks to comments) and hop back to the Official Blog for more Sunday goodies!

If you’d like a longer excerpt of Air, check this awesome blog with loads of free reads.

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello, Sunday visitors and regular readers and thank you for stopping by. Comments last week wanted more, so I’ve just skipped a couple of “boring bits” to reach the point where the characters actually meet. They’re in an inn, Takeshi and Kumar sleep in the men common room, Sarita has a single room and Aishwarya the dancer is not what she looks like… and here she’s leading Sarita to meet her destiny.


Sarita let the dancer pull her to the other side of the room, where the foreigner sat.

“Would the two of you be so kind as to escort us on a walk to the bridge to take a breath of fresh air?” Aishwarya asked the foreigner and his friend.

“Sure!” the former said immediately.

“Why?” the latter asked, not even looking up.

“Because I’m asking you,” Aishwarya insisted. “Please.”


Six more next week. I will continue with this scene through the end of May, then move on to another novel for the month of June. If you like what you read, Air is available at Smashwords, for Kindle and in print on Lulu.

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Holiday or working day?

So, how did you spend your Easter weekend? I worked of course (except for a short meditation/prayer in a cathedral of leaves with birds playing the organ). I had a manuscript to read, an historical novel to type (draft zero, I’m not near completing it yet – it’s on the May to-do list) and a graphic novel to color (and do the lettering, but I’m not there yet). Oh, and I watched Shrek 4, in case some of you recognized lines from the first two in the previous paragraph.

I also did the prints to go with the signed copy of Air – but I cheated and did only 3 new drawings and recycled the other 3 with a new frame. So 3 were done in 2006, for the very first version of Air in Italian, which had no Keiko. Having to draw her anyway, I attempted to redo a couple of others (Indira remains in pencils only), so I did Kumar (of course) and Winged Jesminder.

Anyway, here are the prints you can choose from if you order a signed copy of Air from yours truly. The cards haven’t arrived from Zazzle yet, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to start shipping, you you can reserve your copy now. And there are only a few days left for free shipping on the US version (unsigned!), enter code APRILMAIL305 at check out. This great offer ends on April 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM so try not to procrastinate!

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Six Sentence Sunday

Happy Easter, everybody!

Welcome back to our Six Sunday! Until the end of May, you’ll be stuck with Books of the Immortals – Air, then I’ll switch to the next one, Fire, that should come out in June.

So here’s more of what you had so far – my wonderful characters from Air. Here happy-go-lucky Takeshi sees his future bride for the first time.


He noticed a girl, seated in a corner: dark complexion, full lips, long wild black hair, untied. An unusual beauty, maybe because of her knowing smile while she followed the dancer’s steps with her eyes, as if she knew things that others didn’t.

He elbowed Kumar, seated by his side, and pointed at her with his chin.

“Do you know her?”

“No, but she sleeps here,” Kumar answered, uninterested. Takeshi noticed that he didn’t look spellbound like the others, but rather uneasy in the presence of the dancer.


Air is out on Kindle, Smashwords and Lulu. For US residents who like to read on dead trees, take the special “free shipping” offer of the “US edition” by April 30. Happy reading!

Now hop back to the Official Blog and have a great Easter!

Air in print part 2

Ahem, hello dear regular reader of this crazy blog! News from the indie publishing front: I have now made available a US version of Air for those who like reading on dead trees and live in the US. It’s cheaper when shipped to a US address and is made on “publisher” paper with digest size – the inside is exactly the same, albeit adjusted to the new size. And Lulu even gives you this coupon for a FREE mail shipping ending April 30, so hurry!

Use coupon code APRILMAIL305 at checkout, select Mail Shipping and receive the single book shipping cost free. Maximum savings with this promotion is $4.99. Print and tax amounts are excluded. You can only use the code once per account, and you can’t use this coupon in combination with other coupon codes. This great offer ends on April 30, 2011 at 11:59 PM so try not to procrastinate! While very unlikely we do reserve the right to change or revoke this offer at anytime, and of course we cannot offer this coupon where it is against the law to do so. Transaction must be in US dollars.

For the rest of the world, I have some copies (of the “European version“, or the first one that came out) I can sign and add some goodies to for the outrageous price of 20euros which includes: signed book, a couple of cards and a print out of the character of your choice + mailing expenses anywhere in the world. Simply check back on May 1st to choose the print you want with the book.

So, either grab your cheap US print before April 30 if you live in the US, or get the European version for 11euros+mailing expenses for the rest of the world, or, from May 1st, buy a signed copy as above from the author.

If you’d rather save money and trees, please go to the Kindle store or Smashwords, thank you! 🙂

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