Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote about 6K of new words, including a complete rewrite for a submission. And I already had one rejection to the first submission. We’ll see if they’re as fast for the second submission, LOL! These guys wanted .docx, which forces me to jump through hoops and using the office wordprocessor, but I no longer have access to Dropbox from the office, so I send docs back and forth between emails. Glad I have many! 😉

A nice post on the state of social media (as it pertains to writers in particular) by Chuck Wendig. “Books don’t require social media to exist” – no doubts about that. I haven’t really sold anything through my FB posts, boosted or not. Or because I posted a video on TikTok – that Booktok hashtag is hard to catch. But I did send out my bi-monthly newsletter, and of course there’s still this very blog that doesn’t depend on algorithms – if you subscribe to it, you get it.

It might be a wondrous new world for writers, but there’s still some chaos in the discoverability department. Therefore I shall keep writing, and soon I will also take a break to figure out when to publish the stuff I’m writing or I have written at the end of last year.

Considering my low levels of energy, I will need a week off the day job to put on the publisher’s hat and start programming this year’s titles. Hopefully the first will come out in spring, but I don’t know yet which ones. Stay tuned! 😉

Now I better go back to my challenge and finish this week’s story, so I can move on to the next! Have a great week!



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  11/02/2023

    Do what you can, with what energy you can find to do it with. That’s my policy these days, because it’s the only way anything’s getting done. I’ve had none for writing, though I have been dealing with production of the audio version of “Jelena” and the interviews I did in early January are now available, so at least there has been some writerly activity going on, even if it’s been more along the lines of marketing and publishing than actual writing.


    • Publishing and marketing are also part of the job these days, so well done! I don’t look forward to that – and I’ll jave to deal with it soon, LOL! 😁


      • Victoria Zigler

         /  11/02/2023

        Yep… They have to be done too. At least, if we want others to potentially read our books.

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