Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote an almost-7K story for an anthology and started programming the next ones. I found a couple of interesting calls that work fine as writing prompts, so I’m going to use those as well as my photomanipulation “covers” for the next stories. Hopefully this week I’ll manage two stories and start accumulating wordcount! 🙂

I also need to get back to my TBR pile, especially on the new Kindle (the no-name Kindle, sniff. I wish I could still use K.K. for new books!). I keep backing Kickstarters and more eBooks are piling up to be uploaded… panic attack! Just kidding. I have other kinds of panic attacks during the day job.

I hope this week to start programming the travels for the year. I wanted to do some in-person workshop, but maybe I should just be a tourist while I still have a steady salary and keep those as reward when I’ll manage to quit. There are still a few places I want to explore, although I’ll probably stick to Europe for now. We’ll see.

Not much else is going on, so I shall go back to writing! Have a great week!

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  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  11/02/2023

    Awesome job with the writing. Good luck with the travel plans. And sorry you’re having to start switching to the new Kindle rather than your beloved KK.


    • Well, at least I now have also a smartphone, so the switch is less hard… But I don’t like the folders and how you can’t see the progress on book bundles and other silly thinks.
      Unfortunately I can’t stop progress, and I’ll have to deal with it, LOL! 😁

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