Wednesday Weekly Roundup

As you may know if you’ve been following this blog for a long time, December is my least favorite month of the year. And this year was even worse than the previous ones, which means that I didn’t write at all during the working week because I was completely drained.

I caught up during the (Christmas) weekend when I wrote almost 6K on a new story. I have reached my yearly goal of 500K some time ago, so I don’t worry if I don’t write much in the last weeks of the year. In the end I wrote more than last year, despite the two months dedicated to rebranding old titles and less titles out.

But I don’t have a publishing plan for 2023 yet, and to make sure I keep writing, I challenged a friend. We will write one story a week for three months and swap them. Accountability, LOL! Also, if we find a story of the other person that tickles our fantasy, we might work on a collaboration (either a novel or a shared world) and expand it.

I also hope to explore other subgenres and find the spark for the next series. Then in spring I hope to be able to do a short trip to find inspiration for a novel that I want to write, and after that I’ll improvise, either expanding short stories into novels, or writing sequels or added books to pre-existing series.

At the worst, after this challenge I’ll have enough stories to do a Make 100 Kickstarter in January 2024, when I hope to celebrate an early retirement from the day job! 😉

I also hope to do more “marketing” work, meaning I’m planning short strips of presentation of my works for Instagram and TikTok. We’ll see how those go, but, like I said, Happiness is ends next Sunday, so I want to keep the IG page going, and with those pics I can make TikTok videos.

We’ll see. I’m mostly in survival mode at the moment, and my energy levels are very low. Here’s to hoping they get back up next year! Have a wonderful week and talk to you in 2023! 🙂



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  28/12/2022

    Sounds like a fun way to move forward without putting too much pressure on yourself. Good luck, and most of all enjoy. Also, I hope the early retirement happens hen you plan for it to. In the meantime, keep surviving. *hugs*


    • If you wanna join the bandwagon for 3 months, let me know! 😊 Fingers crossed that 2023 will be my last year with a part-time soul-killing day job! 😊


      • Victoria Zigler

         /  28/12/2022

        Crossing my fingers for you. 🙂

        Part of me is tempted by the idea, but I’m not sure. I need to figure out in the next few days what my plan of action for 2023 is, both when it comes to writing and in general. Will let you know if I decide to jump on the bandwagon.

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