Wednesday Weekly Roundup

Last week I wrote 15K, most of which were on a new novella that may or may not spark a new series while I took a break from my futuristic story. Two days had no writing at all, but a cold kept me at home on Sunday when I was supposed to go out, so I managed to finish that story.

Half of one of the non-writing days was spent at the small and medium publishers fair here in Rome. A friend of mine had a thriller out, and I talked to the owner of Future Fiction about a project. You should check out what he does, with multi-lingual books and even comics. And if you’re curious about Italian sci-fi, he published an anthology (link to

I found this video of the world’s first artificial wombs and it made me think of my Rainbow Towns. The series in question is, of course, Future Earth Chronicles.

Tomorrow is the start of Smashwords End of the Year Sale. My books are all 50% off (except the ones that would become free, that’s just a couple of them). D2D announced the distribution to the Smashwords store, but when I enquired, they told me if would create a second profile, since I already have a Smashwords account, so I’ll just wait until the merging is final to send back the books to Smashwords.

So only some of my books are discounted until the end of the year, and only in the Smashwords store, where I’m sure you can find plenty of other deals. And if you’re only on D2D, add your books to the sale and see how it goes! 🙂

That’s all for now… have a great week!



  1. Victoria Zigler

     /  27/12/2022

    Sorry you were battling a cold. Hope it’s long since gone by now.


    • Yes, but some cough is still there… From Dear Nephew I accept everything, though! 😁

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